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Lioden challenge(?)

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i am once again restarting with a new game sorry

Apologies for my absence, I've moved overseas and have been settling in! While I've been getting used to the UK, I've picked up Lioden, and I think the rules of Lioden would be really fun to put in a Niche setting. Idk if someone has done this idea already, my apologies if they have!

Lion personalities will be noted by Gem colors, which will have a factor in lion compatibility similar to the game. However, personalities are not an end-all, be-all; for instance, all "evil" lions won't end up killing pridemates and all "good" lions won't be invariably great people. Colors will be as follows:
Good Kind Neutral Snarky Evil

I tried to measure nicheling lifespans close to Lioden lifespans; life cycle will be as follows. 1 niche day = approx. 2 lioden days.
Baby - 1 Days
Child - 4 Days
Teen - 5 Days
Adult - 100 days
Lionesses can also only breed once every 10 days, after their teens have grown into adults, to prevent overbreeding in the pride and the consumption of pride resources. 
Enemy damage is 5 days, Hunger damage is 10. Environment is 5, healing is 5. To also prevent overpopulation and add difficulty, I'm including my warrior cats playthrough possibility of dying of injury/illness/etc. 

There's also no specific naming tradition here, so lions may be named similar to warriors but also may just be named people names.

KING: Male leader of the pride, makes main decisions. Doesn't really hunt, nor do the other males... womp womp. Decides who stays and who goes. Can be challenged by outsiders or even younger males in the pride!! Males can pick berries though :) A lion can retire starting at 90 days, but may or may not.
LIONESSES:  Hunt, provide, and raise the cubs. In my lore, the king usually picks a favorite lioness to act as queen and speak for the lionesses. This lioness also acts as the broodmother and can guard cubs. Lionesses stop breeding after 95 days.
SUBMALES: Suboordinate males of the pride, usually either sons of the king or males accepted into the pride to serve under the king by protecting and just kind of hanging out.
YOUTHS: Cubs & Adolescents. Baby nichelings stick close to their mothers and child nichelings stay within the pride to hang out with the lionesses and king. Cubs are trained and played with by the king and lionesses, and adolescents can assist in hunting. Upon reaching adulthood, young lions can leave or choose to stay if the king lets them.
ROGUES: My version of lioden hybrids for lionesses to occasionally have flings with and get new blood in the pride!

There's no real "winning" to the challenge, just having fun and making lore!


The pride begins with just our young king, a bright yellow young lion with brown spots. Let's call him... Windkeeper! King Windkeeper. Thanks to RNG, our male has a patient personality and is therefore in the Kind moral alignment. 

So, being a young king in a new land, the first thing Windkeeper thinks is how hungry he is! While he wants to foster a prosperous pride, he thinks lionesses can wait until he gets something for dinner. The problem is Windkeeper can't... really... hunt all that well. So he eats roots. And berries. Alas.

Windkeeper wanders on his lonesome around the territory, collecting food and nesting material for future lionesses. Most lions would be impatient by now, but Windkeeper can wait; he wants the perfect lioness to start his pride with.

And finally, after many moons, his lioness arrives! Though.. she's a bit more rough than he imagined his first pride member would be. He approaches her in the tall grass, and the lioness crouches low, extending her claws.
"I'm not going to hurt you," he says gently and quietly. "My name's Windkeeper. I'm a king trying to start a pride."
"Some king without a pride," sighs the lioness. "But whatever. I need a place to stay." Her eyes are cold and emotionless as she speaks, as if she has no twinge of embarrassment or regret speaking so sharply to a stranger in this way. "I'm Skytalon." Her fur is golden, and her eyes are black and beady.


Soon after joining his pride, Skytalon becomes pregnant with a cub.
"I'm surprised you have all this nesting material already," the lioness comments as she curls up in a nest Windkeeper prepared. "You been looking for pride members for a while, huh?"
Windkeeper flattens his ears and grins. "Yes. I was delighted to finally find someone like you." 
Skytalon doesn't respond, but she tries to muster a smile. She looks around the den.

"All your food seems to be..."
"Berries," Windkeeper finishes, embarrassed. "I'm.. not really quite the hunter."
"...I see."
Windkeeper comes to lay beside her, curiously looking at her belly. He wonders what kind of cub will be born- will it look like him, or her? He hopes it will act like him, at least....

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CHAPTER 2, DAY 42 (yes Windkeeper was looking for a lioness for a long time)

After three almost agonizing months of waiting, Skytalon calls Windkeeper into the den one evening. Windkeeper rushes in to find the lioness curled up around a bright yellow cub- a female.
"I think we should call her something beautiful. She's a beautiful cub, and the first of this pride," says Skytalon assertively. "How about Raltikka?"
"That's a lovely name," purrs Windkeeper. "Raltikka, princess of the savannah." He smiles.

