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Lioden challenge(?)

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On 12/31/2022 at 1:29 PM, bannergirl411 said:

On a partially related topic, what is your Lioden id? I started playing years ago cause someone on the forums recomended it to me.

It's ashtober!
Also i promise this playthrough isn't dead, I've just been very busy at work again! 💀  more will come soon!

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Starpelt dies of old age, leaving his daughters, Autumnsnap, Gingerfall, and Autumnclaw without an heir to rule the pride. They decide that they need to leave the current pride territory in hopes to find new blood for the pride.
"I don't care where the pride goes." Gingerfall lays her head down on her paws and shrugs. "I just miss my brother."
"I say we go East," says Robinclaw. "It looks peaceful."
Autumnsnap shrugs and looks at her daughters. "You girls decide."
"We should go West," insists Cobrawish.
"West it is," says Fallblight softly.
"Forget this," says Dragonaura. "I'm finding a king by myself- I'm not competing with all of you."

Robinclaw rolls her eyes as the daughters of Starpelt begin to head west. Gingerfall stops Robinclaw.
"Robinclaw, I won't be coming with you. I'm old. I want to stay here, where my family lived."
"But mother-"
"Go." Gingerfall smiles. "Who knows? You could be the queen of the pride if you show a young king how clever you are."

On their way to the new territory, the lionesses encounter a lone male- older than the lionesses but still a lion with plenty of time to rule.
Robinclaw waits for someone to speak up, but notices the lionesses are all looking to her- since she's the strongest, it seems they depend on her for protection. Sighing, she steps forward.
"And you are?"

"I'm Morningmane," says the lion, bowing his head in a friendly manner. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. What brings you around these parts?"
"Our king died. We're looking for a new ruler."
"To start a new dynasty," Autumnsnap says, raising her head proudly. "Care to join us?"
Morningmane gratefully accepts the offer and joins the lionesses in their journey.

The lions arrive on a new island, and by the time they get there, both Autumnsnap and Robinclaw are expecting cubs.

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"So what do you think of this new king?" Cobrawish asks Fallblight, flicking her tail.
"I wish he'd notice me, to be honest," the lioness says. "But he seems pretty preoccupied with the other members of the pride."
"I'm not so impressed," Cobrawish says, licking her paw. "I think the others only like him in hopes they'll have his heir."
(Left to right: Fallblight, Autumnsnap, Cobrawish, Robinclaw, Morningmane)

Robinclaw and Autumnsnap have their cubs- Autumnsnap has a son, and Robinclaw has a daughter.
"He's destined to be king of the pride one day," purrs Autumnsnap proudly. "I'm naming our son Crouchtail."
"I'm naming my daughter Stormseer." Robinclaw licks the light yellow cub's head gently.

But to Autumnsnap's disappointment, Crouchtail is not the brave prince she hoped for- he is very timid and quiet. She becomes overbearing trying to speak for him in hopes he'll get good treatment in the pride, but it only makes him hide in her shadow more.
At least Crouchtail befriends Stormseer, and the two cubs grow up as close friends. Shrubseer is made over by his half-sister Cobrawish, glad her mother has finally had a son to take over the pride.

Meanwhile, Robinclaw silently hopes she has a son one day. She believes that her offspring can overtake Crouchtail, and since she has the blood of the old dynasty, she can carry on the lineage of the old pride's kings.

Fallblight gets more and more frustrated with Morningmane not noticing her. Finally, she begins patrolling the territory's edges and befriends a rogue male with a dark brown pelt, becoming pregnant. She makes the members of the pride believe that Morningmane is the father and hopes for a cub that looks more like her than the rogue she met with.

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Fallblight gives birth to a female cub, and she thanks the ancestors- the cub looks just like her rather than any rogue, and no member of the pride is any the wiser.
"I'll call her Lotuspaw," says Fallblight.
She is a shy cub, and her quiet nature makes her become fast friends with Crouchtail.
"She has beautiful green eyes," Morningmane says proudly. Fallblight smiles weakly, simply relieved he believes the cub is his.

