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I will not hurt Onbu


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Hi there!

I'm really enjoying the Wandering Village but there's something I wanted to bring to your attention. In the research tree there are several buildings that provide resources but hurt Onbu and I find them to be quite useless. We are already living on the back of this creature, I'm not going to drill into its body to pump its blood! Nor am I going to extract its bile or tear pieces of its back to use as stone or whatever else.

I know that these options are there propably as some sort of moral quandary to be considered during difficult times and then not using them makes you a good guy.
100% I will rather watch every single nomad die a horrible, pro-longed, excruciating death rather than hurt the innocent creature who is unable to protect itself. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Therefore it's really sad to see these mechanics and features in the game that I can't use but I have to research to progress.

Wandering Village is really not the exploration into ethics that validates these choises. Just give us some survival against the elements of nature through resource management and the power of friendship. And when times are lean let us make the hard choices at the expence of people, not Onbu.


Thank You and have a good day.

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Yeah, this seems to be a common issue, I've seen a lot of people say this. I have never touched any of the things that hurt Onbu, it just feels wrong. It's also possible to mitigate the issues they're supposed to solve through other methods, which raises the question - why are they even in the game in the first place? It really feels like the vestiges of some sort of moral choice system which got removed, but they kept this content because they'd already made the textures. It feels quite out of place.

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Hi Variishum, I also feel this way.


6 hours ago, Variishum said:

Therefore it's really sad to see these mechanics and features in the game that I can't use but I have to research to progress.

However, just to clarify, they don't block progress on the game and you don't need or have to research any of them (see pic).


I understand where the Devs are coming from; in real life sometimes we and our animal friends have to undergo surgery, take vaccines etc.

But the thing is, it's a game and it does not has to be the same way - what you and elwood612 said about the game having this moral compass and ethical dilemma, I also agree it does not fit this game in particular.

There are other ways to create challenge in the game instead of using these devices.


I know they are actively reading our feedbacks and had a meeting today 21/09 to discuss the game's future; I have my hopes up.







All the hurtful technologies dont block progress..png

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I see your point, I would also not want harm Onbu if I can. But since it is not required to have any of these machines, its totally fine, I've seen tech trees with more worthless stages inbetween. In The Wandering Village I can decide at least if I want to have these things, since it is separated from the rest of the techs.

I would find it interesting to see, if there would be a mechanic, where Onbu is reacting more on these harmful devices. Every big animal is trying to get rid of flys or parasites by waving its tail or scrubbing against walls and trees. Onbu could do the same. The benefits of harming Onbu come then with the disadvantage of losing people or buildings.

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100% agree. 

It pains my heart when I can't make my dino baby get out of the hot sand fast enough. I wouldn't dream of hurting him on purpose!

I'd love to have more symbiotic research tree options, especially something that can give access to stone the way the mother trees do with wood.

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I don't mind them being in the game. Everyone has a different playstyle and some people will not care about Onbu's happines as much. These features could be useful for speedrunning purposes or just trying to maximize productivity.

That being said, personally I will never touch any of them

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Hi there. 

I get ya'll point of not hurting Onbu. But try to look at it from the other side - the fictional world is heavily inbued with these spores and disease. Onbu as well as people in this world are literally bond to die. So, as Zaru noted, if you look at the bigger picture - if in order to save Onbu you have to make sure your population can get through any disease then heal, antidote and pet Onbu to make him feel good, why wouldnt i? 
So actually this co-existance is much more complex and there might be times where it's necessary things in order to survive.

I just finished the game on the veteran level with extra steps and had to use these blood extractors in the mid-game stage. And i don't mind it, Onbu was kept in perfect health whole game, was wagging tail a lot. Even tho we had some rough times in the beginnings ;) 

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