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AHVHC except its just everyone watching my nichelings die


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Deimos walks from the port, and finds two twin brothers. 




And Venus. 


She grows her third gem, and becomes fast friends with the twins. 

An old nicheling named Pluto joins the small group. 



Pluto tries to chase Deimos' dodomingo friend away, but Deimos stops her. 

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The group find a pink nicheling named Europa. 



The twins gain their three gems, and the tribe crosses a river. 


Mars mates with Europa and Deimos, 


Accidentally eats from a poison berry bush while trying to destroy it, 

And dies. 


Phobos is born. 


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The tribe is actually going pretty good so far. No bearyena yet. 

We find a red boi called Mercury. 


He's very old. 


A useless child is born. Probably going to sacrifice it to the birbs.


A bearyena attacks (I jinxed it, didn't I) 


Useless child, Venus, and Pluto are sacrificed. (pluto is really old ok) 


The others run. 


I forgot how old Mercury was, so he died. 


Phobos grew two gems, so he can at least run now. 

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We find a super cool wanderer that is literally amazing. Guess what. He has only 6 days of life left (kill me now). 


We're calling him Ganymede.





A bearyena attacks, but we manage to kill it. 


The family is going alright for now. 


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ooh interesting! 

Every time I do an AHVHC playthrough it runs smoothly at first and then Ion (my god of power and bearyenas) decides to curse me and send all the bearyenas on the island to destroy my tribe

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2 hours ago, Andromeda_ said:

also the pain of ending your day in scent mode and seeing a cool/useful wanderer spawn but they immediately die of sickness is so infuriating and i hope you never experience it 😭

Ripppp that sounds painful

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2 hours ago, Peanutpup77 said:

Are you doing names based on the Greek and roman mythologies?

I'm doing names based off of planet and moon names, but the planets and moons are named after the Greek and roman gods, so I guess yeah. 

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Phobos and Callisto mate, and we find a random brown child. I forgot what I named it. And can't go check because it's a week day. A bearyena attacks. 


The tribe kill it, and Callisto has her child and dies. (I forgot what I named it again ughh) 



We find a big ear wnadere with cool genes, but she will die in less than 6 days so we can't have kids with her :(


Deimos gets rouged


The tribe is not dying so far, so that's good 👍👍👍👍👍


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(also quick random story: once i was playing AHVHC and a baby wanderer appeared and i wanted to invite them but he ran off. i followed him and he ended up leading me straight into a bearyena. i ran away and the baby came back and went into the water and i made the mistake of inviting him while he was in the water and they drowned and i wasted my food and time. i want to make that wanderer my god of trickery but i cant remember what his genes were.)

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