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i'm bored and feel like drawing things! except i've run out of things to draw... OOH! I know! I can do commissions!! I am so smart, ya'll...


anyway, i felt like doing a commission thing where people send me art they want me to draw, so yea


i haven't drawn a full art piece in a while (188 days = approx. 6 months), so i gotta get back in the groove of things. i have sketched a lot, but other than that, it's a no-no.


i will accept anything ya'll want me to draw just nothing you wouldn't show your grandma, if you know what i mean. just nothing weird, okay?


i might not respond right away (i have a life, you know), but i will do my best at letting you know when i'm drawing something and when you will get it!


please don't ask me to commission anything that is extremely detailed! i realy dont have a long enough attention span for that! i barely have enough of one to watch an hour-long movie!


if i seem to be taking a long time to finish commissions, it's probably because i am. don't pester me about your art! the more you do, the longer it will take! besides, i'm much less likely to want to commission with you in the future if you do.


Edit: it's first-come-first-serve!

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21 hours ago, Lizardcake said:


maybe koi?

(sorry if the spots are too hard, you don't need to get the exact pattern)


yea, i'll see what i can do!

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14 hours ago, VireTheRainwing said:

can you do Vire?3A65CAD5-ECF8-4FF3-A779-4B9FD7960CEE.thumb.png.7d6c145c5783605152fc478906c6751f.jpg.4c8523153bb6dfb86c6be0fd0d3afa6c.jpg.818f1d640b90b952966b88e0b12088ca.jpg

once i finish Lizardcake's Koi, i will work on yours!

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