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This isn't a replacement for Wildclan(I will be updating that on occasion) But I feel my writing skills have improved since then so I made a new series to hopefully show it!


3 clans had lived together on one island(CliffClan, NightClan, and MeadowClan) but one day the rising waters had turned into a horrific wave that started to drown the island causing the clan cats to panic and scatter to the portals for their lives. Clan cats got separated and scattered across the different islands as they ran for their own survival.

This is the story of one.

Tigershine carefully pushed through the tall grass, knowing she smelled some semi familiar scents on this island. At first she wondered if she had missed them until she heard the sounds of voices. She was even more sure when she heard a familiar voice.

“Well just accept it, we’re never going back to our clans seeing as our old island and probably the other crossings are underwater by now” Tigershine heard the voice of one of her clanmates say.

“You’re here too Paleear?!” Tigershine spoke as she shot out of the tall grasses in front of the other five nichelings. She forgot that other clans aren’t used to cats sneaking around as the other four cats jumped, flinched, or unsheathed their claws.

“Where did you come from?!” A brown cat with blue eyes all but hissed at Tigershine after being surprised.

“Yes, at least there’s one familiar face around here” Paleears, a light yellow tom with a red mane, spoke up as he looked at Tigershine.

“We’ve all introduced ourselves before you arrived so what is your name?” The spotted cat asked, wondering who this new cat was.

“Oh I’m Tigershine! Who are all of you?” Tigershine asked as she looked around at the other cats, wondering if she met any of them at gatherings before.

“I’m Spottedripple, nice to meet you” The spotted cat replied as she looked at Tigershine.

“I’m Redshade” The red cat with a white mane spoke up as he observed the new cat.

“My name is Sunstorm” The light pink cat with yellow markings responded simply.

“…Twigtalon” The brown cat with blue eyes grumbled, still bitter that Tigershine managed to sneak up on him and scare him.

“As I was saying though, there’s no use looking for our clans seeing as the island and crossing connected to them have to be completely submerged now” Paleears said seeming to irritate some of the other cats.

“I don’t exactly want to be stuck with enemy cats” Twigtalon said as he glared at Sunstorm and Spottedripple causing them to just ignore his stares.

“We’re not exactly enemies anymore though. Our clans are destroyed and we’re all stuck here together so we might as well cooperate” Sunstorm replied as she looked back at the tall grasses.

“Well I refuse to sleep next to enemies” Twigtalon hissed, not trusting them to not slash his throat in his sleep.

“Then go. Go deal with bearyena yourself, without the protection of a clan” Sunstorm said with a cold stare.

“…I’m only staying to keep my strength” Twigtalon finally replied with irritation.

“Well in that case we should find somewhere to settle, let’s explore” Redshade said as he got up and started walking towards the grasses. It took a little bit then everyone was following after him while checking for somewhere to stay.


“This seems like a good place” Twigtalon said making the other cats sigh in relief. The last 5 sunrises had been spent looking and looking for a place but someone was always unhappy so they were relieved as everyone seemed to agree this would be decent.

“In that case we should start clearing the grasses” Redshade said as everyone agreed that would be the best choice causing everyone to start clearing up the place.

Just as it was getting dark the cats had finished clearing a decent chunk of the place, at least enough for the night.

“I’m exhausted” Tigershine huffed as she, somewhat over dramatically, flopped onto the ground making Paleears roll his eyes but happy to see she was still doing her usual antics.

“Well than I guess it is time to sleep” Spottedripple said as she laid down too. Everyone decided to sleep for the night.


It went pretty well for about two sunrises until a bearyena showed up causing everyone to panic a little before Paleear and Spottedripple jumped at it and attacked with all their might.

The bearyena snarled and ended up clawing across Spottedripple’s leg but at least it didn’t go that deep, still bleeding though. The two were thankfully able to drive it away before there were any other injuries but now there was a pretty big problem.

“What do we do?!” Tigershine said in terror. “We don’t even have a medicine cat!” She continued with panic.

“Well panicking won’t help. And second I only know a little from watching the medicine cat. First we need cobweb or moss to absorb the maybe stop the bleeding” Paleear spoke, trying to ensure no one panics.

“I’ll get it” Sunstorm said before leaving and searching for a little bit but returned fairly quickly with some dry moss.

“Thank you” Palear said as he gently pressed the moss against the wound. “Next we would need either hmmm goldenrod or marigold” Palear continued.

“We should search for some, let’s go” Sunstorm said as she looked at the other cats. They all went to look.

“I think I found some!” Tigershine said as she trotted over with some marigold  with the others following her.

“Alright, thank you” Plaeear said before turning it into poultice and pressing it onto the wound which made Spottedripple hiss but otherwise stay still.

“There, that should work. You should probably rest though” Paleear said as he got up.

“Right” Spottedripple said as Sunstorm came by to help her up and into a sad attempt of a nest.

