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Summit's uprising-my OC story

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Just now, Loxfeafcakeratfawnscarhamp said:



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26 minutes ago, Valkcake said:


On one condition












You draw an epic Tweedle

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1 minute ago, Loxfeafcakeratfawnscarhamp said:

On one condition












You draw an epic Tweedle

Your wish is my command as long as we get a cool gamer story part

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On 5/6/2023 at 2:41 PM, Lozloxfeafcakerat said:

Summit was about a month old now. He had gone around with his mother around fire haven a few times now, and now he was bored

Night's room had been very noisy as one of her eggs had hatched, and Summit had found himself stuffing pebbles in his ears

It was the day his mother was letting him wander around the castle alone, and he was really freaked out

He always felt several creatures watching. He felt the presences of creepy things watching him when he was alone, but he decided to push through it and start wandering around the castle

He was observing the golden markings in the wall as he had a better understanding of the Monstrous language

All he could read was 'the golden age', 'the dawn of fire', 'the continent' and 'the cataclysm'

It made him really curious, and he wanted to ask his mother, but he felt an urge not to

He saw a green glow from the corner of his eye, whipped around, and saw black and green feathers flash away behind a corner

He started fiddling with an orb he had found by the nest a few days ago, where his eggshell was. It had smooth scales, the same colour as his, with a lavender stripe across the middle, the same lavender as his own, weird markings

The orb was originally as dark as the pebbles in the nest, but when Summit touched it, it lit up and started to float around Summit's head

He still didn't understand much, but he knew that the orb was like a part of him, like a xyster's tail

He peeked around the corner where he last saw the green glowing feathers, and heard a chuckle rigging around the space from all sides

He focused his mind, but couldn't find the source as he continued to walk down the corridors

Summit eventually sat down in a small corner, and started to eat a small candlefruit that came off one of the candles at home

It was small, golden, and warm. Candlefruit grows on the candle trees, replacing the flame for a short time before burning up again and returning to a normal candle

Summit had a small container of about ten, and slowly ate them all

Tap tap tap

Summit looked around rapidly as he felt taping on his shoulder. He thought someone might be attacking, but noticed no-one was around

He could sense a mind nearby, and his own heartbeat was racing as he found he couldn't find exactly where it was

Summit backed against the wall, and took out a sharp stick he found a week ago that he usually kept under his arms


A small voice suddenly chirped and Summit whipped around to see a young dandidoo

He knew this dandidoo. She was wide eyed and had dark green fur, green leaves instead of puffs and was very curious

This was Night's daughter, and Summit looked up to realise Night was standing over him

Summit wanted to defend himself before Night could say how freaked out he looked

"Why are you here?" Summit asked, ignoring how pathetic his voice still was

"Your mother wants you back" Night said scornfully, using a foot to draw Moor back under her "She told you to come back by nightfall"

Summit looked around rapidly. He hadn't realised how much time had passed, and he couldn't find his way around the big, empty halls of the castle

"Oh... Uh... What time is it?" He asked, then noticed a clock behind Night. It was definately past nightfall. Neatly midnight, in fact

Night knew that Summit knew the time, and started to lead him back

Summit took one last glance, and he swore he saw a black feathery face in the darkness

Summit was about six years old when he was told he had to babysit Moor and her best friend, Autumn.

The room had been upgraded. There was now many nests here and there, a large painting on one wall of a young black glowl with vibrant green wings and eyes and tail feathers, a hook on one wall with a silver necklace that was thick and more like a collar, four bookshelves (Summit had already read all the books), lots of art supplies such as paper and pencils in a cabinet, lots of large candle plants lining the walls and a large light plant from light island on the roof

"But why? Can't I go?" He pleaded, wanting to visit cold island with his mother, Tumblestone

Tumblestone shook her head, her Red eyes glittering

"No, they need to be taken care of. Moor is your friend!" Tumblestone argued "I'm going to cold island to get a surprise" she said with a smile. Summit knew the real reason, Tumblestone had a friend on cold island. Summit himself had never met the one named Fallensnow, a repatillo on cold island, but she was suffering from a war in the frozen wasteland monsters actually called home

There was a loud thump at the door, and Summit could tell that it was Moor running head-first into the door, even without mind-reading

"It doesn't magically open, Moor!" Summit called unhelpfully

"I know! Autumn told me to!"

