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Far across the ocean, two figures could be seen hopping a path of crumbling stones.

Reaching the edge, the big striped female placed a brown paw on the grass, holding tightly on to the red bundle of spiky fur swinging in her jaws.

A young male hopped next to her, taking a curious, wide-eyed glance around-before shivering and pressing close to his companion.

"Nessa..." He muttered, burying himself against her side. "Its cold..."

Nessa gently set the red baby girl on the grass at her paws, stretching out her wing and wrapping it around the shivering child.

"I know." She replied, slowly scanning the snowy ground ahead of them with an uncertain gaze. "But this is what we have for now. It'll be okay." She sent him what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

He didn't seem very convinced.

Nessa sighed, pulling him closer to her body and tucking Roxi under her tail.

It'll be okay.

She looked at the children.

They'll be okay.


its ya boy Kat Katumai back with another playthrough

this is a combination of me having this idea for a long time and me just REALLY needing a distraction so here i am

pretty small cast of characters this time, its just Nessa, Finni and Roxi-im excited to reveal more about them and their circumstances as time goes on

(also, Nessa isnt their mother. all three are completely unrelated)

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Finni cried out in joy, dashing towards the funny blue berry bush. Roxi waddled after him, curious of what he was doing.

He leaned forward with a big smile on his face, sniffing the berries. They looked different from the ones he was used to, they were a much darker purple and were covered in fuzz, but they didn't smell like anything weird.

Eagerly, he reached out and plucked one off the bush. He was about to pop it into his mouth before it was suddenly smacked out of his paws, and a frantic Nessa was looming over him.

"Don't eat that!"

Finni flinched, shrinking back at her imposing height. Roxi whimpered behind him, seemingly also frightened by the sudden yelling.

"Finni, those are toxic berries!" She took a breath, fur starting to lie flat again. "They're poisonous. They'll kill you."

Finni bristled, leaning around Nessa's large body to look at the bush. Nessa stuck out her wing to block his view.

"But they seemed okay..."

"That doesn't mean that they're safe. Only nichelings with some kind of poison resistance can eat those."

Finni raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "Like Lumi?"

Nessa paused, blinking, before looking back down at him with a somber expression.

"Yeah. Like Lumi."


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"Nessie! Nessie! I found a nest!"

Roxi came bounding out of the grass, still a bit unsteady on her legs. She nearly tumbled over before Nessa grabbed her by the scruff and sat her upright.

"You did? Where?" She asked, shoving away some of the tall grass stalks. Roxi leapt past her, stopping net to a mossy nest and propping her forepaws on the edge with a smile.

"Woah! It's been forever since we've seen one!" Finni chimed in, pushing past Roxi and climbing into the soft bed.

"Hey!" Roxi squeaked indignantly. "That's mine!"

"No it isn't! I'm laying in it!"

"I found it first! Its mine!" She clambered in next to him, pushing with all her strength to try and shove him out. All that accomplished was poking him as her quills puffed up in anger, and him retaliating by kicking at her.

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

Nessa sighed, watching the two argue with an exhaustion she couldn't even describe.

So this is what it's like to have kids. I am so sorry, dad.


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"What happened to the trees?"

Roxi stared curiously at the brown stump, looking over the several splits and lines in the wood.

"I'm not sure." Nessa replied, ears perked up with alertness. She didn't want any predators coming along. "Sometimes trees just get old, and they can't keep themselves up anymore."

"Trees can get old?" Finni chimed in, gnawing on a root he had probably dug up somewhere. Nessa nodded.

"They can get old and die, just like anything else. Anything that lives dies someday."

"What about snow?" 

"Snow isn't alive, Roxi."

"Then why does it move?"

"It comes from the clouds, it's only falling from the sky."

Roxi seemed satisfied with that answer, and spring up on to one of the stumps. She landed graceful...ish-okay not at all.

Her paws could barely keep her steady, and she swayed to the right towards the river. Panicking, Nessa dug her claws into the tree bark and grabbed the child by the back of her neck, pulling her back and dropping her next to Finni.

"Be careful, for Yutu's sake!"

Roxi huffed and rubbed the back of her neck, quills puffed up in irritation. "I just wanted to see the view!"

"You almost fell in the river, stupid." Finni said, extremely unhelpfully.

"I'm not stupid! You're stupid!"

"Am not!"

"Are to-"

"ALRIGHT, ENOUGH." Nessa groaned in exasperation, climbing up the stump. She took a quick scan of the island, eyes landing on a couple of hot springs.

"Alright, there's some warm water over there. The berries and rabbils will probably be that way." Her stern gaze landed on the children. "You two are coming with me, because I don't trust you to not break your own paws while you're alone."

Roxi still seemed annoyed, but Finni perked up, jabbing her in the shoulder and running ahead. "I'll race ya there!"

"Hey!" Roxi said indignantly, quickly jumping to her paws and running after him.

"No, you-dammit!"


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The two children bolted towards the shore, scattering thin layers of snow all over the place. Some of it stuck to Roxi's fur and she shook it out with an annoyed huff.

Nessa finally caught up to them, breathing heavily and shooting them a stern look. "Don't...do...that again. Listen to me...next time...Yutu I need to get some more exercise."

Roxi giggled, while Finni paid her no mind and started digging at the sand, curiously poking the worms that wriggled at his paws.

Nessa sighed, straightening herself. "Alright, I'm going to go look for some food. You two, stay here. I mean it. If you get cold, climb into the hotsprings."

Finni nodded, while Roxi sent her a smile. "Okay Nessie!"



So, with one last stern look, Nessa set off into the grass.

Roxi, already bored, curiously sniffed at a frost-coated berry bush. It looked different than the one by the crossing stones, and she experimentally picked a berry from the leaves and inspected it. She didn't dare put it in her mouth, she had learned her lesson when Finni had done the same thing.

"Hey, Finni?" She called, knowing he had probably seen these before. She couldn't remember a thing about them-if she even knew anything at all. Her memories of the old island were practically nonexistant.

"Are these safe to eat?...Finni?...Finn!"

At the shout of his name, he jolted and turned to her. "What?"

She huffed, irritated. "I was asking you a question."

"Oh, right, uhh..."

"Were you even listening!?"

"Of course I was!" 

"What were you even doing?"

"It's just..." He turned back around, waving a paw at the big clump of ice next to the hotspring. "This thing, I think I can see something in it..."

"What?" She replied, puzzled, and trotted over to him. Squinting her eyes and pressing her face against the ice, she could just make out the shape of something vaguely nicheling shaped.

"...is that a nicheling?"


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