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yall i went on Amazon again... sigh- help me pick what to buy, ig-

Forg King

help me choose what to buy off of amazon  

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  1. 1. online shopping T~T

    • blue Nintendo Switch case
    • frog hoodie with POCKETS
    • Stefan the shoulder strap frog bag
    • white platform-heeled combat boots
    • Sawyer the baby chick purse
    • giant frog stuffy
    • pack of 600 stickers
    • genderfluid pride flag
  2. 2. Wallets

    • yellow duck wallet
    • gray cat charm wallet

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aghhhhh okay so i went online shopping again..

i need yalls help to pick out what to get though, since i only have 25 dollars in cash, and then at least a dollar or two in coins (I'm paying my grandmother back since she'll be the one ordering it off of her amazon prime account)

I'm willing to get more than one thing, as long as the total (including taxes) is 25 dollars or less.

I'm putting it in order of what i want most being at the top

oh, also- im not allowed to order anything until my two low grades (one C- and one F (legit by one flipping percent T^T)) get raised back up (C- back to a B+ or higher, and the F (BY ONE PERCENT-) up to a C- or higher). my teachers take a while to grade everything due to all the other 270-something students in 10th grade having the same assignments as me -_-



so for the switch case, I already have one, but I don't really like the style (it was the only one at Game Stop at the time, and I was going on a long car ride that day and didn't want my switch to break, so I ended up buying it anyway. PLUS! this one has (according to Amazon): 1 Switch carrying case, 2 tempered glass screen protectors, 1 crystal case for Switch console, 2 protective case covers for J-Con, 1 Adjustable Switch Stand, 6 thumb caps, 1 sticker, and 1 pendant.


legit just a super oversized frog hoodie that zips up at the face >:3


a lil shoulder strap frog bag that I named Stefan


super fancy white patforms that i have been DREAMING of owning for a long while now, butalways forget about them when i have the money to get them T~T


say no more. its a baby chick as a little purse- he's beautiful... HIS NAME IS SAWYER YOU CANT CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE-


giant frog stuffy! good for being used as a pillow hehehe


a pack of 600 stickers (I... have an unhealthy obsession when it comes to stickers... 🥲)


duck wallet - i just really need a new wallet in general, and this... is... ADORABLE!


the other option I had for a wallet because money

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