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Fard's art dump and homethread wow


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On 2/23/2023 at 9:14 AM, ItzFadeTheTheTheTheThe said:

do you guys remember this? well I"m gonna revamp it into a cool dude

stay tuned


Introducing, the poisoblob!!

It is a slimy blob that trails along with poison goo- though, it's only poisonous if consumed, or if during a moment of self defense a wretched stench emits from the blob which can burn the skin.

They can be any color, solid colors be the most common while multiple is a bit rarer.

It also has a bit of goo slobber from it's mouth.

It is very cuddly but can easily ruin a carpet or a sofa with it's residue.

They are commonly kept as outdoor pets, and need to have a chip inserted into their jello to track them if they get lost, and also as a tag if they get lost.

Enjoy your Poisoblob!kWXMc7DK2A35awa1PE_G72RSuH8Hcw1irSZ1R8XX0g8_P__o06rYDQA10m8rB5M8Gdh0gmNYuFURuqXihIznDpDVj5PyNin-680TwLfpjZfqiXMc9qmMQJ0ixWaXjPTB44-uvNOYG3QTFzndLV2TTA

hekkin goober


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