Crouchtail and Stormseer grow into adults, and soon after Autumnsnap and Robinclaw are both due to have more cubs. There is a tension between the two of them.
"I can tell Robinclaw wants a cub to rule the pride with," growls Autumnsnap lowly to Cobrawish. "It's not fair. You know how long I've wanted a son, Cobrawish. He's Morningmane's firstborn!"
Cobrawish rests her head on her mother. "Don't worry, mother. I'm sure Morningmane will favor him- Crouchtail is his oldest cub, after all."
Even so, Autumnsnap isn't reassured, and she and Robinclaw settle on the opposite sides of the nursery den.

And to Robinclaw's dismay, she has another daughter- a pretty female with a pelt the color of Morningmane's. She loves her daughter, but wishes still she could have an heir. She names her Hopewhisper. 

Meanwhile, Autumsnap has another son- a flaming red lion cub. She names the cub Edgeguard. Robinclaw feels a twinge of dismay at the sight of him- the cub is strong, likely stronger than any cub she'd have with Morningmane. She hopes, at least, that he has a better heart than his mother does.

Despite his potential, Autumnsnap still favors her older son and often ignores Edgeguard. Robinclaw takes pity on Edgeguard and decides to invite him to come play with Hopewhisper, and the three become close.
(Left to right: Autumnsnap, Edgeguard, Morningmane, Crouchtail, Stormseer, Robinclaw, Hopewhisper, Cobrawish, Lotuspaw, Fallblight)

Hopewhisper and Edgeguard grow into adults, and Autumnsnap and Robinclaw once again become pregnant.

More filler characters are born- two more lionesses. Autumnsnap has a sand-colored daughter named Soulhide, and Robinclaw has a bright red daughter named Thunderscale.
Thunderscale is a slow lioness in speed, but she is the strongest lioness ever born into the pride.
there's so many of them help

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Thunderscale and Soulhide grow into adulthood, and the now aged Morningmane has two more cubs due with Autumnsnap and Robinclaw.
"This'll certainly be interesting to see who inherits the throne," Stormseer  mutters to Lotuspaw. "There's so many children of Morningmane it'll be strange to see who takes who's side."

Robinclaw has one more cub- another daughter. She feels a pang of sadness- being an older lioness now, she'll never have an heir to the throne to bring back the old kings' bloodline. This is Morningmane's dynasty for sure now. Even so, she loves her daughters. She looks down at the cub- another bright red female. She names her SKymight.
Skymight is a hyperactive young cub, much to the annoyance of Robinclaw. Hopewhisper dislikes the loud cub, but Stormseer seems to like her.

Then, Autumnsnap has one more daughter as well- a bright red lioness with large ears. She names her Dawnsong. AS Morningmane's youngest daughter, he treasures her, and the two become especially close.
(Left to right: Stormseer, Crouchtail, Lotuspaw, Thunderscale, Hopewhisper, Dawnsong, Soulhide, Edgeguard, Cobrawish, Skymight, Robinclaw, Fallblight, Morningmane)

Finally, Morningmane dies of old age, and it's left to Crouchtail and Edgeguard to debate as to who will be king. It escalates into a battle, but Edgeguard effortlessly kills Crouchtail and takes his place as king. The pride generally accepts him, but a few lions leave after witnessing him kill his brother- even Autumnsnap.
"You killed your own brother," hisses Autumnsnap to Edgeguard. "I'm gone. So is Cobrawish. Lotuspaw and Skymight ar leaving for a new pride too," she hisses.

"You did what you had to do," says Robinclaw, resting her head gently on Edgeguard. "He would've killed you to be king, too. You're the leader of the pride now, King Edgeguard." she smiles in a motherly manner.

(Left to right: Hopewhisper, Thunderscale, Stormseer, Dawnsong, Soulhide, King Edgeguard, Robinclaw, Fallblight)
Dawnsong takes the death of her father harder than most in the pride.
"We're going to get through it together," Fallblight reassures her sister and smiles.

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The pride has gotten a lot less crowded since Edgeguard took his place as king, and he's learning slowly how to handle it. He often goes to Robinclaw, now the oldest lioness in the pride, for advice.