“Maybe we should start doing watches like the clans did” Tigershine said as she looked at Spottedripple.

“Not the worst idea you’ve had” Twigtalon replied as he watched the grasses for any signs of more bearyena.

“We should take the first shifts, we’re used to being active at night anyways” Paleear said as he looked at Tigershine.

“Yeah! You rest and we’ll watch for any signs of danger” Tigershine agreed as she looked at Twigtalon. He narrowed his eyes for a second but knew he wasn’t going to win this battle so he sighed and went to one of the ‘nests’ to sleep.


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I had stuff written but forgot to actually update it oops-)

“I can’t believe we’ll never see our families again” Tigershine spoke after a long bout of silence with their shift.

“I know, it’s odd for it to feel so…quiet” Paleear agreed as even though he didn’t really socialize with many cats the silence that only having 5 other cats around was a bit unnerving and put him more on edge.

“At least we have each other though! I mean imagine if we didn’t have anyone from our clan, it would drive me up a tree” Tigershine tried to lighten the mood, that she brought up, with some reassurance.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’d be able to tolerate Twigtalon’s attitude alone. I was close to clawing him before you popped out of the grass” Paleear replied, remembering how Twigtalon had been extremely stubborn about wanting to get to his clan and ‘away from these traitorous MeadowClan cats’.

“Guess I showed up at the right time than! Though I do agree that Twigtalon seems…unpleasant” Tigershine simply finished as she tried to think of a kinder way to describe his prickly personality.

“I guess that’s one way to put it” Paleear scoffed.

“Also I forgot how loud other clan cats are, I feel like they couldn’t sneak up on a kit sometimes!” Tigershine snickered as NightClan cats are taught to listen for the sound of even the faintest pawsteps if they can.

“I wonder how they keep themselves fed” Paleear snickered a little as well.

The two talked most of the night but did keep an ear out in case.


“I have a suggestion” Redshade spoke up catching the attention of the other cats. “If we want to be our own clan we would need a leader, and a medicine cat but that one isn’t looking great, so I suggest we figure out who will be leader” He continued.

“Well I should be, I’m the strongest cat anyways” Twigtalon said, seeing as that’s how the leader was chosen in CliffClan.

“You also need a decent brain to be leader” Paleear said mockingly.

“Paleear!” Tigershine slightly hissed at his behavior.

“Besides, if we’re talking strength Spottedripple is the strongest cat here” interrupted before there was any more bickering, making Spottedripple, who had recovered since the scratch wasn’t that deep, look up from her paws.

‘Don’t bring me into this’ Spottedripple thought wanting to stay far away from this mess of an argument.

“The other clans don’t really choose that way. Maybe we could vote for the leader?” Tigershine piped up, trying to placate the other cats. The other cats agreed with that.

“…Fine I vote Redshade then, he’s the only other CliffClan cat here” Twigtalon sighed.

“Hate to agree with you but Redshade seems like the best choice for leader” Sunstorm said.

“Redshade as well” Spottedripple said.

“Redshade seems to have his priorities straight” Paleears agreed.

“I guess we all agree Redshade’s the best choice!” Tigershine chirped while Redshade was shocked.

“Oh, well thank you. I’ll be the best leader I can” Redshade spoke. “And if you’ll let me I have a good idea for who the deputy would be” He spoke again.

“Sure, you’re leader now” Spottedripple said.

“I think Paleears would be a good deputy” He said causing Paleears to blink in shock while Twigtalon looked bitter but didn’t speak a word.

“I will do my best” Paleears said formally.

“That’s so cool! You’ve always wanted to be deputy right?” Tigershine said excitedly while Paleears didn’t respond as he felt an embarrassed blush rise on his face, thanking StarClan he has fur.

“But wouldn’t he be better as our medicine cat? He helped with Spottedripple’s injury” Twigtalon said, hoping he could still be deputy.

“He said he only knew some of it, a medicine cat has to know a lot more than that to be one” Redshade replied, knowing Twigtalon would be angry about this.

“And I’d like to be able to have a mate and kits” Paleears spoke up with irritation.

“Why? Have a cat in mind?” Twigtalon mocked causing Paleear’s fur to heat up again.

“No, I would just like to keep the option open” Paleears quickly responded with a slight hiss.

“Well if we’re done talking about important clan stuff I’m leaving” Sunstorm said as she got up.

“Right, we don’t really have anything else to discuss” Redshade responded causing the cats to disperse to their own activities.


After about a moon everything had a small sense of rhythm.

“I can’t believe you still want to be leader” Spottedripple said as she and Redshade, or RedStar now she guesses, were expanding the territory.

“Why?” RedStar asked, wondering what prompted that.

“Well the clan is new and disorderly, and Twigtalon is very rude and difficult” Spottedripple said bitterly at Twigtalon’s behavior.

