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Hello, I'm from Kazakhstan. I don't know English well, sorry. All text is google translator.

Below are some ideas that came to mind during the game. Maybe some of this has already been suggested. But I didn't find it on the forum.

 1) Berries/Farm and compost.

     Berry picker is unbalanced.I don't know but I think that the berry bush in any biome produces the same amount of berries.I suggest adding an same feature like on a farm (compost and temperature).

Farm.thumb.png.58d69d303fde1330cdfedb5b658c3007.pngDesert - Growth drops by 30% due to drought. In the berry picker, you can turn on the watering function for a 30% compensation.

Winter - Growth drops by 30% because of the cold. Berry bushes can be insulated with sawdust, leaves. Sawdust is produced in a sawmill. Leaves are produced from cut down trees and berry bushes.


To solve the problem of garbage in the form of excess resources. Add a new building. Slide. The slide is built in the same areas as the scouts. Available from the start of the game. Purpose - to throw out from ONKBU, ejection function from ONKBU. I mean drop down.

Farm. All farms cannot produce fruits out of nowhere. We need seeds. Beet seeds are given from the start of the game. New seeds are found by scouts. New seeds are unknown and unavailable for any function other than warehousing. To study the seeds, you need to study the plants in the Technology Tree or is given as a gift from the settlements.All plants produce seeds in a ratio of 1/2(1 plant cell produces 1 to 2 seeds). All farms keep a reserve of all known seeds. The amount of reserve depends on the number of plant cells. 

For example. There are 10 plant slots on the farm. The farm keeps 10 seeds in reserve. All other seeds go to stock in the warehouse. In the warehouse, when the collection of leaves / sawdust / seeds is turned off(or excess), they are transferred to compost.In compost, seeds/leaves/sawdust are converted to humus in a ratio of 5/1.


Add a new development branch Compost - humus. Compost Add the function of adding leaves and seeds to the compost. 2 poop - 2 compost /1 poop + 2 humus - 3 compost.


Add a visual icon to the map for scouts like in Frostpunk. Add a function to death scouts if they are too far from ONKBU. I mean, the scouts got lost (if they are too far from ONKBU).Add reconnaissance cancel/return function.

Add a new building paddock for horses (or anyone else). Purpose - maintenance / training of animals. It is studied in the Tech tree. Add the function of sending along with scouts, animal trainer. He slows them down. But when exploring, there is a chance of an additional small event (try to tame).If the taming is successful, the scouts can ride the tamed animal. Tamed animal speeds up movement and exploration speed by 50%


Add feature, annoyance for ONKBU. All industrial buildings produce annoyance for ONKBU. When the irritation threshold is exceeded, ONKBU becomes enraged and uncontrollable. Shaking/running/shouting. For sedation, a tranquilizer is administered. He is also calmed by stroking from the doctor, games. Add function to play with ONKBU. He plays with the doctor / pets. When playing with a doctor or animals, there is a small chance of overplaying. Overplay = annoyance level 0% + sedated status (will not take annoyance for a while). During the overplay, breaks buildings into villages (due to shaking).

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