"I hope I can one day find a queen, Robinclaw," Edgeguard confesses. "I don't know what I'm doing here, and I feel like I'm going to let my sisters down."
"If you had let your sisters down, they would've left like your good-for-nothing mother did," Robinclaw says bluntly. "They believe in you, and that's why they're here." she smiles. "All the lions that matter are here, standing beside you."
"Thank you, Robinclaw." Edgeguard smiles. He thinks for a moment. "Either way, I want to move territories. I think we've been on this tiny island for too long."
Robinclaw nods. "Then hold a pride discussion."

(Left to right: Hopewhisper, Thunderscale, Stormseer, Robinclaw, Edgeguard, Dawnsong, Soulhide, Fallblight)

So Edgeguard does- he calls the pride together.
"I've decided it's time for the pride to move," Edgeguard announces. "I want the pride's opinions of where we go. Personally, I'm looking toward the north."
"Why not south? It looks like the path leads towards a more plentiful territory," Robinclaw says softly to the king.
"I say we head East," growls Stormseer. "Looks like a challenge."
"I agree!" says Thunderscale. "We should go east."
"I agree with Edgeguard, personally.. we should go North," pipes up Soulhide.
"Me too," says Dawnsong. "North for me."

Since the pride majority decides on north, that's where the pride heads. But as they prepare to move, Edgeguard notices that Robinclaw isn't preparing.
"Aren't you coming with us, Robinclaw?" Edgeguard asks. The red lioness smiles.
"I'm old, Edgeguard. I've lived my life, and I want to rest here. I'll be joining my ancestors soon, and I think it's better if I stay back here. I've been a part of this pride since before your father was king. I was part of an old dynasty, and I miss my mother. My father."
"You'll be missed dearly," says Edgeguard, nuzzling the older lioness. "I'll take care of your daughters. I promise."

The pride leaves the old island. Thunderscale and Hopewhisker share a tearful goodbye with Robinclaw while Stormseer watches from afar, but does smile at her mother.
"We'll be fine. I promise," says Thunderscale softly.

The pride arrives on the new island, and Edgeguard lets out a mighty roar from a ledge as he claims the territory as his. The lionesses roar back and he looks at each of them, swearing to protect his family.


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The pride wanders around their new territory- a vast, flat, meadowy area- gathering food and nesting material. Edgeguard continues his hunt for a queen. The hunt takes longer than anticipated, unfortunately, and he confides in the aging Fallblight.
"Give it time," the lioness says quietly. "The Heavens will bless you with a good lioness. The Morningmane pride will keep going, one way or another."

Fallblight dies of old age, however, and Edgeguard's hope begins to wane. He grows old and begins to lose hope that he'll ever have an heir. But one day, Dawnsong comes to him in tears.
"Edgeguard, I made a mistake."
"What? What happened?" Edgeguard sits next to his sister.
"I'm going to be having a cub. I fell in love with a rogue for a time, and..." she turns away from him.
"...Dawnsong, it's... It's okay." He presses his muzzle into his sister's shoulder. "Things happen. You did break pride law, but... I'm old, Dawnsong. And I need an heir. If you have a son, I'll be happy to raise him as the next king." He smiles.
"...Really?" Dawnsong pulls back, and Edgeguard nods. "I owe you everything, Edgeguard. Thank you."

Dawnsong has a son indeed, and names him Thickpelt. She raises him to be kind and just, in hopes he'll be an impressive heir for Edgeguard.

Thickpelt and Edgeguard develop a good friendship, and Edgeguard is always honest to him about how he became heir.
"Though you aren't my son, I care for you as if you were," Edgeguard says. "And I expect you to carry on the legacy of the pride as if you were my son. You still have Morningmane's blood running through you."

Stormseer dies of old age, and her sisters mourn her.

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Thickpelt grows into an adult, and Edgeguard looks at his nephew proudly.
"You're going to make a fine king," the old red lion tells him. "You nearly look like you could be my own son."

Dawnsong once again gets pregnant with a rogue's cub, and once again tells Edgeguard. 
"Dawnsong, I care about you, but I don't think continuing to meet with rogues near our territory is a good idea. I am grateful we have Thickpelt, but you can't continue this," says Edgeguard.
Dawnsong flattens her ears. "I was in love with him, Edgeguard."
"Dawnsong, you love this pride, too. We can't protect it with rogue males here." His eyes are kind, but stern. 