“I can assure you Twigtalon isn’t always like this, he just doesn’t trust everyone yet” RedStar replied making Spottedripple look up.

“Do you know him well?” Spottedripple asked curiously.

“We were clanmates” RedStar responded as he continued clearing grass.

“I see, is that why he voted you than?” Spottedripple asked as she pulled out some particularly tough grass.

“I would like to think he voted for me due to skill but sadly that was probably the actual reason” RedStar sighed, knowing that was probably the only real reason.

“Well there was no disagreement so you must’ve been voted in for your skills” Spottedripple responded as she knew it wasn’t an accident.

“I guess you’re right” RedStar said as they finished clearing the grass in that small area.

“I should hunt though, fish are plentiful here” Spottedripple said with a nod of respect before walking off.

“Of course” RedStar replied as Spottedripple walked off before patrolling the borders of the small territory.


‘This is dumb’ a part of his brain hissed as RedStar approached Spottedripple. ‘How can you not only fall in love but decide to ask a cat from another clan to be your mate within one moon’ His thoughts hissed again but RedStar shook those thoughts away as he wanted this done and over with.

“Do you need something?” Spottedripple asked, wondering why RedStar approached her. RedStar took a deep breathe.

“I know we’ve only know each other a moon but I think I’ve already fallen for you, would you like to be my mate?” RedStar forced himself to say before he regretted it. Spottedripple considered saying no but thought about it, the leader was asking her of all cats, and RedStar is a good cat so…

“Sure, you’re a good cat” Spottedripple purred making RedStar sit in shock for a few moments.

“I can’t believe you accepted! Well then why don’t you show me how to fish later?” RedStar asked as it would be a great way to get to know each other better.

“Sounds good to me, I’d love to teach you how” Spottedripple said and it was true, teaching other cats to fish was something she loved doing.

“See you later than!” RedStar said seeming oddly giddy as he had to make sure the clan was well first.

(I forgot a screenshot-)



A few sunrises later Redshade and Spottedripple decided to tell the clan.

“We wanted to tell you something, it isn’t something huge but I still wanted to tell you all” Redshade said as he had gathered the cats, though he did tell them it wasn’t extremely important clan business. “Me and Spottedripple have become mates and we both agree we would want kits soon so hopefully there will be new life in the clan in the coming moons” He finished saying causing the cats to stae in shock.

“We’ve only known each other a moon, isn’t that a bit early? Especially for a cat from an enemy clan” Surprise surprise Twigtalon objected first causing Redshade to sigh, he should’ve known but he was hopeful he would keep his maw shut for once.

“You don’t exactly get a say in that” Paleear scoffed, thinking that Twigtalon was far too stubborn, and mouse brained apparently, for his own good.

“But of all cats he chose one from a lying MeadowClan, not even one of you sneaky NightClan cats” Twigtalon said which made Paleear just blankly stare while Tigershine’s ears lowered in sadness, which upon noticing it seemed to make Paleear’s blank stare turn into more of a glare.

“Wow how kind of you” Paleear sarcastically replied as he gave a quick glance at Tigershine before focusing back on Twigtalon.

“If you have so many issues with it why don’t you just leave the clan? I’m sure you won’t be missed” Sunstorm slightly hissed as she was tired of Twigtalon’s attitude towards everyone.

“I’m not giving up free food” Twigtalon scoffed, though he was more afraid than he let on of the beasts that roam most islands.

“Seeing as you were born and raised in a clan I would hope you’d know a clan needs cooperation to work, and as much as I care for you as your clanmate I fear you’ll tear the clan apart before it can even truly begin” Redshade spoke up, feeling a bit bad but knowing Twigtalon needed to stop antagonizing every other cat before he got himself kicked out or killed by one of the other cats, Sunstorm looked like she was running out of patience for him.

“I thought you’d understand, well since that’s all I’m going to hunt” Twigtalon scoffed, betrayed that his own clan member wouldn’t understand or be on his side.

RedStar just sadly watched him go, knowing he would be a major problem if he didn’t soon understand how to be less mean to his new clanmates.


RedStar sprinted when he heard Spottedripple hiss in what sounded like pain, good thing he did as he saw a bearyena towering over her while she tried to fend it off.

“Bearyena!” He yelled to get his clanmates attention before he started to claw at it. Then he had an idea, if he could get on it’s back it’d have a hard time reaching him, he told Spottedripple of his plan which she agreed to while they waited for their clanmates to arrive.

He snuck around the bearyena as Spottedripple kept it distracted and when he got there he jumped at it’s back…only for the bearyena to turn around and bite right through his chest as his clanmates finally arrived, Spottedripple had been patrolling by herself and RedStar only heard her as he was doing the same.

Twigtalon launched himself at it first, clawing and hissing with anger but he wasn’t the strongest cat so it wasn’t working as well as he thought it was. The other clan cats helped take it down without as many issues now that more cats were here.