Windkeeper begins bonding with his daughter, training her and taking her on strolls through the territory. She's much easier to get along with than her mother, he thinks to himself. Raltikka is charismatic and skilled at talking to other lions, and can even melt her mother's cold personality sometimes.

Raltikka slowly improves at training alongside her father, becoming rather skilled at pouncing and chasing but still needing improvement in fighting. Windkeeper quietly worries that she won't be able to defend herself when she's older.

Raltikka quickly grows into an adolescent, and Windkeeper watches his daughter with pride as she runs alongside her mother.

A lone white lioness, too old to breed, traces alongside the borders of the savannah, but is stopped by Skytalon, who kills her. Raltikka is shocked at her mother's behavior- it seems as if she moved in a flash to take down the lioness and she was down in no time.
"We could have just asked her to leave," says Raltikka quietly.
"Loners like that have no desire to be of any use in a pride," asserts Skytalon, lashing her tail. She looks her daughter straight in the eyes. "We're here to protect our pride's resources, Raltikka. Don't let just any lion come into the pride and take what your father and I work for."

Raltikka nods, but she feels uneasy and goes to sit with her father.
"Don't you think Mom's a little... I don't know..." Raltikka looks down at the dust. "Cold?"
Windkeeper smiles sympathetically. "She just wants to protect our pride, Raltikka."
Raltikka doesn't mention what she saw Skytalon do at the border, and simply shrugs. "I guess so."

Raltikka is out hunting one day when she is confronted by two large hyenas, foaming at the mouth. Flattening her ears, she calls for help. Windkeeper and Skytalon run to her aid. Skytalon charges at the hyenas first, leaping with all of her might to defend her daughter. The larger of the hyenas turns and targets the older lioness, tackling her. Windkeeper and Raltikka manage to get her free, but by the time it's over, Skytalon has a broken leg and her right eye has been robbed of its vision and she has a deep scar running over her face.

"She won't be able to hunt for a while," says Windkeeper gravely. He looks at his daughter. "Raltikka, you're doing to have to be the leader of the hunt for now."
Skytalon becomes cold and bitter at her new injury. 
"Mom, I'm happy to practice hunting with you again-" she starts, but is only met with a snarl and a swipe from Skytalon."
"Don't you have hunting to do?" Skytalon hisses coldly. Raltikka flattens her ears and pads out of the cave.

Raltikka makes her first successful kill by herself, proudly bringing home a small antelope to her father and mother. Windkeeper is much more impressed than Skytalon.

Skytalon soon announces that she is pregnant again, and Raltikka notices a slight change in her mother- she seems at least that she has something to look forward to now that she will be having another cub, but Raltikka sticks to interacting with her father, who she has always gotten along with better.
"I'm sort of excited to have a new cub in the family," she says to her father. Windkeeper smiles. "Are you hoping for a lion or lioness?"
"I'll be grateful for whatever the heavens gift me with," purrs Windkeeper. He looks over to his daughter and smiles. "How about you?"
"I want a lion," says the young lioness. "I think meeting an heir to the throne soon would be lovely."

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Raltikka becomes pretty good at hunting by herself- arguably better of a hunter than her mother was.
Meanwhile, Skytalon gives birth to a son- much to the delight of Raltikka and Windkeeper.

"The new king of the pride," Raltikka says excitedly. "And he's my brother!"
"We'll call him Startail," declares Windkeeper. He feels his chest burst with pride at the sight of the small cub before him- one day, he thinks to himself, his cub would take his place as king of the pride if the heavens thought it right. He (carefully) curls up beside Skytalon to press his nose to the cub.


Windkeeper teaches his son all he can think of about leading a pride.
"One day, Startail," Windkeeper sits beside his son, "You're going to rule this pride- but it'll be much bigger than it is now. Pride members and cubs of your own! I'm putting it in your very paws to treat them all with respect and honesty."
The cub looks at his own little paws as if the pride was a physical object to hold. "I promise I'll be an honest king, Dad."

Startail becomes a quick and talented lion, but Windkeeper still worries about his strength in battle similar to Raltikka.

Skytalon, who has spent her time resting in the den with her new cub, contracts pneumonia in the wet season due to her inactivity. 

Startail grows into an adolescent, and begins to develop a slightly fuller mane and larger muscles. Raltikka enjoys playing with her brother, but while kind, he's pretty blunt, and Raltikka isn't sure how to respond to him sometimes. She thinks he must get it from Skytalon.

Skytalon dies of her illness, leaving her cubs and Windkeeper behind. Startail seems more upset than the other pride members.

