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New update: 0.2.0


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New Features
- Full Gamepad Support (+ Steam Deck support currently pending verfication)
- New Autosave System
- Worker Management Window to centrally manage employed workers
- Disable Tool to more quickly disable and enable buildings
- First set of Steam Achievements

New Buildings
- Granary, a larger food storage building
- Onbu Discipliner, a building that, when used, hurts Onbu, but forces it to listen to your commands

- Onbu Spikes are no longer removed using the Harvest tool
- Added Edge scroll 
- Small poison plants are not included by only grown filter anymore
- Harvest tool single click let's you harvest small plants if you hit the floor plate
- Made Harvest and Plantation setting for the Farm more intuitive
- Harvest wood tutorial now tracks harvested wood, not just available wood
- Decontamination and cure poisoned villlagers tutorials show the amount of affected plants/villagers more clearly
- Added Tooltips regarding heartbeat production, dung production and tool usage (compost)
- If you drag open a rectangle for a tool you are no longer stopped if the cursor is out of bounds.
- Tiles with Onbu spikes and fully grown mothertrees are no longer viable for plot placement and thus won't be automatically marked for harvesting
- Many buildings now have back doors, eliminating the need for villagers to walk all the way around them
- Made collider for moving pollenstorms smaller, so it's easier to click in things behind them
- Improved performance on large villages
- Dung Collector workers help transport dung, don't just stand around idly
- Changed food indicator arrows to amount indicator, and more details about how long the food will last
- Removed focus idle worker and focus idle unemployed worker buttons
- Added focus buildings with idle worker and focus buildings with flags buttons
- All Popups and Windows can now be closed with ESC or right click
- Made it clearer that the tutorial is only available in Novice mode
- Made Novice mode playable without tutorial and with custom difficulty settings
- Added warning flag when crops being planted don't grow
- Improved selection for poison plants 
- Improved destruction from earthquakes, made it more focused on one spot
- Added rebuild cost for destroyed buildings
- Building durability has been refined and is now visible
- Resources gained from deconstruction are now visible once a building has been marked for deconstruction

Visual Improvements
- Fixed visible seam in shadows
- Fixed z-fighting on all buildings
- Added more tree, stone and hut variants
- Update giant tree trunk asset
- Added visual effect to poison plants to improve visibility

- Made it less likely for poison plants to grow on roads
- Raised amount of plots that can be fertilized with 1 compost from 1 to 10
- Increased resource capacity of Onbu Kitchen from 20 to 40
- Reduced energy cost of 'High Digestion' status effect from 150 to 20
- Removed '0% growth speed' temperature condition from plants
- Reduced length of short cold snap
- Onbu Pet command now requires knowledge points

- Fixed Issue where no audio was played during the intro on Linux
- Fixed broken log message when a worker died on a mission
- Fixed fully grown filter ignored when loading a save file
- Shortcut [2] for faster toggles back to 2 if it was on max speed
- Fixed keybinding prompt also closing settings when pressing ESC.
- Fixed bug where log shows Onbu rests instead of Onbu wakes up
- Fixed bug where roads underneath plants could not be removed with tool
- Fixed bug where farmers worked on the wrong field
- Fixed stretched scavenging decision reward UI
- Fixed research popup appearing when no research was selectable
- Fixed bug where the percentage on progress bar was displayed wrong in arabic
- Fixed waypoint tutorial not registering as completed when a decision has already been made in advance
- Fixed knowledge tutorial not registering as completed when the gained knowledge was immediately used by queued research
- Fixed activating dung collector after Onbu had pooped and still receiving dung
- Fixed bug where preselected scavenging decisions lead to unwanted behavior
- Fixed mismatch between building regions

Known Issues
- The onscreen keyboard only works in Steam big picture mode or on the Steamdeck. Otherwhise you'll need a keyboard to enter text.
- Some texts are not yet fully translated, please join our Discord if you want to help with that.

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