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OC raffle/giveaway/adopts !!!!!!! (wowiee !!)


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I’ll make/draw/picrew(for reference maybe, but probably won’t be often) some (probably 1-7)  ocs and you can bet on them with reactions and I’ll chose one person randomly from said reactions, anyone can react and anyone can win :]]], of course reacting is always optional and if you don’t like the batch you can just wait for the next one OR you can vote and if you do get it you can gift it to someone else
also you can request any fandoms or otherwise if you’d like (ex: “can we do objects next?” or “do some rain world ones!!!!”)

production may be slow some weeks bcs I have school and stuff


️you have 4 days to bet on batches, or your submission will not be counted

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3 minutes ago, Gourmand said:

this isnt open yet but you can still make suggestions for fandoms and things here !!!

(just quote this post)


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6 minutes ago, Pancake said:

do you guys want the pre packaged lore or would you prefer to make it yourself

A little bit of lore, so we can have a base to start off and build the rest ourselves 

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On 2/25/2023 at 11:11 PM, Pancake said:

this isnt open yet but you can still make suggestions for fandoms and things here !!!

(just quote this post)


frogs and toads


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1 - Paw up

2 - Eek!

3 - Haha

little lore and factoids

Dust Storm: Very adept to hot and dry climates, can hide in its shell, making them look less appetizing for a hungry lizard or other predator, this shell is also sharp, meaning if a predator does snap its jaws or mandibles around it they’ll get a sharp reminder that the shell is not edible, although some predators are smart or strong enough to get around this shell, either by breaking it open with a strong bite force or tugging the slugcat out with agile hands, one downside to this shell is that it’s very heavy, slowing the scug down quite a bit, this slug can also remove its tail as a defense mechanism, giving something better for the predators to chew on instead of them,

this slug comes from a hot desert tribe, when a rain storm hit and they were swept away in the current, they now must find out how to survive in this new place.


Kusamura: This spiny slug is a calm and peaceful herbivore with a nasty secret, when threatened the Kusamura can eject the spines from its back with such force it can pierce almost any skin, these spines function kind of like Dart maggots, filled with a small dosage of venom able to incapacitate any enemy hit within a few moments, giving the Kusamura ample time to run away or find a hiding spot, the Kusamura can also climb up horizontal surfaces, making escape or travel very easy, one downside to the Kusamura is that it cannot throw spears or eat meat, not unlike the Saint, their tail is also detachable, the Kusamura is able to pull it from its body and throw it like a spear, giving the Kusamura the ability to direct what enemy get hit with the spine, unfortunately, larger creatures are not as affected by this venom and are simply momentarily stunned, and do not worry, the tail will grow back within a few cycles

The Kusamura traveled alone, one day finding another slugcat, they bonded quickly and now travel together, exploring each corner of their world.


Rancor: The Rancor is a very large and dangerous slugcat, at almost the size of a pink lizard and twice as dangerous, the Rancor has a very special ability; the ability to poison others, with a bite or being bitten the Rancor successfully disperses its poison into the body of any unfortunate victim that finds itself at the hands of the Rancor, the Rancor can also craft a very special type of spear; a Poison Spear, using one food pip to Craft this spear the Rancor can now use it as a way of making sure enemies do not get away, wether that be sticking them to the wall or otherwise this spear makes sure they do not escape, this poison is so potent that my small creature that falls victim to the beast that is the Rancor simply perishes and any larger creature has only a few moments before meeting the same fate, The Rancor’s mere size and hostility causes any small creature to flee in terror, and larger creatures try to avoid it, Vultures don’t even bother with it and any lizard prefers not to get too close, the Rancor’s tail is tipped with a spine and blade that can cut flesh and inject venom at striking speed, if you are unlucky enough to brush up against it there’s no telling if you may survive the next few minutes of your life, the Rancor’s diet is comprised entirely of meat, it is unable to eat fruit, and gets nothing from it.

the Rancor is a terrifying creature, one that stakes claim over the lands with a ferocity found in no other of its kind, it hunts down anything it can eat and tears into them with no remorse, it terrifies everything it comes into contact with and gives chase to the things that aren’t afraid, of course, with a reputation this heavy, it has to come at a cost.. right?

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1 minute ago, lizardcake said:

didn't you mix up me and shortcake?


oh shoot I did whoops sorry

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