The three lions wander the territory for a while, looking for new potential pride members.

Finally, after what seems like forever, they encounter a pretty young lioness, seemingly having just left her birth pride. Before Windrunner can approach her, the red-pelted lioness struts proudly into the territory.
"Who's the king of this here pride?!" she challenges. Windrunner flattens his ears, stepping forward.
"It's me," he says.
"I'm looking for a pride!" she declares. "I am Bluffleap!" she ruffles her body, flaunting her pelt. "Do you take my offer or no?"
"...You can join us," says Windrunner. Bluffleap makes her place in the pride, annoying Windrunner and Startail- howeber, Raltikka takes a liking to her.

Soon after, Windrunner takes Startail aside.
"Startail, I need to speak with you." he smiles. Startail follows his father out into the tall grass.
"I'm retiring, Startail. I'm going to be joining the heavens soon, and I want you to take over this pride."
"What? Dad, you can't-"
"You already have a nice queen there for you."
Startail flattens his ears. "But Bluffleap-"
"It's true she can work on her manners, but between her and your sister, the three of you can build a greater pride than I was able to make. I believe in you, son." He presses his muzzle into Startail's mane. "And one last thing- get out of this territory. Make a name for youself in a new land. It's cramped around here, and you guys need to grow." he smiles, giving Startail one last look. "I'm going to say goodbye to Raltikka."

And just like that, Windrunner is gone. Startail is the new king of the Windrunner pride.

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Startail sits with Raltikka and Bluffleap and tries to collaborate with them on where the pride should go. They unanimously decide to head eastward. On the journey to the eastern territory, Bluffleap announces that she is pregnant. Raltikka is surprised.
"I can't believe you two are getting along. You seem to not be able to stand each other," laughs Raltikka.
"It's not that. She's just a bit... overstimulating. Loud." Startail flattens his ears as far ahead of them, Bluffleap lets out a roar and delights at watching the wildlife around them run away.
"I think there's more to her than you think," purrs Raltikka. "She's funny. And great to hunt alongside!"

The pride arrives in their new land, and Bluffleap demands that they stop so she can make a nest to give birth. Bluffleap gives birth promptly, and Startail's ears prick forward when Raltikka calls him into the den. "It's a son, Startail!"
Startail curiously pads into the den, meeting his potential heir. The cub is a ginger-brown color with dark black mane. It doesn't quite look like him, but the cub's spots remind him of his father.
"We'll call him Thunderglade," says Startail. "A wonderful heir to the Windrunner throne." he licks his cub gently.

Raltikka is delighted to have a nephew, and licks the cub affectionately. "I want to help train him, Startail. I'll teach him everything I know!"
Startail smiles at his sister. "Sure."

An old rogue comes to challenge Startail, but Startail convinces him to peacefully leave pride territory.

Meanwhile, a hyena group once again attacks the pride. One of them leaps upon Startail, damaging his back leg and his back. Startail lets out an enraged roar, and Raltikka's mind is filled with memories of when her mother was attacked by a hyena. She won't let that happen again. She charges at the hyena, taking it down. Startail is left with scars and has to rest for a few days, but he will recover- Raltikka helps tend to her brother's wounds.

Thunderglade grows into a young adult lion- he is not kind like his father, but isn't cold like Skytalon was. He is simply rather reserved and aloof, and only Raltikka's conversational skills can get him to really open up.

Soon after Thunderglade grows into adulthood, Bluffleap announces that she is pregnant again.

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Raltikka wakes up King Startail one morning, jabbing a paw into her brother's side. The lion lets out a lazy growl and opens one eye to his sister. Raltikka leans in close.
"Bluffleap had her cub," she purrs. "They're waiting for you in the nursery den."

Startail leaps to his feet, flicking his tail and fully awake now. He lopes over to the den curiously where Bluffleap and Thunderglade are curiously eyeing Startail and Bluffleap's new cub.
"A girl!" declares Bluffleap. She licks the cub and it raises its head- a bright orange lioness, covered in dark spots like Thunderglade.
"She's perfect," purrs out Startail. He nudges the cub. "We'll call her Flame."

Flame becomes the favorite cub of Startail, and the two spend more time together. She develops a kind and gentle personality like her father's. Thunderglade consequently spends more time with his mother and with Raltikka, especially Raltikka.

"You've always been easier to talk to than my parents," Thunderglade confesses to the yellow lioness, opening up for once. "There's always been this weird tension between them. It's like they try to get me to take sides between the two of them." He twitches an ear.
Raltikka smiles. "I know what it's like to have a distant mother, and I don't want the tension between your parents to make you miss out on the love of a supportive family. I don't want you to feel alone like I did." Though only middle aged, the lioness speaks like a wise old woman.
"Do you still feel alone?"
Raltikka thinks for a moment. "I find my companionship in supporting those I love. I stood by my father during his reign. I've stood by Startail during his, when Dad died. And I want to stand by you. I have no children, Thunderglade. I consider you the closest thing to a son I have." She smiles.

