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20 hours ago, Lizardcake said:

welcome to this chaotic hell known as the forums! :] /hj


19 hours ago, backpack said:

hi gamer welcome to hell!!!!!!


19 hours ago, Star Starless said:

hey! welcome to the forums! glad to have you here!


19 hours ago, takoyamaaaS said:

welcome to hell 👍


18 hours ago, Slushie the Icewing said:

Hi! Welcome!


18 hours ago, The One Who Turned Pale said:

Welcome <33


18 hours ago, Stellarshade said:

Welcome to the forums!!!!


17 hours ago, pepper_ said:



17 hours ago, eebee said:

welcome to place land, where we do things.


16 hours ago, ItzFadeDaNightWing said:



13 hours ago, Pancake said:

hello new potential friend :]


5 hours ago, Lilytuft said:

Welcome to our dusty little corner of the internet! We hope you enjoy your stay!



2 hours ago, BirbMaster said:

Hi frehn! I am the local bird!

Thanks everyone! Nice to meet you all!

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