"No, I didn't!"


"You should put down your painting kit and let someone else carry it!"

Summit sighed. According to Autumn, Moor had brought her paints. Last time, Moor had painted Summit half-green

"Come on in" Tumblestone said, opening the door for the two dandidoo

Moor instantly darted in and instantly crashed into Summit's chest of items at the other end of the room, while the brown-orange dandidoo with lovely gold and red leaves for a head-puff followed more slowly, but with an excited tint in her eye

"Careful!" Summit rushed over to his chest of items, then whipped around to snarl at Moor

Moor didn't understand the threat, and dropped her bucket of paints at a nest

Thankfully, no paints were open and didn't spill as the clumsy dandidoo jumped around

Summit took the bucket of paints and put them on a large slab of black iron (the table) while Moor started gathering woolabee wool from a chest marked 'NEST SUPPLIES'

The nests were still all covered in tiny pebbles, just little dips in the ground with small, smooth black rocks

Moor had quickly assembled a small nest that could fit her and Autumn together

Moor's thoughts were all scattered with art and shiny things while Autumn's was full of more depressing but happy thoughts

My egg nearly died... Glad I could hatch... Summit seems grumpy... Bet he's nice... Well, nicer... I like the burn scar on my face; it's cool... Kinda like the mark on the glowl in the painting's stomach's... Wonder if I could get Summit to like me... He seems angry... Bet he's just tired... Or even afraid of something... That could be it...

Wow, she's quick on picking stuff up~ Summit thought, looking casual as he got the paper for Moor to paint or draw on, but still impressed

What if she was the haunting presence stalking me? I know there's someone hunting me down... Probably just to freak me out...

Ugh, I'm not scared... Just... Completely terrified...

Summit laughed internally at how pointless his last thought was, then started laying out the paper on the table so Autumn and him could draw or paint as well

He got out some pencils and started sketching something on his paper while Moor started to messily paint on her larger sheet of paper

Autumn was also sketching, and Summit realised for the first time that Autumn had wings

Autumn was using her beak to draw with an odd pencil, one made for dandidoo like how Moor was using an odd paintbrush

Summit looked down at his own drawing, and realised he had drawn the glowl in the painting on the wall

Are you the one stalking me!? Summit asked internally, glaring at the painting. He shook it off and continued to draw

He was unnerved at the way Autumn was staring at him, but he also knew that she was drawing him

Summit looked over and saw that Autumn's drawing was very good. A bit blobby and not very accurate, but it really matched him

He reflected on how unnaturally skilled she was already, and thought of increasingly random things that she might be able to draw

But then she continued drawing,

And Summit realised that the drawing wasn't Summit at all


It was the day after his mother had left, and Moor had already scarred him

She had torn out several of his scales by accident, and now there was a bare patch of skin on his tail

"Moor, this is very bad," he growled "Night will be angry when she comes back"

"Noooooo don't tell herrrrrr" Moor wailed, sitting on the table while Autumn watched from a nest

"And what am I supposed to say? My mom would notice one scale missing, and you've torn out seven!" He said, crossing his bottom arms and gesturing with his top

"There was an assassin?" Moor asked, tilting her head sheepishly, knowing it was the wrong answer

"No. We tell the truth."


"We have to! We can't lie!"

"Why nooot?"

"Lying is bad!"


"It could create chaos!"

"Then what if we don't tell the truth..."

"That's still-"

"... But we don't lie either?"

It took Summit a second to comprehend it, figure out what she meant, but then realised,

There is a way to lie without lying

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12 minutes ago, Loxfeafcakeratfawnscarhamp said:

I will update this as soon as Valk plays msm 


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6 minutes ago, Valkcake said:


It's taking 12555289 hours to load (it also refuses to load)

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5 minutes ago, Loxfeafcakeratfawnscarhamp said:

Well then no Summit story


Screenshot_20230527_103030_My Singing Monsters.jpg

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33 minutes ago, Loxfeafcakeratfawnscarhamp said:

I will update this as soon as Valk plays msm 


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