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(in progress) Chiyanna's Warrior Cats Challenge Rules


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So while I'm waiting for an answer about my Niche not opening problem, I've decided to go ahead and do something I should've done a long time ago...

Write down the rules to my Warrior Cats challenge. 

When I first started the challenge I said it was a mix between my Cat challenge and @Kittylover16063's Ultimate Warrior Cats Challenge. With @Sky's WC generators. I neglected to even post links to these things even though I tried to remind myself with underscores like so ______ . And as I have gone on with it I have ended up more winging it and adding rules that made sense to me. (And I have forgotten and/or disobeyed for plot purposes others). Now that I'm coming back to it (hopefully if I can fix Niche) I wanted to write down the rules for myself, and I figure you guys should have access to them as well to be able to use them in your own Niche Warrior Cats worlds. So, here they are:


Is kinda like the Cat Challenge, link to that here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/12134-cat-challenge/#comment-273514

Start on any island you feel comfortable with. (Or, like I did in Remnant Clan, randomize your starting island. I was really thrown a curveball by starting on Sleepy Reeds!)

Make your creatures:
Face genes allowed are purr face, normal snout, spit-snout, and big nose. One of your cats can have saber tooth fangs in one slot if you so wish. Each cat must have one face gene spot occupied by purr snout, and a couple should have both slots occupied. Allowed bodies are medium body, big body, and lean body. Paws must be randomized, but forbidden ones are mammut foot, wings, and bat wings. You must have normal hind legs. You can have medium tail, fisher tail, or stinky tail. No horns are allowed. You can only have normal or bearyena ears. Immunity genes, hemophilia, eye genes (blindness), and fertility must all be randomized. You can do whatever you wish with cosmetic genes. 

The other setup settings are drawn originally from the Ultimate Warrior Cats Challenge, but I adjusted them some.

(check damage multipliers)

Pregnancy duration: Set to 1 in order to have litters, but queens will have to wait to have their litter and/or sit on a nest for at least 3 days [more on that under pregnancy and birth below].

Baby: 2

Child: 4

Teen: 12

Adult: was 80 before, now it's 90 (but the extra 10 days are added to elder lifespan [more on that under elder stage below], which I thought was too short in the original challenge)

(more here later, but Imma write down the most important and detailed rules first)

Other setup/finding a camp:

You must try and find a camp with an outer border and dens if possible. Also a stump or rock for leader to call meetings on.

Here are the different dens:

Nursery (required): Where queens give birth to and raise their kits. It must have an outer border at the least of rocks, berry bushes, (basically things that a creature can't move through or stand atop) and ideally an inner border between it and the rest of camp. A permenant nest would be ideal as well, though you can always make one if neccesary.

Medicine Cat Den (required): Where the medicine cat sleeps and nurses the sick and injured back to health. 

Warrior den (required)

Apprentice den

Leader den

How a day goes:

At the start of each new niche day (moon) you use this handy dandy generator made by @Sky


To roll for events, Starclan propecies, and Dark Forest events (select these from the drop-down menu and click let Starclan decide once for each one). 

You could also make your own based on Ultimate Warrior Cats Challenge rules, but there were so many options and it was so complicated not even I wanted to do that. So thank you Sky for making this! I couldn't do my WC challenge without it. I also know someone else was working on one. Go to the UWCC thread to check it out.

Warriors trian apprentices, hunt, and defend the clan if neccesary. Do story-related things too! 

Hunting and food rules:

You are not allowed to eat any plant material, only meat. Meat includes but is not limited to: rabbils, crabbits, stagmoles, leeches, fish (including razarona and clown kois), clams, and dodomingos. You may eat bearyena meat if the bearyena is dead before you found it or killed in defence of the clan (though that is fairly rare since bearyena "retreat" under the rules of the challenge). If you do chase a fleeing bearyena and kill them you cannot eat the meat, but if the bearyena is chasing one of your cats and attacking them, you can (the rules also apply to killer bearyena, apes, and balance bears). You also cannot hunt the walrus deer, but you can scavenge if you find them already dead. You may eat ramfoxes if killed in defence, though hunting them is in most cases not allowed. 