Startail begins to train Flame at a young age, and is immediately impressed at her skill past any pride member he's seen. He gets even more impressed as she grows into an adolescent.
"She's strong," he tells Raltikka one day. "Impressively strong. She's going to be a spectacular hunter one day," he comments. 
"You're doing Dad proud," says Raltikka. "You're making this pride even stronger. I know he's happy somewhere."

Flame makes her first kill on her own as an adolescent, proudly bringing it home to her pride members.
"Well done!" hums Startail, nuzzling his daughter. "This'll almost feed the whole pride!"

Flame soon grows into an adult, leaving five adult members of the pride.
(Left to right: Startail, Raltikka, Flame, Thunderglade, Bluffleap)

Bluffleap once again becomes pregnant soon after Flame grows into an adult. Startail hopes that she has another strong hunter or fighter for the pride.
"I do hope a new lioness comes around soon," Startail confesses to Raltikka one afternoon by the watering hole. "I'm happy with our pride, but we need fresh blood for when Thunderglade takes his place as king."
"You have plenty of time," shrugs Raltikka. "I wouldn't worry about it. You're still young, Startail."

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To the pride's surprise, Bluffleap has another son- this one looks a lot like Startail, but with a more reddish tint to his pelt. 
"I didn't quite consider this," he says to Raltikka. "What if he and Thunderglade challenge each other as heirs one day?" he flattens his ears.
"Maybe they'll grow up and be friends like we did," says Raltikka, nudging Startail encouragingly. "Lighten up, Startail."
Startail smiles weakly, but thinks to himself that the only reason that he and Raltikka got along so well was that she wasn't a potential heir... who knows what his sons will do when he dies? He casts a side eye to Thunderglade, laying at the other side of the nursery den with Flame. Would the distant young lion kill his brother for the throne one day? He doesn't think so, but he can never be sure... he shakes his head as if to get rid of the thoughts and looks at his newborn son.
"We should call him Sundash," says Bluffleap matter-of-factly. His pelt is so bright!"

Startail quickly realizes as Sundash grows that Thunderglade is the obvious heir still- Thunderglade has the advantage of size and stealth, while Sundash is much less coordinated and less muscular.

Meanwhile, one day, Raltikka approaches Startail. Her usually warm and bright expression is wrought with worry, and her tail hangs low. 
"Startail... I... I need to talk to you."
Startail tilts his head to the side. "What's wrong, Raltikka?"
"Walk with me," she says. She takes him on a long walk to the territory's edge, away from the rest of the pride. Startail flattens his ears after a long, silent pause.
"So... What is this about, Raltikka? You're my sister. You can tell me anything. You've always been here for me, it's about time I do the same."

Raltikka hangs her head. "I'm pregnant, Startail."
Startail feels his mane stand on end, and he nearly leaps in shock at the news. "What?! With who's cub?!"
Raltikka hangs her head. "I met a passing rogue out on patrol one day. I began meeting him in secret- he was so kind. I'd never been attracted to a lion before, really. And I thought I was going to run away with him. But... I.... I chickened out. I realize this is a betrayal to the pride, and I understand if I'm sent out but-"
Raltikka is interrupted by her brother putting his paw on hers. "I said I'm here for you no matter what, Raltikka. And personally? I'm excited to welcome a new cub to the pride."

Raltikka hangs her head. "But... everyone will know, Startail."
"They'll have to report to em if they have something to say about it. I'm the king."

To make matters even more complicated, a bear hyena attacks the clan. the lions have to team up to fight off the creature. The creature goes for Bluffleap, blinding her. Startail charges at the beast, but it tackles him. 

Flame and Thunderglade charge the creature, killing it, but by then, it's too late. Startail is dead.

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Startail's unexpected death throws the pride into grief. Thunderglade takes over Startail's place in the pride as king, and lets Sundash stay as a subordinate male. Some days later, Raltikka comes into the pride with a newborn cub in her jaws.

"I found her alone," Raltikka lies. She flattens her ears, knowing her brother wouldn't disapprove of her lying to the pride, but she wanted to protect her cub from being discriminated against as the daughter of a rogue. Thankfully, the cub looks different enough from her to where no one would think to call her out about it. "I can raise her." She looks at the cub, smiling. Something in the cub's eyes reminds her of Windrunner. "We'll call her Proudrunner."

Thunderglade is renamed King Thunderglade.