Meanwhile for RedStar…

“Greetings” A cat who seemed to have the stars themselves shimmer in their fur spoke causing RedStar to look around in confusion to see clouds and stars. “We were going to get your lives a little later but we have to give them now, seeing as you died already” The cat continued at RedStar’s silence.

“So I have four lives left now?” He asked causing the shimmering cat to think for a second before nodding, deciding it wouldn’t hurt to let him know that bit of info.

“Sadly I didn’t have time to gather your family to give your lives but you will get them from someone else you know” RedStar realized that must mean they died in the disaster making him feel a bit gloomy.

“I truly hope you will use your lives well” RedStar looked up to see HawkStar, the leader or former leader he supposes, of CliffClan.

“I will HawkStar” RedStar replied causing the dream to start fading and reality to seep in again.

“He’s a real leader now…HE’S AWAKE!” Paleear mumbled before shouting to get his clanmate’s attention.

“So we don’t have to bury him, that’s good” Tigershine said, relieved that she wouldn’t have to say goodbye to any of her, mostly, new friends today.

“Thankfully you’re okay” Spottedripple said as she looked at her mate.

“I’m only sore now” RedStar said as he got up from the nest he was laying in.

“Well you seem fine” Paleear said as he got up.

“I might sleep for a little bit though” RedStar said which his clanmates didn’t disagree with so he went to his nest and drifted off.

(Failed to save the screenshot and didn’t notice until I already killed the bearyena :(  )



As Tigershine and Sunstorm. were patrolling they came across a nicheling that was a pleasant surprise to Sunstorm.

“Greetings Firetooth” Sunstorm said making the orange cat’s hackles lower as he recognized her.

“Didn’t expect to find another clan cat out here, oh and hello…Tigerpaw?” Firetooth said the first part to Sunstorm before turning to Tigershine.

“Tigershine now actually but I was Tigerpaw” Tigershine chirped, she remembered talking to him at the last gathering she went to, she didn’t go to many because she ‘Told the other clans too much about NightClan’ so her last one was as a 10 moon old apprentice.

“What a fitting name for a kind cat like yourself” Firetooth said with amusement as he remembered how Tigerpaw- er Tigershine now, always talked to him even if he was having one of his bad moods, always a light in those irritating clan gatherings.

“We and a few other clan cats decided to make our own clan seeing as most of ours are probably dead or scattered, and we can’t exactly go back home” Sunstorm said making Firetooth nod.

“I got out of there in the nick of time, and from what I’ve seen I have to agree” Firetooth said remembering the way to waves crashed over the island, washing cats into the sea to drown and destroying the clans old home as he hopped across the stones.

“Would you be interested in joining our clan, we have no cat with medicine skills at the moment” Sunstorm said as she also remembered that Spottedripple had mentioned she would love kits but couldn’t because of the lack of a medicine cat to ensure her and her kit’s safety.

“I don’t really see any reason not to, and if you need a medicine cat I’ve got a good amount of experience” Firetooth said as he wondered how long they’ve been without one.

“Great! Camp’s this way” Tigershine said excitedly before Sunstorm and Tigershine led the way for Firetooth.

“I can’t exactly say no considering how desperate we are, and Firetooth is a good medicine cat from what I’ve heard” RedStar said after the two had told him about how they wanted Firetooth to join.

“Great, another Meadowclan cat” Twigtalon sneered causing RedStar to internally sigh.

“So you’re here too, well as tempting as it is now I won’t let this clan be without a medicine cat because of one rude one” Firetooth slightly hissed at Twigtalon making him bristle.

“I’m only protecting mys-” RedStar interrupted Twigtalon’s hissing.

“If you have the energy to fight with our new medicine cat then you can do something useful like hunting” RedStar said with narrowed eyes making Twigtalon take a step back, a bit hurt, before hissing and leaving the camp.

“He must be fun to have around” Firetooth said, wondering why that over aggressive cat had to be here.

“Oh yeah, the most fun” Sunstorm scoffed while Tigershine looked a bit sad, she knew he wasn’t being kind but it seemed he had no one here. Tigershine made sure she was sneaky as she snuck off into the tall grasses after him.

Paleears felt a little jealousy bubble up in him.

“Sunstorm, why don’t you show him where the healing plant is” RedStar said causing Sunstorm to nod before leading Firetooth away to the healing plant.

“You all are dismissed” RedStar said causing the cats to disperse.


“Twigtalon wait!” Tigershine said, as she could see why the other cats didn’t get along with him but she wanted to give him a chance.

“Why are you following me? Leave me alone!” Twigtalon hissed as he ran, irritated at Tigershine trying to talk to him.

“I know you’re not the nicest cat but you still deserve a friend!” Tigershine said as she continued to follow him.

