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HUNGERGAMES SIM with OCS!! (9/24 spots filled)


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3 minutes ago, Lizardcake said:

then also take him, he'd love to go on a killing spree

Name- nightshade

Gender- male

Picture of oc-nightshade.png.b07df1feb936b1a3c2ce051c7f970ed5.png

district- any (can be with koi)

accepted. also i put koi in district one so nightshade cant be in the same district as koi unfortunately because district one is full

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FORM: uh... bean?

Name- Everett the BeAn Child (Everett for short)

Gender- male - he/him

Picture of oc- Untitled9_20220814202557.png.1b7efe0dc4a585d0f879533d3dc4cb0f.png

district- any


btw, i know it looks really sloppy right now, my phone got factory-reset (my older brother being dumb) and ALL of my work went out the window, so i had to do this from scratch. 😤

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