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  • 2 weeks later...

Both Lionpaw and Cannamist are no longer ill. Hopekit is getting better but is still not out of the woods.

Wheatpaw and Hawkpaw are apprenticed to Tinybounce and Silverpool respectively


And in MallowClan, Maplepaw is apprenticed to Littlestag


Two rogues join the clan a few days after the ceremony, taking on the names Winterfoot and Icetooth. They offer to help with gathering the poison berries to have more food, also bringing some rabbil meat as an offering


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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 months later...
  • 1 month later...
On 11/13/2022 at 5:50 PM, Modiano Urania said:

One day, Hawkstar suddenly drops dead. The clan is very freaked out about this.

Rookstorm refuses to succeed her, stating his age and plans to retire as the reason. The healers are called in to figure this situation out, eventually coming to an agreement with Rookstorm that he would temporarily lead the clan while they waited for an omen.


Hawkstar's kits and grandkits mourn her

I forgor the screenshot


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Unfortunately, Hopekit succumbs to his illness. Rosefur is griefstricken.


(oh boy there's only two nichelings with red fur now and theyre unlikely to breed)

Later in the moon, a bearyena attacks a patrol consisting of Longsnout Sunnyeye and Lionpaw. The latter is sent back to camp to get backup


Tinybounce, Brushpelt and Silverpool go to help them, entering the fray. Tinybounce is the only one to come out unscathed, with the others all getting  scars from the battle.

Oh, but Sunnyeye?image.thumb.png.008ea1a3a58121bd964ae705b3f3d9af.png

The Bearyena gets one lucky strike on him, and he falls



At the same time, a molly named Cherryfur joins the clan. She is the first wanderer in moons.


(...At least red fur is back to three cats...?)

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Monkeyfoot finds an abandoned kitten while out on a walk and brings it back to camp, where it is renamed Rainkit. He is reminded of his brother Runningflame...


(ahahaha he still doesnt know his buddy and child figure Sunnyeye is dead *pain*)

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1 minute ago, Modiano Urania said:

Monkeyfoot finds an abandoned kitten while out on a walk and brings it back to camp, where it is renamed Rainkit. He is reminded of his brother Runningflame...


(ahahaha he still doesnt know his buddy and child figure Sunnyeye is dead *pain*)

oh yeah btw Rainkit is a home animal glitch but it was recruited so ig it's fine

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Lionpaw has taken it upon herself to become the clan's storyteller in Sunnyeye's stead. Monkeyfoot tries to teach as many stories as he can before he dies and they are lost forever.



Tinybounce goes to the Clerics' Den and starts arguing with Cannamist over Sunnyeye and Hopekit's deaths. While zie wasn't close with the former, he knows faer daughter was and is devastated by the loss. Cannamist tells them that xey could not do anything about them since their ailments weren't curable and there's only so much a cleric can do.


They have been enemies since apprenticehood, seemingly never getting along, though it has never come in the way of their jobs as of yet.


And then, Piperstar calls a clan meeting...


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(ignore that its another day this is on moon 79 i just needed everyone to be awake and move)


Piperstar has called this meeting for a specific reason: To address the fact that letting cleric have kits is a danger to the clan itself.


Thundershine is surprised by this, not having been notified of the meeting and being a cleric's child himself. Before he can say anything, Piperstar continues on. They call for Rosefur to come forward and asks him who was his kits' dame.


He hesitates to respond, saying that the dame wished to remain secret. Piperstar counters by saying that they already know who it is, and that they are going to tell the clan if he won't take responsibility. Rosefur asks why it's so important, to which Piperstar scoffs and says it's because Cannamist is a cleric and the one who birthed the kits. The cat in question freezes up as the clan looks to xem.


Piperstar continues by reminding everyone that the litter had four kits, but two of them died in infancy. They claim that this is because their ancestors and the spirits were displeased by Cannamist setting aside xeir duties to have the kits and this is also why xey were ill.

Petalsnow suggests that one cleric having an unfortunate litter doesn't have to mean anything, it could just be bad luck. Piperstar asks him if it is simply bad luck that Creampaw and Mallowpaw died young. Before anyone can respond, Piperstar also says that everytime a cleric's kit dies they take someone else down with them: Creampaw with Stoneclaw and Gingerblaze, Mallowpaw with Pebbletail, Hopekit with Sunnyeye. 

