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New beta update: 0.1.27


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We just released a new patch. Focusing on balancing and audio-visual improvements, as well as fixing some remaining localization issues.
This is one of the very last few patches before the game will finally be launched into Early Access 🥳 

If you can, please especially test the ending of the game and see if everything works, as there are some tiny new tweaks there and it would be a bummer if it would not work for everyone :) 

Patchnotes 0.1.27

- Fixed arabic localisation visualizations

- Game ending improved

- Removed Onbu Buskers and Greenhouse for the early access release because of missing art and balancing


- Increased cost of Onbu antidote from 5 to 10 herbs
- Increased cost of Onbu cure from 20 to 30 herbs
- Increased storage of onbu doctor from 20 to 40 herbs
- Decreased Biogas production efficiency
- Decreased compost production efficiency 
- Increased amount of dung received per poop
- Increased carry amount of dung from 3 to 5
- Tweaking Onbu trust gain mechanics
- Slightly lowered horn-torn-out trust penalty
- Slightly lowered blood- and bile-extractor trust penalty
- Less sand received from scavenging missions
- Increased production duration for Stonecutter and Carpenter

Visual Improvements
- New asset for Tree Nursery
- Painted assets for Dung Collector, Compost Heap, Bile Extractor, Onbu Feeding Pump, Onbu Injector, Tree Nursery, Laboratory
- Fix blurry research icons on high resolution screens
- Add new effect for sandstorm event and thunderstorm
- New road assets which fixes broken seams
- New main menu background image
- Farming UI improved
- stretched flag icons fixed

Soundeffect Improvements
- Added or improved Onbu sounds (Happy, Refuse, Catch Food, Eating)
- Sound effect tweaking, mixing and mastering

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