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The Wildberry Challenge


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I made a new challenge because I'm insane  

Its kinda like the opposite of the Tooth and Claw challenge


-Starters can look however you want but must have at least one nimble fingers gene each 

-The tribe can only eat plants and is herbivorous. If a creature ever picks up meat even by accident they are banished. 

-You can only attack predators if they attack one of your nichelings first. 

-It's recommended to start on a jungle or grassland as they have the most plants to eat. 

-Creatures born with double nimble fingers or bird beak are considered "sacred" and set to alpha rank. These creatures do not clear grass. (optional)

-Accept every wanderer even if they have terrible genes, are sick, or are about to die 

-Nichelings mate for life in this tribe. If a nicheling's mate dies, they will never mate again. 

-If there are toxic berry bushes on the island, when a nicheling is on their last day, they must pick toxic berries. 

-Creatures with no collecting ability are set to omega and are the only nichelings who can clear grass. Make sure to have an extra creature with no collecting when you start so that you can clear grass.


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