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Piperstar: short-furred Gray and Brown Cat with a scar on their back


Thundershine: medium-furred yellow tabby tom


Willowmoon: medium-furred gray colorpoint cat with a bushy tail

Cannamist: spiky-furred pale torbie Delphine


Rosefur: scarred long-furred red and white tom with a missing paw

Silverpool: long-furred gray and white molly

Splinterstripe: short-furred brown tabby cat

Brushpelt: short-furred pale tortoiseshell molly with a twisted jaw

Longsnout: long-furred pale tortoiseshell tom with an unusually long snout and a scar on his thigh

Sunnyeye: short-furred pale brown tom



Petalsnow: medium-furred pink colorpoint tom

Tinybounce: short-furred gray and white tomolly with a scar on its face


Lionkit: massive long-furred pale tortoiseshell molly

Hawkkit: medium-furred brown tabby molly

Wheatkit: long-furred golden tabby tom


Monkeyfoot: short-furred flame point tom with a twisted jaw

Rookstorm: short-furred black and white tom with a scar on his chest



Pebbletail: medium-furred pale brown tabby tom with a bushy tail

Mallowpaw: medium-furred pale tortie colorpoint tom with a bushy tail

Maplekit: medium-furred tortoiseshell point demimolly

Ice: short-furred white tabby tom with protruding fangs

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Random FlickerClan facts:

Monkeyfoot's father was a warrior named Mothlight, and his mother was a jungle nicheling who told him about the apes and such jungle stuff while raising him on her own. Monkeyfoot was originally called Tanu, but he named himself Monkey in honor of the fearsome apes. He joined FlickerClan as an apprentice at about 10 moons, after the death of his mother. By the time he was a new warrior, a story mode tribe started living in the same island as FlickerClan. Mothlight started a relationship with a male from the tribe and eventually they had a son called Blazekit. Unfortunately Blazekit's non mothlight father died soon after and the clan was forced to move to another island because of the tribe chasing them out. Monkeyfoot was basically left to raise Blazekit on his own because Mothlight was too busy not caring for his kids. Blazekit wanted to be a healer, but wasn't allowed to because the head healer didn't like his lineage so he had to be a warrior apprentice. He was apprenticed to Hawkstep and cut ties with Mothlight by being renamed Runningpaw. Runningpaw was envious when a younger cat, Willowpaw, became the healer apprentice. During their apprenticeships they taught each other what they learned and eventually became mates. Hawkstep was made deputy soon after Runningflame's graduation. Then FlickerClan had to once again move after *something* happened that dispersed most cats, after which Hawkstep became leader. Monkeyfoot and Runningflame were just glad that the other was still there, along with Willowmoon. 



Monkeyfoot is a tiny rat-sized little man, he is so small that Runningflame sometimes picked him up by the scruff and "kidnapped" him. Runningflame was a big cat.

Redeyes was very big and immensely fluffy, so fluffy that Monkeyfoot would sink into it anytime they tried to cuddle. After they retired, Monkeyfoot would press himself against her, causing most of his body to be hidden.

Rookstorm and Monkeyfoot were apprentices at about the same time, and Rookpaw has been trying to befriend him since then. He still hasn't lol.

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10 hours ago, AndromedaTheGalaxyCat said:

I feel like the only straight/cis person here lolll 

ive been questioning whether im ace but idk

Well, I'm sure you have lots of time to figure it all out. I've been questioning if I'm trans lol. 

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Rookstorm has passed away


Meanwhile, Mallowpaw recieves a visit from a young cream tabby ghost who tells him he was meant to be a leader...

He wakes up as Mallowstar, leader and founder of MallowClan


He makes Pebbletail deputy because he's the only other adult. They just need a cleric now, but for now they will expand camp

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7 hours ago, Modiano Ourania said:

it's literally missing parts and held together with duct tape

I can relate I have a pc (mom's old one) that literally whenever you turn it on it starts making a sound like it's a heater or something. And you can't play with the window closed or you will actually suffocate. 

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7 hours ago, Modiano Ourania said:

I THINK it was from lag. I was tabbing out a lot and my PC is getting on in years (it's literally missing parts and held together with duct tape)

Also if it's held together with duct tape that means it stood the test of TIME and that it's a SURVIVOR 

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Rosefur brings a litter of young kittens into camp, claiming to be the father. One of the kits was stillborn and another is sickly.


(from left to right: Featherkit, Hopekit, Dogkit, Stillkit)



Lionpaw is apprenticed to Sunnyeye, she is still sickly.



Willowmoon has received a new prophecy: A hero will come from the Blue Molly and the Sand Molly. Cannamist has gotten sick lately


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