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Place of the forgotten ones - The third era


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1 minute ago, Fox leaf said:

She let out a small howling sound and then all the butterflies climb onto her. She looked like a short rainbow animal

(i just remembered that @Liljatonttu said earlier that there are no living things in the spirit realm. maybe we can say they're just hallucinations?) 

She laughed and swatted some of the butterflies away.

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12 minutes ago, Andromeda_ said:

(i just remembered that @Liljatonttu said earlier that there are no living things in the spirit realm. maybe we can say they're just hallucinations?) 

She laughed and swatted some of the butterflies away.

(ambience insects do exist, but wether they're "real" or "alive" is debatable)

4 minutes ago, Fox leaf said:

I just need a fire..."

(good luck with that lol)

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It was slowly becoming clear to him that whatever this cloudy dream was, he'd be here for a while. Maybe he should clear his head a bit, try to focus and collect his thoughts, if it even was possible. He was trying to get some kind of a picture of his surroundings, but it all looked the same; just dead grass and foggy dark hills all the way to the horizon. No trees, no sounds - except for the humming in his head, no sun, no light, no nothing. It couldn't all be like this. And if there was something else, he had to find it. A worthy goal to pass the time before he could finally wake up.

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~✶✧the Lore dump✧✶~

a.k.a. Lilytuft tries to make sure the house doesn't burn down while she's not home

The rp takes place in a realm where the spirits of dead nichelings go when they're forgotten. The spirits remember nothing from their lives, but may be familiar with basic consepts. They may eventually regain bits of memory through flashbacks, which makes their eyes flash a color that was either their eye color while alive or significant to them in some way. After a memory flash their eyes will be tinted slightly towards that color. It will get brighter with more memories, but may fade over time as things become foggy again. The eyes of nichelings who remember very little have a dim glow, this being especially apparent in lost spirits.

The eyes of others are the only source of both light and color in this place, due to it always being too dark to tell apart the colors of their surroundings. The sky is always covered by thick, dark clouds that seem to go on for forever and the light level is always stuck in a dim twilight, where it's too dark to even see the color of your own paws. It is possibly due to this that nichelings appear as dark silhouettes and despite glowing, their eyes don't actually light up the area much at all. It can be hard to tell them apart from a distance due to them not having a signature scent here. The only changing weather condition is the amount of fog in the air, and spirits may instead find themselves affected by circumstances that don't seem to apply to others, such as odd temperatures or swarms of bugs.

The landscape is mostly dry and barren moorland that goes on seemingly forever. Here and there a dry bush or some thorns can be spotted. A small stream flows down the hills from a small pond and into a swamp. The water is dark and cold, but very clear and scentless, though it gets muddy at the end. The swamp is foggy and has some old trees and reeds. There's a stump somewhere in the middle of it. The ground there is wet and the air is filled with bugs, which provide one of the few sources of sound in this place. It is unknown if the bugs and plants of this place are real/"alive" or just ambience. Some nichelings choose to believe they're real just to ease their loneliness.

If a spirit spends too long wandering by themself, they will become lost. Very little is known of what happens to lost nichelings, but the few that have made it back recall forgetting even basic consepts, losing their sense of self and loss of coherent thought. They're in a state where they're basically mindless husks with only the initiative to wander. Their attention span is very short and they have little to no object permanence. If recovery does happen somehow, the memories they had before getting lost are likely to be gone for good, though it varies based on the time they spent alone.

All this may sound boring, and that's kind of the point. With nothing to do and very little sensory input, nichelings are stuck with their thoughts, and even those can't be taken for granted. This really gets to some spirits, who choose to risk everything they have left just to find something different and end up getting lost. Most prefer to spend their time talking and trying to recall things from their lives.

"The third era" is just the "recorded history" or what is remembered by Guiding. She's not the first nicheling here and it's likely that there have been many groups of nichelings before the first era that had every one of their members get lost. Perhaps there is even another place like this swamp somewhere too far away, where spirits have gathered? Unfortunately, even if such a place existed, one would get lost long before reaching it. Maybe some lost spirits even have found it but never returned? (idk if one exists, I just came up with this while writing this post)

(I hope this helps you all keep the boring nightmare from getting out of hand while I'm gone!)

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