Hopewhisper dies of old age, as does Edgeguard, and Dawnsong gives birth shortly after to a daughter. She names her Scarcheek, as the cub is born with a birthmark of a swipe across her right cheek.

"Have some gentleness towards her," Dawnsong asks her son. "She's your sister."
Thickpelt sits down beside the cub. "I'll protect her, mother."

Meanwhile, an illness strikes the pride, killing Thunderscale and Soulhide. This leaves Dawnsong, Scarcheek, and Edgeguard.
"You should look for a queen," advises Dawnsong. "I don't want you to end up like your uncle did."
"I have plenty of time," says Thickpelt.

Dawnsong dies of old age, and Scarcheek grows to adulthood and becomes pregnant by a rogue. She has a son with a ginger pelt, and she names him Mumblepaw. As his name suggests, Mumblepaw is very timid, and Thickpelt worries for his survival as he grows.

Meanwhile, Thickpelt is lucky enough to encounter a pretty lioness- her name is Blackstripes.
"I'd love for you to join my pride," the young lion says.
She looks unsure at first, but figures there's no harm in joining the pride.
"I don't like her," Mumblepaw says quietly to his mother. "She's an outsider."
"We need outsiders to bring fresh blood to the pride," says Scarcheek. "Your father was one, you know."


Blackstripes quickly becomes pregnant, and Thickpelt, charmed by her, asks her to be his queen.
"I... I suppose I could. T...Thank you," Blackstripes says. 

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Blackstripes gives birth to Thickpelt's son- a male with brown eyes like his mother's. She names him Daywing

Thickpelt becomes close with his son and raises him to be a king, in hopes one day Daywing will take over the throne. Mumblepaw is still not impressed.
"Why does he get to be king? I'm stronger," pouts the cub.
"You'll get your chance at being king one day," purrs Scarcheek quietly. "Give yourself time and train hard." 
"But he's so emotional. How can a crybaby like him be considered king material?"
"He's just a cub," says Scarcheek. "Be easy on him, Mumblepaw."

The pride is finally starting to feel complete after most of the old generation died out.


Daywing grows into an adult, and Blackstripe becomes pregnant again.
"I'm so excited to have a sibling," he tells his father. "I want to teach them everything I know."

Blackstripe has a daughter- one that looks a bit like Scarcheek. A loud cub, she paws at and growls for her mother when she can't feel her nearby. She is named Scourgeblossom.

As she grows, Scourgeblossom is rebellious and bold, and often bickers with her mother and with Daywing.
"I don't know how to handle her," the lion says. "I was excited to have a sister, but she's a bit snarky."

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Despite Scourgeblossom's disagreements with her mother and brother, she gets along rather well with Scarcheek- Scarcheek takes joy in teaching her how to hunt. They work well together, since Scourgeblossom is faster but Scarcheek is stronger. Together, they provide plentiful meals for the pride, and Scourgeblossom grows into a powerful adult lioness.
"I like Scourgeblossom," Mumblepaw tells his mother. "She's really smart- and isn't scared to tell other lions off."

Blackstripes becomes pregnant once again.

Scourgeblossom and Mumblepaw grow closer, and after some months pass, Scourgeblossom becomes pregnant with Mumblepaw's cub.
"How are we going to tell the pride?! WHAT do we tell the pride?" Scourgeblossom demands of Mumblepaw, the two of them looking at each other.
"Tell the pride you found the cub alone!" Mumblepaw flattens his ears, panicked. "I don't know, Scourgeblossom. Just pray to the heavens it doesn't look like us."

But Scarcheek gets a little suspicious as Scourgeblossom gets closer to giving birth and doesn't want to hunt as much.
"I just feel... ill recently," Scourgeblossom says, smiling nervously. Scarcheek raises an eyebrow, but shrugs.

Blackstripes gives birth to another daughter with Thickpelt. She has another daughter, with another wild personality- she names her Madgaze.