Since it is hard to get enough food for your tribe under these rules, you can also hunt a different way with your cats. Warriors can go out hunting. This is how it works:

To hunt a cat must go to a spot outside of camp. A warrior or apprentice may hunt once per turn unless they spend gems hunting (you must go to the next day with them having gems still remaining, however many they spent on hunting). 

To hunt you first roll two dice or a random number generator from 1-12 for luck. Then you add up any bonuses the cat gets from experiance, skill, location, and other factors. And finally, you subtract based upon negative factors, weather, season, sickness, pregnancy, lack of experiance, and so on. The cat must get a certian number (specific to that island and your chosen difficulty level) or above to have a successful hunt. On my current playthrough it is an 8 in spring and a 10 in winter (and that's in a mountain island). You may want to start out with 6 or above.

You then roll again for how much prey the cat catches. 1-6, being the amount of food added. Again you add any bonuses and subtract any negative factors (though they are different bonuses and negative factors). 

Location factors are about being on a tile next to an object that prey is more likely to be hiding in, such as a bush, clover patch, or rock. Or a place that prey is likely to be absent in, such as the border of camp. You add up all bonuses of the tiles sorrounding the tile you are on (plus the tile you are standing on for some objects).

Here is a list of all location factors. Each one can have a different bonus or debuff for prey success, and prey catch size (number). Sucess has an S and is first, catch size has an N and is listed second.

Berry bush +2 S +2 N

Clover Patch (standing on) +2 S +0 N

Clover Patch (each sorrounding tile) +1 S +1 N

Rock +1 S +2 N

Grass patch (standing on) +2 S +1 N

Rabbil Burrow (standing on) -1 S +4 N

Rabbil Burrow (tile next to/sorrounding tile) +0 S +3 N

Rabbil Burrow (2 tiles away/a tile between) +1 S +2 N

Permenant Nest (outside camp, whether you stand on it or are next to it): +2 S +3 N

Shriveled berry bush +1 S +0 N

Twig Bush +1 S +0 N

Cactus +0 S +1 N

Stump (tile next to/surrounding tile) +0 S +3 N

Stump (standing on) -2 S +5 N

Here is a list of other factors, and how they effect both catch success and number. If it isn't there, then it adds or subtracts nothing.

Winter (if you haven't added 2 to the number needed for prey success): -2 S 

Snowing: -1 S -2 N

Snow on the ground (one step above a thin coating): -2 S -2 N

Snowdrifts (your nicheling has to clear snow to be able to walk on a tile): -3 S +2 N


No strength (stat is at 0): -2 S -1 N

Little Strength: (1-2): -1 S +0 N

Below Average strength (3): +0 S +0 N

Average Strength: (4): +1 S +0 N

Above Average strength (5-6): +2 S +1 N

Good Amount of Strength (7-8): +3 S +2 N

Impressive Strength: (9-10): +2 S +3 N

Super Strength (11+): -1 S +2 N

Common Cold (depends on the severity rolled by dice)

(1) Very Mild: -1 S

(2) Mild: -1 S -1 N

(3) Moderate: -2 S -1 N

(4) Nearly Severe: -3 S -2 N

(5) Severe: -4 S -3 N

(6) Deathly Ill: Cannot hunt at all


First moon (moon of pregnancy): No debuffs or buffs

Second Moon: -2 S -1 N

Third Moon: -4 S -3 N

Fourth Moon (moon of birth): Not allowed to hunt at all.

Experience (applies to warriors only, from the time they got their warrior name forward):

Less than 5 moons: -2 S -2 N

Between 6 and 10 moons: -1 S -1 N

11 moons to 15 moons: No buffs or debuffs

16 moons to 25 moons: +1 S +1 N

26 moons to 30 moons: +2 S +1 N

31 moons to 40 moons: +2 S +2 N

40 moons or more: +3 S +2 N



Apprentice specific buffs and debuffs:


Pregnancy and birth:

When any she-cat becomes pregnant,  either by you breeding her with a tom or a rogue male breeding successfully, you roll for the amount of kits she will have. Roll 1-6, with the number rolled being the number of kits. You may roll right away or roll when she is about to give birth. 

The queen must wait 3 moons to give birth. Mainly have the queen hang out in camp and the nursery during this time. 




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