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New beta update: 0.1.23


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Patchnotes 0.1.23

- Fixed bug where 3 people got poisoned on a scavenging mission instead of 2
- Fixed bug where resource stacks are teleporting when cancelling a 
construction site
- Fixed bug where animal mission could be started even though the building was disabled
- Fixed bug where the Compost toggle was not updated correctly and toggled for all buildings at once
- Fixed Productivity display to show the correct values
- Fixed graphical bug where biomes where overlapping
- Out of view scavenging locations can no longer be clicked
- Fixed bug where you could not change to windowed mode using your screens resolution in the graphic settings.
- Fixed bug where the decision button was shown on a scavenging location too early
- Fixed bug where it was impossible to use the Onbu Doctor, Injector or Onbu Feeding Trebuchet after the building collapsed while preparing the mission
- Fixed bug where plots could be placed under a road construction site

- Onbu allows wake up calls if it is very hungry and sleeps in a feeding spot

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