And to Scourgeblossom's dismay, she has a cub that looks obviously like her. Defeated, she brings the cub to the pride and prepares to face them. Thickpelt approaches her and questions her on the subject. Mumblepaw stops in his tracks, listening anxiously.
"I see you have a cub there. Care to explain?" her father asks her, and she stares at him unblinkingly.
"I had her with a rogue. But if you kick her out, you lose me too," says Scourgeblossom. 
Mumblepaw feels a weight lift off his shoulders. Is Scourgeblossom really taking the fall for him so no one knows they're in a relationship and therefore breaking pride law?
"Her name is Stormsong," says Scourgeblossom.


Madgaze and Stormysong grow up together, and the two become close. 

Once Stormysong grows into adulthood, Scourgeblossom becomes pregnant with another cub with Mumblepaw.
"I'll cover for you," she promises him. The lion smiles.
"I promise one day I'll be king and we won't have to hide anymore. I know the king is supposed to be the only one to have cubs; but I'll take this pride for myself so that we can have cubs for everybody to see." he nuzzles her.
(Left to right: Blackstripes, Daywing, Scourgeblossom, King Thickpelt, Mumblepaw, Scarcheek, Stormysong, Madgaze)

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(Short chapter my apologies)

Scourgeblossom has a second daughter- but this time, the cub looks much more like Mumblepaw. She fears for the cub and for Mumblepaw, worried that her father will notice the resemblance. 
"I'll call her Goldpetal," purrs Scourgeblossom to her father.
"That's fine, Scourgeblossom. But you can't keep meeting with rogues like this." he flattens his ears.

Despite his disapproval, Thickpelt gets attached to his granddaughter and the two become close.

Blackstripes dies of old age, and the pride mourns for her- especially Thickpelt.
"I miss her too," Daywing says, burying his face in his father's mane.
"I don't see myself loving a lioness like I loved her," says Thickpelt solemnly. "Your mother was the only queen for me."


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Goldpetal grows into an adult, and Scourgeblossom decides to have another cub with Mumblepaw.
"I really think we should be careful," Mumblepaw says. "Goldpetal looks a lot like me. What if the next cub does and your father realizes?"
"You need to relax," says Scourgeblossom. "I'll face my father myself before I let him argue with you."
Mumblepaw smiles, but he still shudders the thought of facing the king's claws.

She has a son this time- luckily, he doesn't look too much like Mumblepaw. She names him Quicksight.
"You really need to make her follow pride law," Daywing says to his father, flattening his ears. "Just because Scourgeblossom is your daughter doesn't mean she should be allowed to mate with rogues."
"I'm picking my battles, Daywing," says Thickpelt. "I'm old. I just want to keep all my children near me before I join the ancestors." he sighs.
(Left to right: Stormysong, Madgaze, Daywing, Quicksight, Goldpetal, Scourgeblossom, Thickpelt, Scarcheek, Mumblepaw)

Both Scarcheek and Goldpetal become pregnant by an unnamed rogue, claiming to have found their cubs. Thickpetal is apathetic to this, and simply allows them to bring half-pride cubs. 

Scarcheek and Goldpetal give birth, bringing new blood into the pride. Scarcheek has a son, and names him Sandstripe. Goldpetal has a daughter and names her Dynasty.

FInally, Scourgeblossom has another son- she names him Redback.

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Thickpelt dies of old age, and the pride mourns him.
"I don't see the need to mourn," Madgaze says to Mumblepaw. "He let his lionesses interact with rogues, and it's a surprise they hadn't taken over the pride and killed our cubs by now."
Mumblepaw flattens his ears uncomfortably, not wanting to tell Madgaze he was one of the "rogues" she is complaining about.

With the death of Thickpelt, there are four able-bodied males in the pride to fight for the throne- these are Quicksnarl, Sandstripe, Mumblepaw, and Daywing.
"I think we should discuss this as a group-" Sandstripe begins.
"You say that because you know you're the smallest," Quicksnarl says, approaching the young lion with claws extended.