“I don’t need friends, they only slow you down in the end!” Twigtalon continued as he continued to run farther and farther, with Tigershine trailing after him.

“Please just let me talk, if you hate me I won’t talk to you ever again” Tigershine said, though it hurt to say it did get him to stop running and turn toward her.

“Fine, you have one chance” Twigtalon said irritably.

“I promsie I won’t slow you down, I’ll practice fighting and learn what you’ve learned in your clan if me being stronger will let me be your friend” Tigershine said making Twigtalon flex his claws.

“…You are determined I’ll give you that” Twigtalon sighed.

“Um before I continue do you uh have any idea how to get back to camp?” Tigershine asked nervously making Twigtalon’s eyes widen in realization.

“Don’t you?” He defleced causing Tigershine to sheepishly shake her head.

“Great, so we have no idea how to get back, fantastic” Twigtalon scoffed before a noise caught his attention.

“That was different from a cat’s pawsteps” Tigershine said with fear.

“How would you know that?” Twigtalon asked with a scoff, though her words unnerved him.

“NightClan cats are taught to listen for pawsteps from a young age, if they can anyways” Tigershine’s words caused fear to root in his heart and cause his to bristle as he looked around for the source before he smelled it…bearyena.

Before he could know exactly where it was it charged at him, knocking him down. Tigershine launched herself at it hissing and fighting with an intensity Twigtalon wasn’t aware she possessed. He quickly got back up and attacked too, biting and clawing at it whenever an opprotunity was given.

Twigtalon felt his world slow down as the bearyena turned toward his and raised a paw, it came down and he knew he couldn’t dodge but before it came near him Tigershine jumped in front of him causing it to slash it’s claws along the left side of Tigershine’s face.

After seeing Tigershine get knocked to the ground with an injury like hers Twigtalon felt a burst of energy and launched himself at the bearyena again and even though it took some dodging and carefully avoiding Tigershine he took it down himself.

He felt exhausted but looked at Tigershine, seeing she was conscous and even slowly getting up by herself.

“Are you sure you should be standing right now?” Twigtalon asked.

“Well it would look much worse if I was injured like this and the clan saw”  Tigershine dismissed as she walked towards him. “We should go back to camp and warn them, there might be more coming” Tigershine said making Twigtalon slightly bristle.

“If they see you like that with me they’ll think I did it or something” Twigtalon said, knowing if he angered too many more cats he’d be lucky to not be exiled.

“What would be worse, me being alone with you no where in sight or me with you showing I trusted you enough to take me back to camp with this type of injury?” Tigershine asked making him pause to think. She wasn’t wrong…

“Alright, let’s get this done and over with, it’d take a miracle for you to keep your full vision” Twigtalon said causing Tigershine to laugh.

“I know I’ll be blind in this eye now, It’ll make me look tougher anyways” Tigershine said as she slightly puffed her chest while they walked.

“I guess you’re right on that” Twigtalon agreed, cats didn’t mess with cats that had scars like that too often.

“This may take a while considering we have no idea where we’re going…wait why didn’t we follow our own scent trail?” Tigershine said making Twigtalon feel like the most rabill brained cat in all the islands.

“…” Twigtalon just stared forward without a word.


“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Paleear was angry beyong belief, he doesn’t keep an eye on that cat for half a day and Tigershine comes back hurt with him.

“Told you” Twigtalon grumbled quiet enough for only Tigershie to hear.

“He didn’t do it! A bearyena was around the territory so we fought it, and decided to warn you all in case there’s more” RedStar took in what Tigershine said, mentally noting it while Paleear was just livid.

“And why didn’t you protect her!?” Paleears hissed.

“The rabill brain jumped in front of me when it tried to claw me! That’s not my fault!” Twigtalon defended himself causing Paleear to snap his head over to Tigershine.

“Why would you do that?!” Paleears hissed.

“Because he’s my clanmate! You protect your clanmates!” Tigershine yelled which caught Paleear off guard, even growing up he’d almost never seen her genuinely angry.

“But-” Paleear tried to speak but was cut off.

“NO! I need this healed now before it gets any worse” Tigershine said which Firetooth nodded at and led her to the medicine cat den leaving the entire camp dead silent.

“I may be rude but I’d never actually raise a claw to a clanmate, or do something like blind them” Twigtalon hissed before going to his nest to rest after that whole ordeal.

“…You must control your emotions if you’re to be leader one day” RedStar said with narrowed eyes at his deputy.

“…Right” Paleear said before stalking off to hunt.


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It hadn’t been a shock when Spottedripple announced her and RedStar would be having kits so it wasn’t a surprise to have two new additions to the clan a few moons later.

“They’re both healthy and so is Spottedripple” Firetooth said as he checked them all once more. RedStar released a breathe he wasn’t aware he was holding.

“I want to name this one Brightkit, for his bright colorful fur” RedStar said as he looked at the bright red kit.

