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Would you be interested in reading my 380 page novel?

A Nicheling

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Since like 2021 I have been working on a book. Here is the description:

A planet very similar to Earth is inhabited by anthropomorphic wolf-like creatures, they face some of the same challenges as humankind, including the destruction of the environment and pollution from fossil fuels. A group of scientists discovers a pristine coral reef full of new species and they set up an underwater colony to research them. One stormy night a traitor sells information about oil fields below the reef to a failing oil company desperate for a new drilling field and willing to do anything for it. Will corruption, greed, and betrayal mean the end to the reef and the colony?


All the novel is written by now and I’m working on edits. I have a discord server with the book file in case anyone is interested and wants to be a test reader, anyone who finishes the reading will be credited in the final book once I publish it maybe this year or next one. 

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