The four males erupt in battle- Mumblepaw charges Daywing, and Sandstripe and Quicksnarl fight. Daywing is the first to fall, and dies quickly. Quicksnarl takes down Sandstripe, and now it's just Mumblepaw and Quicksnarl.
Scourgeblossom feels the fur on the back of her neck raise in terror as her mate and her son face off.
"Quicksnarl, wait," says Mumblepaw, taking a few steps back. "There's something I need to tell you."
Quicksnarl briefly retracts his claws, staring at the ginger lion.
"I'm your father." the rain beats down on Mumblepaw's face and he nervously eyes the younger, arguably stronger lion. "Your mother mated with a rogue, but the rogue was me. We can work together, Quicksnarl."
"And if I'm king, that only means you'll break pride law by having cubs with my pride," hisses Quicksnarl. Mumblepaw's eyes fill with dread as he realizes what Quicksnarl is saying, and Quicksnarl charges him.

"Quicksnarl, don't!" yells Scourgeblossom, but it's too late- Quicksnarl defeats Mumblepaw in battle. Scourgeblossom lets out an engraged roar at her son, and Redback hides behind his mother. Quicksnarl eyes the cub intimidatingly, but turns away.

Within a week, Redback disappears. Scourgeblossom searches for the cub, but to no avail. But it's Quicksnarl's kingdom now...

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Discussion in the pride stirs about the new king- and the revelation that Mumblepaw was the father of Scourgeblossom's cubs. Goldpetal isn't taking her lineage well. 
"I can't believe your brother did that to your father," Scourgeblossom tells Goldpetal. Goldpetal flattens her ears uncomfortably.
"I can't believe you lied to me about breaking pride law, Mom..." she says softly. "If you don't like it, why are you still in the pride?"
Scourgeblossom sighs and flattens her ears. "If I made this mess I have to be here for the results of it. And I don't know where Redback went."
"Quicksnarl wouldn't do that."
Scourgeblossom looks at her daughter, unconvinced, and sighs. "I don't care if a new lion comes and takes us over at this point. I pray for a new dynasty."

Quicksnarl begins his search for a queen- the lionesses in the pride are either his family or lionesses he's not interested in. Frustrated with the lack of lionesses in the area, he calls a meeting for the pride.
"We're moving islands," he states quickly and firmly. "We're voting on where we're going. I vote North."
"North isn't a bad idea," says Scarcheek. "I say we go North as well."
Scourgeblossom hates to admit it, but her son is right- she agrees on going north.
"I say we go east," argues Stormysong. "I think North looks dangerous- the path alone is enough to kill a pride like ours."
"I couldn't care less about where we go," says Madgaze. Goldpetal and Dynasty shrug as well.
"We're going north then," orders Quicksnarl.

Scarcheek decides not to go, thinking her old age wouldn't let her survive the journey. The lionesses of the pride give her a tender sendoff- especially Goldpetal, who was close with her.
The pride finds themself in a hot oasis...

Quicksnarl's frustration grows as he can't find a lioness to join his pride in the new territory. It's hot and humid, and makes it harder for the lionesses he has to hunt.

A hyena attacks the pride while they're weak from the new environment- Dynasty is given a scar across her neck, and Scourgeblossom earns a scar down the left side of her head.

"I feel like we've angered the ancestors, and that's why we're in a territory like this," Goldpetal says quietly to Dynasty.
"I wouldn't blame the ancestors. I blame Quicksnarl," says Scourgeblossom, tending to Dynasty's wound. "It's HIS decision making."

As if it was an answer to prayer, however, a slightly older but much stronger male enters the pride territory and challenges Quicksnarl. It started as he was caught wandering through pride territory.
"Walk off our territory now and you'll go unharmed," Quicksnarl says. The strange male goes to leave, but as soon as his back is turned, Quicksnarl claws into his back and begins trying to kill him.
Enraged, the strange male lashes his tail and throws Quicksnarl off of him. His pelt is the color of flames, and he takes down Quicksnarl in a flash of teeth, claws, and roars. Bloodied but unharmed, he looks at the lionesses of the pride, hungry and tired, and smiles at them awkwardly. 
"Who are you?" Scourgeblossom asks suspiciously. She has a strange mix of relief and grief in her chest- she loved her son, but he was not fit to be king.
"I'm Flamewing," says the lion, bowing his head. "I... I guess I'm your king now."
"Thank the heavens that you are," says Goldpetal, smiling. "We welcome you."

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