“That’s a good name. I’d like to name the other Mousekit, with all the squeaking he’s doing” Spottedripple said, tired but amused at the noisy brown kit.

“I’ll spend as much time as I can with them” RedStar promised at he looked at the two bundles of fur that rested by Spottedripple’s stomach.

“I’m sure you’ll be a great father to them” Spottedripple answered RedStar’s silent worries making him smile.

“I hope so” He said.


Twigtalon has become kinder, well as much as he can be, to Tigershine since she jumped in front of that bearyena to protect him.

“Wish I had two guys fighting over me, though I suppose one of them is less than ideal” Sunstorm said with a snicker causing Tigershine to almost choke on the rabill she was eating.

“What do you mean?” Tigershine said causing Sunstorm to stare at her for a bit before bursting out laughing as she realized Tigershine was serious. “What do you mean? What’s so funny??” Tigershine was extremely confused which just made Sunstorm laugh even harder.

“Y-you really don’t k-know? Wow you’re more oblivious than I thought wow” Sunstorm was recovering from laughing while Tigershine just tilted her head. “Not that hard, there’s only three guys other than RedStar and one of them is a loyal medicine cat” Sunstorm sighed with amusement.

“…Why would they?! And especially Twigtalon??” Tigershine said with confusion.

“I’m not sure, maybe you jumping in front of him proved you’re tougher than you look” Sunstorm said, just as confused as Tigershine.

“But do you really think he’d…fight over me?” Tigershine said as she stared at her paws with confusion.

“I mean considering his usual personality I think he’d actually fight for you given the chance, and besides he gets along with you better than even RedStar, though there’s some tension there now anyways” Sunstorm said, still finding Tigershine’s obliviousness amusing. “Though that begs the question, how do you feel about them?” Sunstorm asked making Tigershine think.

“…What exactly do I do if I do like them, but like them both?” Tigershine asked making Sunstorm look at her.

“Both? Well you could just gather them both at the same time and ask if both of em would be your mates, I mean I know of at least two cats who’ve been committed to multiple mates” Sunstorm said casually.

“Cats can have more than one mate?” Tigershine said, she’d been raised to think having more than one mate was cheating on the other.

“As long as you’re not hiding it from one of them or something it’s fine” Sunstorm said as she started to groom her fur.

“Oh” Was all Tigershine said as she thought about it. If they agreed she wouldn’t have to choose, but that’s IF they agreed. “Thanks” Tigershine added as an afterthought before going to hunt.


Tigershine would love to say she went with Sunstorm’s advice not that long after she told her…but she didn’t It took 3 moons of gathering courage to finally try and ask.

She got both Paleear and Twigtalon to come meet her today at sundown so now it was just a matter of waiting. Thought when they did arrive she felt the confidence she was sure she had disappear but it was too late now, they were already here.

“Did you need something?” Paleear asked while Twigtalon simply looked at her expectantly.

“I um” She felt anxiety run through her but she took a breath and continued. “I love both of you, romantically, and wanted to know if you would both be my mate?” Tigershine’s usual confidence had sunk down like it had been thrown into a deep lake.

Paleear looked at her with shock, that means he’d have to get along with Twigtalon, as if that would ever happen.

Twigtalon slightly bristled at the thought of getting along with Paleears but he saw the nervous, read: terrified, expression she had and internally sighed, he didn’t like Paleear in any capacity but if letting her have both of them as mates meant he got a chance he would tolerate it.

Paleear just stared at Tigershine making her anxious feelings bloom but at long last Twigtalon spoke up.

“I wouldn’t mind” He shrugged making both Tigershine and Paleear look over in shock, but different types of shock. One was relief and the other was irritation.

“As if! I’d never get along with him, he’s cruel and abrasive!” Paleear hissed making Tigershine shrink, of course the one she thought wouldn’t be as opposed is livid about it.

“There’s no need to yell at her if you’re mad at me!” Twigtalon hissed back, irritated that Paleear was yelling at her instead of him.

“Well either way I refuse to try and get along with that…foxheart!” Paleear hissed before stalking off, needing to calm down before he tried speaking to Tigershine again, leaving Tigershine and Twigtalon alone.

‘I knew it was a bad idea, why did I think that’d ever work?’ Tigershine thought as she looked at her paws with bitterness and heartbreak.

“…I wouldn’t mind if you ever wanted to have multiple cats as mates” Twigtalon did his best to try and reassure her, it wasn’t his specialty.

“Thank you” Tigershine responded as she had known him long enough to know what he was trying to do.

“Would you…still want to be just my mate for now?” Twigtalon asked, wondering if Paleear had ruined his chance too now.

“Yeah, you stayed here and comforted me, so of course” Tigershine said with a ghost of a smile.

“I promise to love you no matter what” Twigtalon said, internally cringing from how sappy that sounded but he knew Tigershine probably wanted some sort of reassurance.

