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Birb’s seasons art contest!


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Round 2 is starting! This time, the seasonal theme is summer!

As a reminder, here are the amounts of points people got:

Pale- 6

Pepper- 4

Lilytuft- 2

Lizardcake- 2

YourLocalStranger- 2

Pancake- 1


Ready, set, draw! Once again, you have 1 week.

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Just now, YourLocalStranger said:

Here you go! Sorry it took so long, schools been kicking my butt-


Wait a second I just realized I forgot to sign it-


Nvm I'm too lazy to turn the computer back on again to sign it lol

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3 minutes ago, YourLocalStranger said:

Is this still on? 

Man, I almost forgot about this...

I'm not really sure, honestly, turns out running a contest isn't my thing. I'll probably make one more poll for the people who submitted the summer-themed art, then give the winner the prize just for two instead of four rounds

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