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Even Real? (cool and epic sim)


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This sim is heavily based off the popular minecraft modpack, RLcraft.

I've made something like this before, but it got abandoned really fast and I forgot the name.

You will can in a forest, taiga, mountain range, desert, jungle, tundra, or ocean. 

Everyone's expierence is completley seperate, so you will NOT run into other players under any circumstances


You wake up, it's a nice normal d- wait, where are you?

Maybe you should explore. Start a new life in whatever this place is... or maybe find out why you're here. If that's even possible.

Is this... even real?


Note 1: You must be a human. No special powers (eg. supernatural strength and speed, telekenesis) allowed. However cosmetic features that are rare/impossible in people (like blue skin, cat ears that don't actually have cat benefits) are completley fine.

Note 2: If you don't have a human oc but want to play this, just play as yourself (obviously just say "I'm playing as me"... please don't put your real name in the form)






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On 11/8/2022 at 3:21 PM, Cozy Fawn said:

Name: Fade (playing as me)

Gender: i dont know you tell me

Pronouns: he/she/they

Appearence: wow appearance reveal. faded purple hair, very thin hair. thin thin hair. *cry*. wears a hoodie. hoodies are fun. brown eyes and tan skin and pierced ears. idk what else

You awaken to a strange chill and cold winds. You open your eyes. Towering mountains surround you, reaching high into the sky.

>Look at down at yourself 

>Look around at your surroundings 


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20 hours ago, Cozy Fawn said:


To your left and in front of you, mountains as far as the eye could see. White fluffy shapes moving across them. To your right, more mountains, but you could see beyond them, an endless expanse of snow. From looking behind you, you could see that you were actually quite high up, a forest below you. You noticed that there was a large book next to you, and a huge backpack.

>Pick up the items

>Go to the mountain range

>Go to the tundra

>Go to the forest

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On 10/25/2022 at 3:13 AM, BirbMaster said:

Name: Snowy

Gender: female

Pronouns: she/her

Appearence: snowy had a fluffy dragon like snout that has white on her jaw and cheeks. She has black fur, and a fluffy black tail. Snowy has large scaly black wings that are usually curled up elegantly against her back. She has large ears with white tuffs of fur inside and on top of them. She had sparkly black and star speckled horns, often with chains around them. Her eyes are mainly black with a burning orange ring for an iris. She often talks oddly because of this. She has furry cat paws for hands and hind legs like a cat.

(Can I have extra good hearing? I have it in real life sorta but I mean like a cat)


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