Proudrunner becomes close with Flame, who enjoys teaching her how to hunt. However, she is considered an annoyance by Bluffleap, since she often sneaks up on the blind lioness and pounces on her.

Soon after Startail's death, Flame confides in her mother that she is pregnant by a rogue.
"Are you stupid?" Bluffleap flattens her ears. "You realize that I have to tell your brother this, right? he's the king!"
"Mother, please-" Flame's body language gets tense, and she shrinks. "Y-you can't!"

Crying, Flame runs to Raltikka and explains to her the situation.
"Thunderglade's going to banish me, Raltikka. I don't know what to do, I-..." she hangs her head in despair. "I-"
"I'll talk to him," Raltikka finishes her sentence for her, pressing her muzzle into her niece's side. "If there's anyone Thunderglade will listen to, it's me."

Thunderglade is pacing in his den, and Raltikka can tell Bluffleap has already spoken to him.
"I already know." he flattens his ears. "Raltikka, I can't excuse this. I can't just have my pride interacting with rogue males. That... that could jeopardize everything, Raltikka. I've already lost my father, and now she does this!"

"She lost her father too," Raltikka says, not unkindly. "She's not the only lioness who's ever made this mistake, Thunderglade."
"Name one other lioness you know that's done this. One cub you know that's lived in a happy pride from something like that." His eyes are unsure.

Raltikka smiles, leads the young lion to the entrance of the King's den. "Look out there."
Thunderglade pokes his head out of the den to see Proudrunner, rolling around in the dirt.
"You found her," says Thunderglade. "That doesn't coun-"
"She's mine," says Raltikka. "Daughter of a rogue. I had her just days after Startail's death." The lioness looks over at the young king, overwhelmed in thought. "If you get rid of her, you'd have to get rid of me."

Thunderglade sits beside Raltikka. "I had no idea."
"No one knew except for your father, and I intended to keep it that way. But I can't see you turn your back on your sister like that. Your father was a good lion, Thunderglade, and I'm hoping you'll follow his example. That's all I have to say." She smiles at him and leaves the den.

"Flame stays," Thunderglade announces to the pride that evening. "This is my final word on the matter."


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One day while Flame is resting in her nest awaiting her cub, she hears commotion outside of the nursery. She pokes her nose out to see Thunderglade challenging a new male, one she's never seen before. His pelt is dark, and his mane is light. His eyes are a piercing purple, and he towers over Thunderglade. They are fighting to the death- it's clear that this male intends to take over his pride. Luckily for Thunderglade's thick mane, he is safe, and the male falls after a bloody battle. Thunderglade is miraculously left without scars, as Raltikka tends to his wounds in a motherly manner.

Flame gives birth to her cub- a daughter with a pelt just like Startail's was. Flame names her Ghita. Flame quickly realizes that Ghita isn't like other cubs she's met- she's rather lazy and prefers to sunbathe rather than play, and also has a very cold and aloof personality. This disappoints Flame, since she was really hoping to connect with her daughter. Surprisingly, Bluffleap takes a liking to the cub, and Ghita can often be found sunbathing beside her grandmother.

Meanwhile, Thunderglade is beginning to worry about an heir to take on the throne after his death after his near-death experience with a rogue. He confides in Raltikka about this, and the lioness shrugs.
"You'll find a queen in your own time, Thunderglade."
"But who would take over the throne if something were to happen to me?"
"I think Sundash is an honorable lion," purrs Raltikka. "He might not seem like much physically, but he has a good heart. He reminds me of your father."

Proudrunner grows into a beautiful young lioness with a unique look. She begins spending more time with Gladethunder, and Raltikka is surprised to see the king soften up more than usual around her daughter.

Ghita, meanwhile, grows into an adolescent, and though she lacks motivation, she is impressive when she does hunt (though not on the level of her mother). Flame tries to foster her interest in hunting, saying she's talented, but Ghita only snaps at her. 
"Don't push me," the golden lioness says. "I can decide what I like on my own."

Proudrunner soon announces that she is pregnant with Thunderglade's cub, delighting Raltikka; Raltikka was going to be the grandmother of a possible heir to the throne!

Proudrunner has her cub, and Thunderglade pads into the nursery to meet him.

"He's perfect!" Purrs Flame, proud of her new nephew. She smiles at Proudrunner. "You're going to be a great mother."
"What'll we call him?" Proudrunner turns her head to Thunderglade, who twitches an ear in thought.

"Prince Viron," rumbles Raltikka happily. "He's perfect."
Proudrunner takes to training her son, and notices from a young age how strong and skilled in battle he is.
"You'll be the best king these lands have ever seen," purrs Proudrunner. "I"m so happy that you're my son."
"When will Papa come see me train?" Viron asks, flattening his ears.
"He's... busy pacing the territory," Proudrunner says uncomfortably, but peeks over her son to see Thunderglade's silhouette by the waterhole. She feels a pang in her chest.
"He's always busy," sighs  Viron.

