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Hi y'all! I know I don't post on the forums a lot, but I lurk in the fanart section pretty often so I finally built up the courage to post some of my art lol 🫣

I'll just update this thread whenever I finish some Niche art haha, feel free to leave comments and stuff bc I'd love to get to know some of you guys!! ^_^

Just finished this one earlier, it's of my boy Anther,,, might start another thread to write some backstory for all my Niche OCs lol


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27 minutes ago, Emeraldheart said:

@S cake wahhhh thank you so much 😭💖 

Here's another sketch I did of Anther!

Anther Sketch

Oh my gosh- this is so cool! Fr You're super talented. This is amazing. 

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Thank youuuu I appreciate it 💕🥹

This is an older piece I did that I still like a lot, I was experimenting with what a barn owl gene would look like in the game! Originally I was going to make a post under Feature Requests, but since they're no longer adding features to the game I figured it would make more sense to post this here :0


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Thank you! 💚 (ignore the fact that it's been over a year LOL)

I pop up here very infrequently but I figured I'd post some of the Niche art I've done lately ^_^ This one is my girl Iris, I headcanon that water-body nichelings in tropical climates often display brighter colors than their relatives in cooler waters! She's missing some of her jewelry in this picture, she's normally pretty adorned because she serves as the queen's advisor - she has a whole backstory and group of characters she goes with lol, maybe I'll post it here sometime as well ^_^

(You can click for better resolution!)


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