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Hi, I am TheDave (Also known as The Dave Stream) first I wanted to thank you for reaching out and letting me try the game, it is appreciated and very much my type of game.


I recorded a first try video (have already linked it on twitter and tagged you guys so chances are you have seen it but will post it here too)



What is a first try video and why do I share this with developers? Well, I found that players (and us reviewers) approach games differently than how the developer anticipates, we find new ways of doing and breaking things that the developer never suspected. A first try video seems to be well received by most developers for those reasons, that is why it is un-edited (nothing to do with me being more a reviewer than a video editor .....honest). It often helps to find bugs Surprise Undocumented Features (didn't really find any here except maybe the rotation OCD issue I mention at the end of the video)

Hope it helps!


[*]First and foremost I had planned to do a 20 to 30 minute first try...ended up being an hour! so yes the first sign of a fun game.

[*]Being able to use sensors and hinge joints to make automated drones is very cool, especially given this is just the pre-alpha version/demo?

[*]The editor is very intuitive and I found myself able to use it fully in seconds

[*]One issue though is the rotation in the editor, the mouse wheel should really rotate the part you are holding before placement rather than the part it is attached to, this is more a quality of life suggestion

[*]It would be cool if you could fly back to the ship to escape the mission

[*]there is more suggestions and feedback in the video (sorry just noticed it is 0430 here!)

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