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Advanced farming questions


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I love this game so much!

In what situation is it a good idea to harvest only or plant only? Perhaps the only reason to switch to harvest only mode is when you're in a temperature where there is crop decomposition?

How do you get the farmers to fill up all of the allotted plots? They never seem to do so for me.

Is there any downside to mixing the crops in a given farm? I see some people online talking about disabling farms when they cross between biomes. Is that a better approach than switching the crop when you cross between biomes?

Thank you, wanderers.

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32 minutes ago, HanabiCraft said:

I've never used Plant Only, but I use Harvest Only when I see that I'm about to cross a biome, especially from desert into mountains, to clear the land for the next 'season' of crops. 

Welcome to the forums!

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