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forest art comp voting - round seven



16 members have voted

  1. 1. vote for the art you like best!!

    • tako
    • green
    • avster
    • pale (MATTRESS)
    • ozzy (mr. telephone man)
    • yourlocalstranger's sister

This poll is closed to new votes

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in the last round lizardcake was eliminated, so 6 people remain!

quick rules/things idk:

 - if you vote for your own art your vote will not be counted!

- you can vote on this even if you werent in the contest

- once again try to refrain from guilting people into voting for you

- i will post a new round each day at roughly this time! person with the least amount of votes at the end of the round gets eliminated until there is just one person remaining who will be the winner wooo omg

and now the art!!!!!!!





@Artificer -Green-









@Mr. Telephone Man



yourlocalstranger's sister


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4 hours ago, takoyamaaaS said:

😢well POLLy was a genshiner once you dont bully them!!!!!!!! so was pepper

I changed.  you haven't 

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