Thundershine angrily retorts that if cleric kits are cursed, then why on earth did Piperstar choose one as their deputy? The leader calmly and readily replies that the spirits only took half the kits and thusly he and Petalsnow were normal cats. Piperstar proceeds to claim that Rosefur's kits are what caused Lionpaw's illness and that it cleared up only when Hopekit was about to die.

The clan is thrown into turmoil by this, divided in what to think, but eventually the superstitious side wins out: Maybe it's true?

The only cats who disagree are TInybounce, Rosefur, Monkeyfoot, Thundershine and the clerics themselves.

FlickerClan laws are changed, and clerics are no longer allowed to have kits. Willowmoon and Cannamist are graciously let off unpunished


 Some days later, Rosefur attempts to spirit away his kits, believing FlickerClan to no longer be a safe place for them. He doesn't know where to go, but anywhere is better than here.


Unfortunately, he is caught and only manages to grab Dogkit before making his escape. Silverpool, his own sister, severely wounds him and he is left desperately getting away from his old home, his family, his friends, his child.



He is lucky enough to find himself in MallowClan territory...


Though, no one has any real experience in healing. Rosefur may still die, but at least Dogkit will be safe. Mallowstar and Pebbletail are very interested in what's going on in their old clan...

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Lionpaw and Hawkpaw, during an assessment, find a cat their age: Her name is Maplepaw.


How odd, a clan name? They offer her a spot, but she declines since she is already in a group. Maplepaw is clearly trying not to reveal too much information so, despite Lionpaw being sure she could get them to slip up, they just say their goodbyes and go back to their respective groups.

They'll have to tell Piperstar about this.

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Unfortunately, Rosefur's wounds get infected and he dies


Dogpaw is made Winterfoot's apprentice


Their difficult childhood and the loss of their father has caused Dogpaw to have difficulties trusting others and be extremely strict.


Featherpaw is apprenticed to Longsnout


Featherpaw feels like ey must atone for eir parents' sins, working hard and taking life seriously. Ey only wish to be a good warrior for Piperstar 

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Piperstar: Lean dark brown and grey dappled gib with yellow eyes and a long tail (they/them)

        Apprentice: Lionpaw


Thundershine: Golden tabby tom with lighter stripes and purple eyes (he/him ae/aer)


Willowmoon: Bushy-tailed beige and white colorpoint gib with purple eyes (they/them)

Cannamist: Spiky light brown delphicat with orange stripes and green eyes (xey/xem)


Splinterstripe: Lean dark brown tabby gib with gray stripes and green eyes (they/them he/him)

Tinybounce: Small gray and white dappled paradoxicat with purple eyes and a long tail (any pronouns)

            Apprentice: Wheatpaw

Silverpool: Fluffy silver-blue and white dappled molly with blue eyes and reddish antlers (she/her)

           Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Longsnout: Fluffy tortoiseshell masked tom with brown eyes and an unusual snout (he/him it/its)

           Apprentice: Featherpaw

Cherryfur: Big dark red and pink colorpoint molly with a crooked jaw, a long tail, gray tufts and brown eyes (she/her they/them)

Lionpaw: Big gray and pink masked tortoiseshell molly with purple eyes (she/her)

Hawkpaw: Brown tabby molly with green eyes (she/her)

Wheatpaw: Fluffy golden tabby tom with cream stripes and purple eyes (he/him fae/faer)

Featherpaw: Fluffy dark brown tabby gib with lighter stripes and blue eyes (ey/em)


Petalsnow: Pink colopoint tom with white specks, red antlers and purple eyes (he/him rarely she/her)

(rearing Rainkit)

Brushpelt: Lean tortoiseshell molly with a twisted jaw, curved horns and brown eyes (she/her)



Rainkit: Big dark brown tabby cat with protruding canines, odd antennae and black eyes (it/its)




Mallowstar: Bushy-tailed cream and pink tortoiseshell tom with purple eyes (he/him)


Pebbletail: Bushy-tailed light brown tabby tom with a prominent jaw and yellow eyes (he/him)


Littlestag: Brown and ginger dappled tom with a deformed leg, black antlers and black eyes (he/him)

          Apprentice: Maplepaw

Winterfoot: Fluffy white and grey peritom with protruding canines, massive antlers and green eyes (he/him xe/xem)

          Apprentice: Dogpaw

Icetooth: Lean white tabby tom with pinkish stripes, red ram horns, massive protruding canines and blue eyes (he/him)


Maplepaw: Dark brown and yellow colorpoint demimolly with a chonky tail and purple eyes (she/her they/them)

Dogpaw: Fluffy dark and light brown tortoiseshell exofluid cat with blue eyes (any pronouns)

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