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Story Bird lore


Story birds came from a weird dream I had, here it is copy pasted from my homethread:


So me, two of my sisters, and my dad cycled to the tiny store near my school. In real life it just mostly sells alcohol, candy and crisps, cigarettes ect. We bought this big box labelled “Story Birds”. Out of the box came 5 birds made of crisps (and yes, living breathing crisp birds) (and a pamphlet of story bird lore) so we all got lays crisp packets for them to live in, each matching their respective flavour. Then we loaded the packaged crisp birds onto my bike and drove towards home.

Now something that’s been reoccurring in my dreams lately is that the way home cycling is always through this forest, and every single time there’s this gorge we have to jump across on a ramp, and I have never made it. Dream me thought I could make it again, so I leaped… and fell, with the birds still in my basket. Thankfully the crisp birds survived, expect for blue packet (salt and vinegar flavour I think) who died :[

I helped the other 4 out of the gorge (most story birds cannot fly according to the lore pamphlet). Then I read the pamphlet more: I found about the rarest birds of all: a pair of opposite gods, together called Bashu or something, but separately they are named Massive and Teeny. Massive had a very dark colour pallette, and looked like a galaxy nebula thing, while Teeny had very pale colours, and looked like an atom (like how they look in simple diagrams)

Imagine if Bashu came out of the box it would be another story



So I decided to start creating more lore for the Story Birds, like more types of Story Birb (not just the crisp birds and Bushu twins haha)

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The Story Birds originate from the Featherlight Galaxy. Here is a nice map of it.


The Lifezone (blue line simply to mark it off)- The Lifezone is a large section of the Galaxy where most living birds originated from. While some birds from outside it percieve it as boring, it's still full of liveley culture and just as much stories as the rest.

Lavender Clouds- A peaceful area filled with large nebulas. Many of said nebulas, as well as the atphosmeres of more than half of the planets there, are filled with gases that can calm someone down and even put them to sleep. Due to this the few birds that live there are extremley docile and often spend a lot of time asleep.

Distant Cluster- A group of hot and bright stars quite far from the rest of the galaxy. It's confirmed that the star cluster is indeed drifting further away incredibly slowly. It's birds are mysterious and secretive.

God's Temple- Normal birds are banned from going anywhere near the God's Temple, for it is where the Bashu Twins currently reside. It's rare for them to leave: they've done their work creating the entire universe!

Enterance to the Void- Just like the Milky Way, Featherlight has a gigantic black hole at the centre. Featherlight's black hole is an enterance to a dangerous and dark dimension called The Void. Though certain birds come from there, the worst of the worst are sent there for punishment.

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Just now, BirbMonster said:

Will probably rename the Bushu twins (their individual names, Massive and Teeny, will be changed)

Massive has been renamed to Jach'a ('huge' in Aymara) and Teeny is now Jisk'aki ('tiny' in the same languege)

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Skyberia real

Some writing and ideas about Skyberians below


The planet Skyberia is a mountainous, cold climate. The birds there originated as predators, with a hunting method than involved crushing their prey from above. They're suprisingly slow for soemthing based around sky, typically foucising on stamina rather than speed. They have two sets of lungs, helping them breathe at high altitudes for a long time. 

When a bird of this planet is stressed, their necks and head-wings puff up, as seen in one of the images.

Skyberian fashion involves a lot of ornate scarves, decorating the bird's long necks. It's also not uncommon to see jewellry hung from the head-wings. Traditionally, jewellry in this place symbolises the individual being calm and good at stress management. 

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