"I wish Thunderglade would spend more time with Viron," she confesses to Flame later.
"He's always like that. I'm surprised he even warmed up to you enough to speak to you. He means well, but he's very..." Flame thinks. "Reserved."
"I don't get it, though. You and Sundash are so friendly, so warm. What's with Thunderglade?"
"Probabably that big king ego," laughs Flame. "But I agree with you. He shouldn't ignore Viron like that, wether he means well or no."

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(Left to right: Bluffleap, Sundash, Raltikka, Ghita, Proudrunner, King Thunderglade, Viron, Flame)

A giant hyena once again attacks the pride. The lionesses work together to take it down along with Gladethunder, and the hyena is slain without bringing harm to the pride.

Viron grows into a full adult young lion, and is a much more sensitive and soft male than his father despite his impressive strength compared to Thunderglade's. Not long after, Proudrunner announces that she is once again pregnant.

Proudrunner gives birth to another son, this one taking after Thunderglade rather than her appearance.
"I'm going to be there for him, even if Dad isn't," Viron says to Proudrunner. "I want him to grow up with a friend."
"We'll call him Shinus," purrs Proudrunner.
"I like him!" Says Sundash, being able to relate with being the younger sibling. "I'll teach him how to climb a tree!"

Shinus is a friendly and sweet cub, and is generally liked by most pride members. He becomes close to Sundash, who acts as his mentor.

While Shinus is growing up, Raltikka dies of old age, and the pride is left to mourn her; especially Thunderglade, who she was especially close to. He mourns alongside Proudrunner for the loss of her mother.

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An illness strikes the pride- Thunderglade dies, as does Bluffleap.
"I can't believe he died so young," Flame says quietly of her brother.
"The heavens have the answer," says Proudrunner, staring down at her paws. She is unable to take her eyes to the body of the king.
"You've got to be proud, though," Flame says through tears, trying to smile at Proudrunner. "Your son's going to be a great king of the pride. And Shinus looks like he's there to support him, too."
Proudrunner looks at her sons- the strong Viron, his fur glistening in the sunlight, and the now fully grown Shinus, leaner but with intimidating teeth and claws.

(Left to Right: Flame, Proudrunner, Viron, Shinus, Ghita, Sundash)

The first thing Viron does is begin roaring about his territory, calling in hopes a new lioness will hear and become one of his pride. Unufortunately, no one responds to the call. He anxiously sits in his den next to Sundash.
"Give it time, Viron," Sundash purrs. "I think that a good lioness is worth the wait rather than rushing into anything. You're really young, and believe me, I know what it's like when a lion and a lioness don't get along." He casts his eyes down to his paws, remembering the dynamic of his mother and father.

After much searching, Viron finally stumbles upon a pretty older lioness with beautiful green eyes, He happily trots over to her as she examines the territory, sniffing the air.

"It's so great to see a new face out here," he starts, flattening his ears. "My name's King Viron. What's your name?"
The lioness looks over to him and smiles politely. "It's nice to see a lion around here so friendly! My name's Keeja." She bows her head graciously.
Despite Sundash's advice to give it time, Viron gets attached to Keeja very quickly, and soon it is announced that she is pregnant.
"Make sure a nest is prepared for her properly," he orders the lionesses.
"I'm glad to see Viron happy," Proudrunner says. "He's been a little gloomy since the death of Thunderglade."

Keeja gives birth to a daughter, with a clay red pelt. She is a quiet cub and barely makes a noise, even when disturbed.
"She's perfect," comments Viron, nearly crying with joy. "Let's call her Mystic."


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Keeja proves that she is not only a good mother but a good hunter, as when she begins hunting alongside the other lionesses her prowess seems to match Flame's.
"You're a grand hunter!" The ginger lioness says while they drag an antelope back to the pride camp, and Keeja smiles.
"Thanks! I've trained for a long time, and have lived by myself for a while too. I've mostly traveled from pride to pride my whole life, so I've learned a variety of techniques."
"Are you planning to move again?" Flame feels a little anxiety in her chest- Viron would be heartbroken if Keeja left. Keeja shakes her head.
"I'm planning on staying here. I'm too old to keep traveling."

Meanwhile, Viron begins training his daughter and is impressed by how strong Mystic is from a young age. 
"She will be a grand hunter for the pride one day," he brags to Keeja. Keeja nuzzles him. 
"I sure hope so. I want her to have a great life here."

A rogue lion challenges Viron, but the king takes him down.

