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New Beta Update 0.1.24


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We just updated the Beta. To ensure we don't hunt after bugs that only happen when loading older saves we had to break the savefile compatibility again, we hope you understand. When the game is out of beta we will try not to break the compatibility with every patch.

New Features
- Added new difficulty options when starting a game
- Added different skin colors for the villagers, depending on the biome they came from

- Fixed productivity bug for berry gatherers
- Fixed bug where a wrong notification message was sent when encountering poisoned nomads
- Fixed bug where animal mission was stuck on cooldown if building window was never opend during mission
- Cancelling a construction site will now refund resources again
- Fixed bug where uncollectable resource stacks where spawned after cancelling a construction site.
- Fixed bug where food resources like berry stacks could not be collected anymore.
- Fixed bug where no objects for events where spawned on road
- Fixed missing glossary entry bug
- Fixed bug where the decontanimator showed a missing resources flag, despite being full
- Fixed bug where decontaminators would only recharge if a max recharge was possible
- Fixed bug where building would show "Missing resource" eventhough it was full
- Fixed bug where heartbeat or poop dependent building would produce only by cycling between deconstruction and cancel button

- Faster and more precise reaction of Onbu status indicator arrows
- Buildings now have more capacity for tools (compost) and will fill it up more efficiently, making the use of tools feasible again.
- We are currently working on improving the tutorial. Some changes are already ingame and others are still WIP

- Making glass now requires less sand + more sand at dunes
- Berry Gatherer balancing
- Longer research times
- Lots of balancing for biome events
- Slower spread of berry bushes
- Stone Cutter, Carpenter and Kitchen can now have 3 workers
- Slighty longer production time for Stone Cutter and Carpenter
- Onbu takes less damage from hunger, but also regenerates slower

Visual Improvements
- Painted asset for Cottage
- Added indicator on how long a buff/debuff is still active if it is time based

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