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Attacking 2.0

Fox leaf


What if in sandbox (or this could be a normal feature) nichelings could attack each other? It's really annoying when you're trying to do some warrior cats drama or wings of fire wars and you don't have that feature...

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Making a feature where you can attack members of your own pack could be a problem because a misclick could kill an important nicheling or a baby. I think it should be a togglable feature for sandbox OR a 'seperate pack' feature could be added, so you can make several smaller groups out of your already existing pack. (and from there, each pack can attack eachother but not their own members.)

If you're looking for a current feature for this, you can use the console (only works on PC, press F1 or SHIFT+F1) to administer an attack using the command 'takedamage [insert number]'.

On top of this, as far as I'm aware they are not updating Niche any further, but from what I've heard a sequel may appear in the future? We'll just have to see!

Hope this helps!

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