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Of course I understand the game is in Early Access and more of the story will be added later on but hey, my job is to provide feedback and I take that very seriously.
I understand that Onbu is a major selling point for the game, after all it's not called 'Wandering Village' for nothing..
However, for the sake of immersion, Onbu should not be treated as a means to an end; taking a look at Nausicaa, Ohmu is a natural inhabitant of that world, they are not there to fulfil any purpose; Ashitaka's elk is not there because the protagonist needs a method of transportation, Yakul's presence also comes naturally.
That being said, the game's video on Steam says:
  We were driven from our homes by the toxic spores 
  We kept wandering, looking for shelter
  but not in our wildest dreams,
  did we imagine what we would find.
This implies to me that the Tribe never saw Onbu before; in the Ruins biome I guess we will know more about the World, the Spores but what about our little friend?
Now that I'm a citizen and I'm doing my part, I would like to know more.

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