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Early Access Roadmap


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Hey everybody
Here are our plans for the further development of The Wandering Village.
We're planning to stay in Early Access for at least one year and are aiming to update the game continuously during the Early Access.

Following is a list roughly outlining our current update plans. While some features are already confirmed, we are constantly listening to your feedback and adapting our plans accordingly :)

Confirmed features:

  • New biome - Water
  • New biome - Ruins
  • New locations and events
  • New buildings
  • Tamable birds
  • Flying merchants to trade with
  • New Onbu skin
  • Controller support
  • Steam Deck support
  • Xbox version

Possible future features (not yet 100% sure):

  • More story content
  • New and improved Onbu interactions

Continuous improvements:

  • Improved city-building
  • Improvements to villager ai
  • Quality-of-Life features
  • Accessibility features
  • Bugfixes

If you have any feedback, leave us some comments here or join the Discord.

Thank you very much for supporting us and the development of The Wandering Village,
Stray Fawn Studio

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These features were unlocked as stretch goals during our Kickstarter campaign.
They are certain to be added to the game at some point during its development :)
(Click to enlarge)


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