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Wow I actually did it

*insert cool clan backstory*



Hawkstar is a very calm and docile individual, patient and careful in her choices. (Cis Molly)


Rookstorm is the deputy. He is very stubborn and adamant in supporting Hawkstar's decisions, even though he dislikes her. His greatest wish is to raise kits. He has tried to befriend Monkeyfoot several times with no success. (Cis Tom)


Willowmoon is the cleric. Despite the role's stereotype of calmness, Willowmoon has no chill. They always voice their thoughts and is very quick with examinations due to their skills, which has made them rash in their actions. (Gib)


Runningflame is a warrior. He always wanted to be a cleric, something he is always vocal about though Willowmoon refuses to give him the rank. The two are actually mates weirdly enough (they are the only ones who dont hate each other). Runningflame is not one for planning or thinking, rushing ahead in whatever situation he's in. (Cis Tom)


Stoneclaw is a warrior. Despite being the most skilled fighter in the clan, she is very shy and awkward. She dislikes Runningflame's boldness and is conflicted about Hawkstar. (Cis Molly)


Monkeyfoot is a warrior. He is also shy and lonely, though he feels apart from the rest of the clan. He despises Rookstorm's insistence in befriending him, being just fine on his own. (Trans Tom)

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Thunderpaw and Petalpaw have become apprentices, their mentors are Rookstorm and Stoneclaw respectively.


Their personalities are now showing


Thunderpaw is a laid-back cat, something that pisses off his mentor Rookstorm who tries to change it by constantly training him. Thunderpaw is very protective of his brother Petalpaw.


Petalpaw is a very timid cat, having been assigned to Stoneclaw in hopes that a kindred soul would help him come out of his shell.

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13 hours ago, Ourania said:

Hawkstar and Stoneclaw's litter is born. They are so powerful that the power went out



Piperkit purrs often.

Splinterkit whimpers and kicks often.

Gingerkit nips other cats often



Uhhh i goofed. Gingerkit did NOT roll for Demiboy, I'm just dumb. Do I reroll or keep it?

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The kiddos have been apprenticed. Piperpaw wants to be leader, but has chosen to be a cleric under Willowmoon for now. Splinterpaw was apprenticed to Runningflame. They also want to be leader, something that is hindered by their naivete. Gingerpaw was apprenticed to Monkeyfoot as the tortoiseshell youth has taken a liking to him. Gingerpaw is characterized by his bravery which coupled with their great size could make him a great fighter


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FlickerClan's new warriors! Splinterstripe was named due to their stripes, while Gingerblaze was named after his bravery and strength (lionblaze ripoff)


Willowmoon has also received a prophecy: A hero will come from a bristly tom. No one knows what it means

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The clan has decided to move territories, as the current one is really small. Piperpaw is considering switching to warrior training due to how much they despise Willowmoon. They are surprisingly skilled at fighting despite not having any kind of training for it...


(man i cant put an image)


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The clan has reached the ports and is preparing to cross the stepping stones. Hawkstar and Stoneclaw are expecting their second litter and plan to raise them in the new territory. Gingerblaze, Monkeyfoot and Redeyes have become friends.


I'm sure nothing bad will happen :)

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