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New beta update: 0.1.21


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Hey folks

We just set live a big new patch! It features mostly bug fixes, balancing and other small improvements :)

Save files from the previous version are not compatible with this new version unfortunately.

There are still tones of things on our todo list (fixes, improvements) which we didn't get around to yet, such as the endlessly spreading berry bushes. But please keep reporting all the bugs/things that need improvement you come across!

Patchnotes 0.1.21

New Features
- Added Target FPS Setting to graphic options, this should help overheating on laptops. 
- Fixed Arabic links which move camera to a worker
- Fixed worldmap colors getting weird 
- Fixed bug where crafted resource was not shown in top bar
- Fixed that building category was not the same as the last time opened
- Fixed bug where a random worker died instead of a scavenger that was on the mission
- Fixed bug where workers were hired by two building
- Fixed bug where workers drop resource delivery to get the same resources for the same construction site.
- Fixed bug where poison forests did not display a notification when scavenged
- Fixed broken UI when scavenging a dune
- Resume button is no longer shown if the last save was incompatible
- Fixed bugs with recipes being wrong (Black Pudding requiring corn or tomatoes)
- Fixed bug where a Scout tower with no workers still provided the increased radius
- Fixed bug where a trading mission did not reward knowledge properly
- Fixed bug where invisible objects where blocking tiles on the map
- Fixed bug where all gather jobs from buildings counted for food production
- Fixed bug where way decision was not correctly loaded
- Fixed bug where accidently a animal mission could be activated when the building was disabled a moment ago
- Fixed bug where ongoing animal mission were not correctly shown after loading
- Damaged buildings that were disabled before, now get rebuilt correctly
- Rebuilt worker posts retain their previous focus setting
- Fixed bug where a decision could be completed multiple times in a row
- Fixed bug that damaged buildings cannot be handled with deconstruction tool
- Fixed bug where the amount of workers joined did not correspond to the amount shown on the UI

- Implemented time-streched versions of Onbu sounds so they are not high pitched anymore at 2x and 4x speed.
- Picking up poisoned nomads is now also a decision
- Added mushrooms resource reward to forests
- Removed water resource reward from dunes
- Renamed Onbu Horns to Onbu Spikes
- Badly poisoned workers are healed first
- Buildings under deconstruction get destroyed completely in an earthquake
- Made assets on worldmap much smaller to improve performance / batching
- Added missing materials from Onbu Injector in Storage + Warehouse

- Increased villager level up from 40 to 50 population
- Increased time after which workers die of poison by 1/3
- Adjusted various building sizes
- Bile Exstractor production slowed slightly 
- Made starting biomes a bit easier (more nomads and less temperature and earthquake events)
- Changed research order (Cactus is now before Wheat)
- Decreased strenght of Onbu Belly Rumble quake
- Later occurrence of first Edible Stones event on map
- Scavenging dunes gives more sand
- Slower growth speed for trees
- Lower chance for buildings to break during a quake
- Longer building construction times
- Longer times to repair buildings after quakes
- Less heat waves in the same desert

Visual Improvements
- Onbu path for way decision is now better highlighted
- Added missing mission done indicator for poison forests
- New assets for Cottage, Dung Collector, Onbu Injector
- New assets for tomatos
- Painted asset for fully grown mothertree
- New icon for Onbu Bile
- New assets for poisoned tomato and cactus 

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