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So, after 2 days of straight gameplay, I ended up absolutely frustrated, and this game is not gonna be played anymore on my machine.


The feedback:

After 2 days of straight gameplay, my Onbu receives a strange "wave" of unfortunate poisonous forest encounters, one after another, and one after another. But that is not the frustration at all! I already cleared so much of them in those 2 days of straight gameplay. The frustration comes when I lock each and every buliding, and I issue a maximum priority command to specifically collect the growing and infecting plants. Unfortunately 63 nomads are just not willing to do what I command them. The infection just keeps spreading and I keep selecting those crap plants and issuing harvesting commands of maximum priority - for nothing! Nobody is assigned any other work, all buldings are empty and locked!!!! By the time the freaking nomads start to do what they were ordered, their numbers have fallen by 23..... 23 nomads are dead just for 63 of them to understand that all of them have no other job assigned but to collect this spreading horror!!!!! Now, left back with 40 nomads, I will have to spend another day of gameplay to "probably" recover to where the game was. You can't support a 63 people infrastructure with 40 people.

Game Over!

Well, you see, if I have to spend another 2 days to collect back those, and rebuild this, well I will throw my computer over the window for sure!

This is no fun, believe me, no fun!

This game - is not gonna touch my computer never again!


Thank you, good luck, and have fun not "frustration".


Bye bye

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Hi Logixor

I'm sorry to hear it's frustrating. Can you tell me on which difficulty you played?

When trying to fight against the poison, did you disable buildings to more workers to harvest those poison plants, or did you have incinerators?

We have gotten more feedback about the poison and have to see in which ways we'll improve it. Thank you for any additional feedback on this.



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