“Same here” Tigershine agreed, even if she did feel a bit hurt that what was essentially her crush since apprentincehood had rejected her like that.

The two simply sat there until moonhigh, in which they left that spot to go sleep next to each other.


As Firetooth was helping clean out a spot on Paleear’s paw that had a thorn lodged in it before he noticed the troubled expression he was wearing.

“What’s that look for?” Firetooth simply asked making Paleear’s head snap towards him.

“What look?” Paleear said a bit too defensively.

“You look like you’re stressed” Firetooth said as he pulled out the thorn making Paleear slightly wince.

“Not something you’d understand seeing as medicine cats can’t have mates” Paleear scoffed, wondering how a medicine cat could help.

“Maybe an outside perspective, that doesn’t deal with those feelings, would help” Firetooth suggested as he chewed up some plants before putting it on the place where the thorn was to prevent infection.

“…Fine. Tigershine asked me to be her mate, which I would’ve been happy about, but she said she also wanted Twigtalon as her mate. Him of all cats! So I told her I’d never get along with him before walking off to calm down but I haven’t been able to find or talk to her since” Paleear spilled everything and found it felt better than bottling it all up inside.

“Hm. Sounds to me like you might’ve lost your chance completely” Firetooth said as he finished making sure Paleear’s paw would be fine, but his words made Paleear quickly get on his paws.

“What do you mean by that?!” He asked with alarm making Firetooth hum.

“Well think about it from her perspective, you said you’d never get along with Twigtalon, rejecting her, and then walked off leaving Twigtalon to comfort her” Firetooth said making Paleear feel like ice had been dumped into his veins.

“I have to go” Paleear said before running off making Firetooth simply sigh and shake his head.

‘Young cats and their young love’ He simply thought before starting to sort herbs.


But no matter how much he looked he couldn’t find Tigershine, meaning she was avoiding him, and Twigtalon would just glare at him harder than before, if that was even possible.


A few moons later Tigershine and Twigtalon had 2 kits.

“You should name That one” Twigtalon said making Tigershine grin before looking at one of the tiny kits that snuggled up to her.

“Hmm…Hawkkit” Tigershine said after a little bit of thought.

“Sounds tough” Twigtalon agreed with the name choice, it was fitting and it was a strong name for a kit of his.

“You should name her” Tigershine said as she looked at the spotted kit.

“Bearkit” Twigtalon said making Tigershine tilt her head at him. “Bearyena have hurt us a lot but they’re very tough, just like I’m sure she will be” Twigtalon explained making Tigershine smile and nod.

“I’m sure she will be” Tigershine agreed as she looked at the two kits fondly.

Paleear felt like his world was crumbling after hearing the news, the one he loved was not only with the one he hated, but even had kits with him. ‘I guess Firetooth was right, my thoughtlessness ruined a perfect chance’ He thought before stalking off to continue planning patrols.


(Also if you ever see them do something that doesn’t align with cat or even animal behavior with things like smiling, shrugging, etc. I just feel weird trying to convey certain emotions without them so yeah)

“But why would I want to be a warrior? I get to make sure everyone is healthy and strong, you wouldn’t be able to be a warrior long without a medicine cat” Brightpaw argued after his brother, Minnowpaw, had said that being a med cat was boring and being a warrior was much better.

“Yeah but you have to be around stinky herbs all day” Minnowpaw said as he stuck his tongue out at his brother making him huff.

“Well those ‘stinky herbs’ make sure warrior’s wounds don’t get infected or get worse” Brightpaw said though he stuck his tongue out at Minnowpaw too.

“Are you kits fighting again over there?” Firetooth called from the medicine den makinng the two freeze before speaking a unanmous “No!” before staring at each other.

“Well I’m gonna go learn to battle and be strong while you sort herbs” Minnowpaw puffed up with pride making Brightpaw roll his eyes.

“Yeah alright, and when you get hurt I get to tell you  I told you so” Brightpaw said making Minnowpaw stick his tongue out again before darting off to Tigershine, as Hawkkit and Bearkit could eat fresh kill now, to train.

Firetooth just shook his head at the young cats antics before reminding Brightpaw of what herbs did what.


Paleear had started talking to Sunstorm as not having Tigershine to talk to made him realize he only had 1 friend here and having more wouldn’t hurt.

“I just wish I handled it better” Paleear said making Sunstorm groan before speaking up.

“I know, believe me you’ve told me. But what’s done is done and you can’t change it, you have to accept it or you’ll never find someone who loves you back and will push everyone away” Sunstorm had been trying to be patient but it seems to be at least 70-80% of what he talks about and she’s tired of it now.

“You’re right but I don’t know how to get over her” Paleear sighed making Sunstorm think before having an idea.

“You could be mates with someone else” She suggested making Paleear’s whip towards her.

“How would that help?!” He said with complete confusion.

