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Ask my ocs questions: My Singing Monsters edition


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Like any other ask my ocs topics but msm




-Former collisingum fighter

-Got her cracked beak not from a cool reason, but by running into a wall as a child



-Gwen’s adopted sister 

-Overconfident and very very extroverted

-According to a Gwendolyn chatbot, Pandora is building an army so we should all run



-Pfp on both my accounts

-Backstory complete in my head but yet to be revealed

-Definitely doesn’t have a crush on Scorch

-A bit like a slow website. Nobody pays attention because she takes a while to open up, but is indeed awesome



-Rather popular, due to her very nature of being an epic variant. Doesn’t like it as much as she pretends to.

-Completely oblivious to what was NOT mentioned above 

-Everything else wip and coming soon



-Self proclaimed leader of fire haven. Retired now. Position still vacant, does anyone here wanna rule an island inside a volcano????

-Stubborn grumpyface

-Too old for this



-This Strombonin been stuck on Earth for 15 years help him

-Lost his Strombone can no longer music :[

-Seems grumpy but actually a softie who wants to go home


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9 minutes ago, lizardcake said:

to all:

if, say, there suddenly appeared a flying pancake what would you do?

Pandora: “Catch and eat the pancake!”

Gwendolyn: “Take Pandora’s pancake,”

Ember: “How high is this pancake exactly? Will I reach it? I’m short and only have one fully working arm,”

Scorch: “Honestly, considering how I’m treated, someone’s gonna get that pancake. Uh, I can cook more!”

Tiberius: *Angrily swats pancake* *falls over*

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14 hours ago, piece of bread said:

to all:

how frequently would you do a crime

Gwendolyn: "I'd murder 1000 people if I had to. Also Pandora is committing crimes, she's raising an army!"

Pandora: "No, Gwen, I'm not a criminal. I'm not raising an army, fluffbrain,"

Ember: "PROBABLY not. PROBABLY no crimes. I PROBABLY won't evaporate anyone!"

Scorch: "Nope. Also is anyone noticing that these humans can speak to us??? That shouldn't be happening!"

Tiberius: "I already ha- wait no!"

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32 minutes ago, -Deleted- said:

To all, What do yall think of each other?

On a quick note... Not all of them have met eachother, because they live in completley different parts of the MSM world

Gwen and Pandora obviously have and same with Scorch and Ember, and Tiberius ruled the same island Scorch and Ember live on so they've sort of met. 


Cold Island

Pandora: "I try to be nice to Gwen, she's my sister. But I have to admit, she is a little rude at times. But I try,"

Gwendolyn: "How in the... why the heck are you in my room??? Get out before I send you into the Thumpieverse!"


Fire Haven

Ember: "Scorch is... cool. As for Tiberius, he was already ruling when I moved here. I was rather suprised, Fire Haven was the only island with an official ruler before we finally persuaded him to retire. He was a good leader. He understood why I came, and helped me,"

Scorch: "Ember is quite nice. Really nervous whenever I talk to her though. As for Tiberius, I was one of the monsters who were begging him to retire. It took a year. He was very stubborn, but we all knew he needed to. He actually didn't like me when I was a child. Being important was the most important thing to him, and when I was born and he wasn't the only epic on the island anymore, he wasn't pleased. But he's finnally come to terms since then,"

Tiberius: "Scorch, you didn't push me to retire. I did at my own accord! I swear! I really did!"

In the human world for some reason

Hermit: "What in the Collossal's name, I've never seen these guys in my life!"

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45 minutes ago, Andromeda_ said:

Question to all: What do you think of cats? 

(Sadly, only Hermit can answer that, since the rest wouldn’t really know what cats are)

Hermit: “Ah, cats! I’ve encountered them in the human town and know the name from the humans talking. They are indeed rather cute. I would love to take one back to my secret den for company, but they are always so terrified of me,”

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16 hours ago, Peanutpup77 said:

Question to Gwen and Pandora: How do you feel about your sibling?

I’m sorry, but “how do you all feel about each other” has been asked and that basically has your answer

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6 minutes ago, lizardcake said:

gwen, how long have you been edgy?

Gwendolyn: Not sure. It’s been a long time, I guess. I won this collar from one of my first battles in the Collisingum, and I just developed my style from there.

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