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Love the game, and would like to see it thrive! 

I am not a game designer, and do not understand the depth of what I may be asking, but I have an active imagination, and I want to put it to good use for your game!

Here are some content Ideas to make the game more re-playable:

1) Directional SECRETS: I know that the map is probably procedurally generated, but you can still order Onbu to go north or south. Coming across secrets after a specific order of directions would be interesting like choosing The south option 10 times in a row brings you to a special monument, or choosing north 10 times in a row generates cold biomes until you choose south a few times. Making the planet slightly more strategic.

2)Rare Super growth events: The opposite of poison clouds, a rare "Volcanic Ash" Or fertilizer event, that speeds up the growing of crops and trees for a time, allowing the player to stockpile a little food, especially in hard mode. 

3) A Rare Tree type: After gaining 10 Mothertrees, there is a chance for a "Golden Mothertree" Or "Spirit Tree" to spawn. This could just be an extra beautiful, large tree akin to the Stumps we see the lumberjacks harvesting.

4) A Rare Mountain Type: On the Scavenger screen, allow for rare mountain or mine types. These should have gems, or gold. Allowing for decoration items, or golden paved streets.

5) Decorative Items: A lot of people who play colony builders like making things beautiful, and with the established art style, more decorative elements could be an awesome goal for late game. Other items could include Firefly Lanterns, small Onbu Statues, Fountains, Light posts, Decorative plants, Columns, Park Benches Etc.

6) Community Events, See the Rimworld: Ideology expansion for inspiration.  Just a few little  things for your Colonist's to attend as a group. Like a Full Moon Festival, or an Onbu Appreciation Day, or Dung Day.

I would really enjoy being able to look at all my people in one spot, examining all the different outfits and such. Especially if they were doing a group dancing or something akin to the YA DA KALINUSHKA. Would give off awesome Naturalistic Avatar vibes.

7) Small community rewards: I think that there is a natural urge to push from the tribal phase to the Village phase, but alot of people enjoy the "Cult of Jingz" idea, where you stay small, and be as nature friendly as possible. So a few rewards for keeping your society small would be fun, like more flora, trees and mushrooms growing naturally as a reward for honoring nature.

😎 Specific characters, or a player character, like the village elder that would roam the village, blow the horn, feed Onbu, RING A BELL about approaching poison, and generally just be a leader. That would be cool.

9) Hot Air Balloon Scav parties, a late game technology that could increase the range of scout parties, or make them quicker, your choice. 

10) Secret Crops: See my last post

11) Compound Buildings: THIS IS PROBABLY MY MOST IMPORTANT IDEA Due to the limited space on Onbu's Back, building large scale colonies, or late game building is very difficult. I am proposing that you have some late game research that allows for building to grow vertical, like a double dung collector, that is higher but has the same footprint. Or a double tall cottage. Allowing for more people to work, and maybe an efficiency boost.

12) Turbo Mode: A special mode unlocked after completing a hard playthrough. Onbu is given a new skin, which consists of a flames paint job, leather pants and cool sunglasses. Onbu Sprints through the world like he is on cocaine, only the most smart, agile and diligent players will be able to survive the constant changes of the worlds landscape. Everything is sped up 200%! Turbo!

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