"I'm so glad you're okay," Proudrunner nuzzles her son. "You have to be more careful fighting!"

Mystic grows into a full adult- a quiet, reserved lioness, reminding Viron of how his father was.

Not long after, Keeja announces that she is pregnant again, to Viron's delight. She gives birth to a son with beautiful purple eyes and a dark flaming pelt like his mother.
"We'll call him Venom," says Keeja. "I hope he grows up to be a strong fighter like his father." She presses her muzzle into Viron's.

But as Venom grows, Viron notices his son is rather shy and withdrawn and doesn't enjoy interacting with his pridemates much. He withdraws from his father, often declining to train with him.
"I'm not sure what's wrong with Venom," Viron complains to Proudrunner. "When I was his age, all I wanted was to train with my father. I don't get why he withdraws from me so much." He sets his head down on his paws. "It seems like he doesn't get along with ANYBODY in the pride! What am I to do with my heir like that?"
Proudrunner flattens her ears sympathetically. "Give him time, son."

But time doesn't fix it- Venom dislikes most of the lions in the pride, it seems; he only interacts much with his mother or with Mystic. At least he enjoys his sister's company, Viron thinks to himself- maybe Mystic can train him to be a good fighter. He loses his patience slowly and finally one day when Venom is a teenager, he confronts his son.

"Why don't you want to spend time with me? With most everybody?" He pries while venom lies in a tree one day.
"Because you're too much! Everyone is so touchy-feely," hisses the young lion. "You're so needy. I don't know how mom stands it."
"How do you expect to be king of a pride you can't stand to be around? Sounds like a sorry king to me!" Viron yells, extending his claws with agitation.
"If you're lucky I'll disappear and you'll never see me again. I'll find my own pride. Think about that one." Venom lets out a final snarl and goes to sit by the watering hole. "Don't follow me."

"I'm done dealing with him," Viron says to Mystic. "This is ridiculous."

Sighing, Mystic goes to find her brother, tense by the water. She sits beside him. His fur is still tense, growing mane standing on end.
"I think you'll be a fine king. You're strong. You're smarter than you know." She smiles at him, but Venom is silent.
"If it weren't for you and mom, I'd leave this place."

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2 hours ago, AndromedaTheGalaxyCat said:

Prediction for the story: Venom will go out on his own (maybe with Mystic), find a mate, and create a new pride that might rival Viron's

oooh, that'd be an awesome idea! i might have him leave the pride, depending on other possible heirs. I unfortunately probably wouldn't get to have his new pride in the story if he makes one, it's hard to keep track of two groups' stories!! :3

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14 minutes ago, medicine cat said:

oooh, that'd be an awesome idea! i might have him leave the pride, depending on other possible heirs. I unfortunately probably wouldn't get to have his new pride in the story if he makes one, it's hard to keep track of two groups' stories!! :3

maybe he could rule, but he wouldn't be a good ruler? maybe there could be a revolt? THERE COULD BE ARSON! I LOVE ARSON! /j 

you can do whatever you want imo


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Aside from the grudge between Venom and Viron, the days in the pride pass peacefully- there is plenty of food and nesting material to gather. Proudrunner approaches her son one day.

"Viron, I think you need to make up with Venom."
"I'm not doing it. He hurt me deeply. He treated me just like Dad did."
"You do realize you're being just like Thunderglade by ignoring him, correct?" Proudrunner says gently. Viron growls.
"I... I don't care. He went at me unprovoked. I pray to the heavens I have another son who will be a better heir to the throne."

The (relative) peace in the pride ends when a hyena pack attacks the pride. But the lions work together and no one is harmed taking down their adversaries.

"You're a brilliant fighter, Venom,"  Shinus compliments. The young lion, now an adult, shifts uncomfortably.

Meanwhile, a new lioness joins the pride- A grayish-pelted young female named Mara. 
"What brings a young lioness like you to a new pride?" King Viron asks, Sundash at his side.
"I lost my old pride," the lioness says, a mischievous glint in her eye. Something tells Sundash that the lioness isn't telling the truth.


Keeja dies of old age, and Viron is left alone. He begins spending more time with Mara to forget about it.

Mara enchants Viron, and they begin spending more time together. She soon announces that she is pregnant with a cub, and proudly makes a nest in the warmest part of the nursery den.

"You seem to be distracted," Venom says to Mystic one day, but not in a rude way. "You've been gone a lot. Nobody else in the pride is easy to talk to like you. Where do you go?"
"I've just been... exploring.." Mystic hesitates. Mystic knows that she is pregnant. She met with a rogue after her mother's death as a distraction, and she ended up expecting a cub. She doesn't know what her father will say, or the rest of the pride. But she's not planning to tell anyone.