“You may fall in love with them instead or it will at least distract you for a while” Sunstorm said, she’d done it before and it helped her a lot.

Paleear gave it some thought for some time before speaking.

“Would you be fine with me being your mate for now than?” Paleear asked making Sunstorm smile, well this went exactly like she hoped, she had issues confessing but maybe he would fall in love with her instead of thinking of Tigershine all the time.

“Well of course, I suggested it so I don’t mind” Sunstorm replied.

“Well thank you” Paleear said making Sunstorm look at him.

“You’re welcome” She chirped.

(I swear it wasn’t meant to be like 90% romance drama but alas-)(Also forgot this screenshot-)



Paleear was kind of keeping an eye on Hawkkit and Bearkit as even if he didn’t like the fact they were living proof of his missed chance he wasn’t going to let kits go running around unsupervised and every other cat was busy with hunting or something else, like the patrol he sent Twigtalon on a little bit ago.

He flinched as he heard pawsteps, bearyena pawsteps. He shot up and rushed at the bearyena and he must’ve surprised it as it flinched before snarling and launching itself at him. He dodged and sliced at it’s exposed stomach as it jumped over him. The bearyena snarled and then turned around which confused Paleear until he saw the terrified kits.

Paleear snarled and launched himself at its face making to try and claw at him instead and gave the kits a chance to run and hide. The bearyena managed to slice him across his tail, leaving deep scratches that would have to be tended to by the medicine cat and apprentice. But after enough clawing the bearyena fell to the ground, dead. Paleear was a bit alarmed at seeing a bearyena cub run off and mentally noted to put out more patrols just in case.

But right now he had other issues.

“Let’s go see Firetooth you two” He said making the kits emerge from hiding and follow him to the medicine cat den.

“What happened?” Firetooth asked as he and Brightpaw ushered him into the medicine cat den and into a nest.

“A bearyena tried to attack those two” Paleear said as he looked at the 2 kits that Brightpaw was entertaining so they didn’t run off by themselves.

“I see, these scars will be permanant” Firetooth said as he cleaned the wound. “Brightpaw fetch the healing fruit flowers!” He said making Brightpaw give the kits a small ball of moss to play with before running to grab them.

“Will I be able to go back to my duties?” Paleear asked a bit worried about that.

“Hm, rest until next sunhigh here but seeing as it is just your tail you should be fine as long as you don’t hurt it further” Firetooth said before chewing up the blossoms and applying them to the wound.

“Alright thank you” Paleear said making Firetooth nod before checking over the kits for injuries in case, but there were none thankfully.


Paleear was shocked when Sunstorm said she was pregnant, Paleear didn’t want kits with anyone but Tigershine but when they were born he realized he wouldn’t be the cat to abandon his kits because of his own mistakes.

“I’ll name her Bigkit” Sunstorm said as she looked at the fluffier of the two kits. “She’s just as fluffy as you are” She slightly laughed as she looked at Bigkit.

“Yeah she does” Paleear agreed, she was just as fluffy as him. “I’ll name him Goldenkit than” Paleear said as he looked at the smaller kit.

“Wow creative” Sunstorm said making him roll his eyes.

“At least I didn’t name him smallkit or something” Paleear responded.

“I hope they’ll be healthy and strong” Firetooth said to the two before checking the kits again, being relieved that they were all born healthy.


Hawkkit and Bearkit had now been renamed Hawkpaw and Bearpaw.

“I can’t believe you get to be mentored by the leader” Hawkpaw said as he looked at his sister who was pacing enough that he was shocked there was grass left on the ground.

“Me either, he said he saw potential but I’m skittish and nervous so I don’t get it” Bearpaw said as her tail twitched anxiously.

“Well maybe he means that you’ll become a super strong warrior!” Hawkpaw said excited for Bearpaw.

“You still get to be trained by the deputy though so you will too than” Bearpaw said as she looked at her brother.

“Yeah but I-” Hawkpaw was interuppted by Paleear shouting his name. “Well guess it’s training time” Hawkpaw said before turning around and running off to his mentor.


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Not a normal update but I've decided that from now on in my warrior cat like challenges These will be the uses of the herbs and stuff!


Healing fruit flowers: For preventing infections in wounds.

Healing fruit leaves: For lessening pain and making cats sleep easier.

Healing fruit stems: For stopping milk production in cats.

Healing fruit fruits: Emergency for life or death, rots quickly once plucked meaning you must be close to one to use it.

Healing fruit roots: For stomach aches.

Poisonous berry bush roots: For making cats throw up something bad in their system.

Berry bush leaves: For strength for journeys or if a sick cat feels very weak.

Berry bush roots: For helping ease sickness and making it less painful and not get worse as fast.

Poisonous berry bush leaves: For helping heal cats of sickness (A bit ironic but listen only the berries and stems themselves are dangerous for them)

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