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On 12/21/2022 at 12:45 PM, Fox leaf said:


Ivory barion is a notorious criminal, known and feared by many. She is a whiteish red-grey milky colour with black horns. She can use magma and summon it out of no where and use it to create any hard shape, such as diamonds as arrows or swords. I made up a fact that magma magic is VERY rare. Ivory was born in riverville, a small river-side town. She was only around a year old when there was a storm, and her whole family was kidnapped. The bandit that took them drowned and/or murdered her whole family, except her. The dark swirling river took her and threw her into the roots of a tree that acted like a cage as the entrance was blocked by many piles of sticks and leaves. It had been days and she was almost fully starved to death, when a rescue team had found her. They had been cleaning up the debris that had landed all through the city, so they were lucky to find her alive. Ivory had been in the medical place in Riverville for around a month, just growing into full health again. The nurses said that Ivory had recovered fully and quickly, but Ivory never did. Ivory was always scared and watching the shadows for any sign of danger. The villagers that lived there decided she needed to talk to somebody about her odd depression. She had the help she needed from an elderly griffin that was brown with relaxed green eyes. He helped her through school and many tasks, but Ivory's life got worse. The elderly griffin eventually died of old age before Ivory could fully heal. She became even more disturbed, alert and scared of the world. She wandered out of town through the woods more, claiming that it calmed her, when she finally noticed something. Ivory was starting to smell smoke and fire, and she could sense something was happening. Her claws were dripping a red liquid. She could use lava magic! Ivory was excited and terrified at the same time. How would she handle this? A sudden large weight landed on her back. A dark wizard had come to train her. The dark wizard was named Soulless Grief. Soulless was an extremely dark purple colour with black stripes. She could use venomous magic, which she implemented from her long front fangs. Soulless had curly horns that looked like they could hold a pole, and they were longer than average. The ash-coloured horns had a dark purple flame crawling through the middle, like something was always keeping Soulless alight. Soulless's eyes were like small pools or voids or black holes but purple and only suck in your gaze. This made Ivory curious about her. It had been a while of training, and Ivory was becoming braver, faster and stronger, but also made her think bad thoughts and she was only 3 years old. She had started to steal, and became in league with other dark wizards. Ivory was become stronger and relied more and more of her erupting power. People were getting so terrified of her when she turned 6. The magic council had decided to stop the dark wizards. Ivory was captured and put in jail, but she refused to use the knowledge that Soulless had abandoned her. Ivory melted her cuffs and exploded the prison, so she escaped with several guards on her tail. She eventually found a cave to live in. It had water, food and looks of space and places to do things, not to mention hide. Ivory hadn't seen anyone for two years before she decided to scout around where she was. She ran into Soulless one day and she seemed extremely pleased. They started training again, for another 4 years. Ivory was 12 now, and then something happened. Ivory was leaping silently from tree to tree, like how soulless had taught her, when she heard Soulless talking about Ivory. Soulless had set up a trap for Ivory, in a cave, far away from there. Ivory knew that she had to do something. Soulless had gone looking for Ivory, trying to lure her into a trap. Ivory sprang from a tree, and completely pinned Soulless. Ivory eventually killed Soulless and she was free to do what she wanted. She had started completely destroying many towns for fun and out of anger, when she met someone. There was an abandoned 2 year old griffin. Ivory took him in and trained him how Soulless had trained her. Teaching about how bad the world was.


sheesh i only wanted to know what they look like and a bit of their personality not their entire life story

(seriously if you give me a huge block of text i wont do them and probably won't even read it)

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19 hours ago, BirbMaster2 said:

*brings forth msm army*

Either Ember or Scorch, both if you feel like it


If you do not humanoid then Tiberius 


here's scorch, might do ember and/or tiberius later

i had a lot of fun with her :]


On 12/11/2022 at 9:59 PM, Andromeda_ said:

Andromeda is a cat about the size of a lynx with purple fur that looks like outer space and a scar on her right eye. she has a ton of backstory, so i'll just describe her personality: she has a hard time trusting others but once you get to meet her she is extremely loyal. sometimes its best not to make jokes around her since she might take them seriously and get really mad at you. if something happens to one of her friends she will be upset bc when someone she cares for gets hurt, she blames herself because she wasnt there for them. she is also a bit overprotective.

(i can make it digital it if you want)


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