One night, Mystic is walking around camp and hears Mara crying from the nursery. She goes to investigate and finds Mara guarding something. Once Mara notices her presence, she stiffens and snarls at Mystic. Mystic flattens her ears, but stands firm.
"What are you doing here?"
"You sounded upset. I was doing a night patrol around camp." Mystic steps forward, looking at the object in Mara's paws. It's furry. "Did you give b-"
"I lost it," Mara hisses. She tries to look firm, but fails to hold back tears. "Stillborn. I'm new to this pride, and now all the other lionesses are going to look down on me for losing a litter.
Mystic goes to say something, but thinks. If she can give Mara her cub, no lion will ever know she met with a rogue from outside of the pride.

"...I can get you a cub. Pretend that you are still pregnant."
"What?" Mara sniffles. "Are you crazy? Where do you think you're getting a cub?"
Mystic sighs. "I'm pregnant too, Mara. I haven't told anyone, but if you're willing to take my cub- and care for it- you can have it as your own son."
Mara looks at Mystic, confusion not leaving her face. But she thinks about it, and ultimately accepts the offer.
"No one will ever know."

Mystic joins Mara in the nursery with the excuse she wants to care for Mara, and when Mystic gives birth a few nights later, she gives the cub to Mara to nurse and care for. 
"It's a male- and he's got a flaming red pelt. Are you sure this is believable?" Mara asks.
"Both myself and my brother look that way. My dad's father looked like this, and his brother looks this way too. No one will suspect a thing." Mystic takes the cub and sets it in Mara's paws. The gray lioness averts her gaze, and speaks awkwardly.
"...Thank you."

The next morning when Viron comes to see his new.. "Son", he is overjoyed. Mara lays proudly next to her new cub.
"We'll name him Redstrike," Viron says proudly.

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Chatter forms in the pride of who will be the new heir- Venom or Redstrike. Bets are made of how Redstrike will appear as an adult, and if he'll be as strong as Venom.

But as Redstrike grows, some lions notice some strange things about him- he plays with his prey- still alive- before eating it, and seems to show some pretty severe anger issues. Sundash and Shinus approach Viron about this.
"We're worried about Redstrike," says Sundash, and Shinus nods his head. "Don't you think he's a little... Harsh towards others?"
"I trust Mara is raising him well," Viron says, flicking his tail. "He at least seems INTERESTED in being king, unlike Venom."
"You've been angry about that for a while, Viron..." Shinus says quietly. "Don't you think you should-"
"If he wants to apologize, he can. I'm not worrying about it."

But if anything, Mara seems to encourage Redstrike's behavior.
"You have to learn to intimidate those around you so no one tries anything." Mara circles her cub proudly. "You're meant to be king of the pride, Redstrike. Be sure you remember that."

Flame dies of old age, and the lions of the pride mourn her- especially Proudrunner and Viron, who she often supported in life.

(Left to right: Ghita, Mystic, King Viron, Redstrike, Mara, Venom, Proudrunner, Shinus, Sundash)

Despite the competition for the two to become kings, Redstrike and Venom actually develop a decent friendship. Despite being the younger brother, Redstrike tends to take the lead between the two.

Meanwhile, a new adolescent lioness joins the pride. She lost her pride in a fire.
"What's your name?" Proudrunner asks her.
"My name is Littlejewel," she says quietly with a smile.
"Well Littlejewel, consider me your mother from now on. I'll teach you how to hunt and fight. I've raised many lions- I raised the king!" she smiles.

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Redstrike grows into adulthood, and Mara soon announces that she is pregnant again. Soon after announcing so, Mystic approaches her.
"If I have another cub, Mara, will you include them in your litter?" Mystic asks. "I've met with the same rogue as before."
Mara considers this, smiling. "I like the way you think, Mystic. It'll mean I get prestige in the pride as a mother of many cubs."

"Mystic will help me give birth again, like she did last time," Mara tells her pridemates.

But upon giving birth to her cub, Mystic notices Mara's new son doesn't look much like Viron. Even so, she doesn't say anything, since the two are in the same boat with half-pride blood cubs. Mara lays her cub next to Mystic's, and the two cubs curl up together peacefully. The male is a black lion with a slim build, and the female is a dusty brown lioness with a medium build.

"We'll call them Nightsky and Pantherwhisker," says Mara.
Nightsky and Pantherwhisker grow up very close together, and are the pride and joy of their father. 
"You two are the first twins of the history of Windrunner Pride," purrs the king proudly. Mystic watches her father and feels a pang of guilt at his joy. What if he knew Pantherwhisker wasn't his child?

At the same time, Littlejewel grows into adulthood.

(sorry for a short chapter today, work was very long!)

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