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First of all, due to my life schedule had to put this game on my play later list (I have RDR2 and Star Wars Squadrons barely played) I have finally been able to play this soothing gem. It's like smurfs after a disaster.

I see lots of potentials and since I wasn't here at the previous brainstorming sessions I may repeat some ideas, so sorry for those in advance.

Below I shared my first feedback.

1. https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/14537-resources-delivery-to-warehouse-and-storage/

2. Having a meteorology building to assess the speed of the sand storms, storms, poisonous clouds, blizzards, etc. I will try to add a picture here to explain it better. But as we know, there is a linear line showing the path of all those perilous hazards right? 

So if I knew my Onbu's speed and the speed of the hazard instead of guessing It can be marvelous! I usually try to make my teenager Onbu sit and wait or sleep, but it rebels and sleeps right in the middle of poison clouds :D
Also, meteorology building can grant some harvesting bonuses too?

3. Besides that, I was thinking of flying balloons for trading with other Onbu's & sharing some news(event triggers) about the world. ( I saw later that you are going to implement Flying Merchant, please add rumor spreading attribute)

4. Pirates!  Yes, pirates and marauders...  Our decontaminators are already geared with flamethrowers, we can equip them, or when Hornblower raises the alarm all workers around with fitting age can run to homes or designated small armory huts and equip with relevant gear - (which we will research in the first place for being more efficient)

4.2 Or they will plunder resources and put obligatory tasks to gather specific resources for them as tax for not touching you etc. If we fail to fulfill their request we have trouble etc.
4.3 Or we will make small kite surfers and have air struggle, it's up to the fantasy theme and imagination of the world you are creating.

5. Search for better masks and improvements for having better stats against poison, currently, hut and cottage provide %20, but with additional masks, we can have 5%, 10%, 15% 20%, etc. Especially for scavengers.
Also, better insulation for homes so better protection, like searching for small upgrades. But still leaving room for the poison to be a strong threat till the end-game phase.

6. Legends and artifacts of the lost world maybe we can be able to construct an airship by gathering pieces, parts, and pieces of blueprints. It will be nice to have airships like flying merchants.

6.1 Here we can have several stuff, like science missions, scavenge missions, search & rescue missions, diplomacy, and help others mission for the airship and its crew. So each mission will have its own material requirement. Each departure will provide some minor bonuses and benefits. And each return will provide those + rumors or a report (some pirates will be renegades of those missions etc, for a storytelling perspective). Totally random & sandbox

**.Mid, Mid-Late Game possible scenarios: finding a medicine or cure for the poisonous nature. Searching them, having alliances or relations with some Onbu's, and trying to reach them by balloon. Or bird messengers...

* Each Onbu settlement can be a remanent of former kingdoms etc. So you can add different perks and relationship outcomes.

* So late goal can be finding a cure and trying to start healing mother nature... And helping humankind as well, like being the heroes or heroines of Ghibli Studio saga


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Just seen the Trader Update Test Branch on Steam ^^   Just seen the Trader Update Test Branch on Steam ^^   

Congrats - and I see that you ask for translation assistance. I am trying to keep discord less troublesome for me ( already have a mobile game going on for 3,5 years and I hate the work like feeling and dc chats  lol) .  

I can provide an email in pms, real life phone numbers.

Can assist on Turkish translations.  But if you have some heavy documentation please let me know in advance.  Keep up the good work


Also have you ever considered short comis as prologue? (  https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/Beneath-a-Steel-Sky/Full?id=178789#1


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