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Birb's MSM-inspired WoF adopts


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I have no idea what I'm doing anymooooreeee


  • When posting them anywhere, like your homethread, rps, other sites, ect, credit me.
  • Only take one at a time and leave lots for other people
  • Besides that use however, you can join rps as you would normally, draw your character, give them a full bio, ect


Including their in-game descriptions in the adopt for various reasons idk



Fleechwurm as a SilkWing

" In addition to using them to play music, some Monsters take advantage of their unique features and body shapes, and use them for other purposes. In the case of the Fleechwurm, its resonant body cavity can generate a series of whistles that have an unusual hypnotic effect on other Wublins. They can be used to coax others into doing unglamorous chores for it, or to lovingly preen its leaf-like limbs. Some Wublins are more resistant than others, and playfully admonish the Fleechwurm so it doesn't become too mischievous."





Floot Fly as a SkyWing

"Long-believed to be little more than myth, the Monsters were all aflutter to find that this mysterious Magical isn't just make-believe! The Floot Fly's mask holds much more than melodious musings: it also holds the Faerie Elemental's deepest secrets. The best chance to catch this Monster unmasked is during its nightly skinny dip in a tinkling freshet, but that's a sight you simply can't unsee,"



Clackula as a NightWing.


"Dapper Clackula doesn't have a mouth of its own with which to chitter-chatter about its many cultured interests, so the Bone Elemental leaves all the yammering to its loquacious little hands. If only they'd behave! When the lanky gentle-Mon's appendages get too snippy with dinner guests, it delivers the quickest of pin-point pinches to each chatterbox with its dainty fangs. While not enough to cause any pain, it's certainly enough to send a message: keep it classy!"


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