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community sim story thing (like a sim but everyone votes on the actions)


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so I kept thinking about this sim I made almost 3 years ago:

and I really wanted to do another. this time, everyone can play, not just one person!

Each story bit will have options that can be voted on by way of reaction. There will usually be a TYO (Type Your Own) option. If this option wins, the top TYO suggestion will win. If you vote TYO, you must either make your own suggestion (make sure you note "TYO Suggestion" in your comment) or vote on an existing suggestion by reacting with "Thanks" . In the case of ties for any option, I will either choose my favorite or use a random generator. If it's been a while and there aren't any replies, I'll either bump and wait or choose it myself.

The story will be pretty unplanned, I'll just keep some notes/idea and mostly come up with stuff as I go. It will be a really fun worldbuilding exercise!

Feel free to use this world and characters as you wish - your own stories (with credit), fanart, etc.

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Part One

Your eyes open upon rough rock, and you struggle to get up. Where are you? What happened? Who are you? Once you gain your footing, you have a glance at your surroundings. You are in the middle of a rock road lined with cracked stone houses close together. The street is deserted, but something catches your eye: a young girl wrapped in a worn quilt peeks out at you from around the corner. Noticing your gaze, she is startled away.


Love: Follow the girl. Maybe she knows who you are or why you are here.

Eek: Look around and investigate your surroundings. Maybe something will jog your memory.

Sad: Check yourself out. You haven't even noticed if your skin is light or dark yet for heaven's sakes!

Thanks: TYO.

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