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4 hours ago, Heather Chandler said:

So, a long time ago, the god of Death and the Goddess of Life had twins, two baby girls named Star and Sirin. Star was always the favorite. She had the better grades, the better fighting skills, the better communication skills. Star was always her parent's favorite, but despite this, Star and Sirin still remained close. At fancy parties, they would steal sweets and hide under tables, make fun of god's haircut, and would stay up late and talk about life. Everything changed one day, however. The gods had been concerned with the stability of Elysium (The realm of the gods), and tiny cracks between worlds began opening up. Star and Sirin had been playing in the forest one day. Star dared Sirin to chase her, and Star, not watching where she was going, tripped and fell, tumbling down the side of a hill and falling into one of these cracks between worlds. Sirin watched, tears in her eyes, as Star disappeared. (I won't say what happened to her, bc thats her story). Sirin ran back home, frantically trying to explain to her parents what happened. Her parents were furious, and blamed Sirin for what happened to Star, and how she should have been a better older sister. Sirin tried to help by showing her parents where the crack was, but nothing could be done. Star was gone.

In fury, Sirin's parents kicked her out. She was sent to live on the streets of Elysium as a teenager. The kind gods of Wealth and the Sea took her in, and homeschooled her in history, theft, stealth, combat, and how to use her newfound water powers. She was happy with them, and they had grown to love her as their own daughter. Until chaos struck. 20 years after Star's death, a giant rift in Elysium opened, and Star reappeared. Crazed by dark magic and her thirst for revenge on everyone for abandoning her, Star attacked Elysium. The gods cursed her, and she was banished again. (I wont go into detail, spoliers) Sirin was furious at herself, and felt her sister's collapse into madness was her fault. She researched the curse that was cast on her sister, and began staying up, trying to master the power to travel between worlds. 5 years after Star's disappearance, she cracked the formula. She only said goodbye to her adoptive parents, and boarded a boat. She had no way of finding Star, so her hopes were to surf the worlds until she found Star. She sailed the worlds, and took in other abandoned and neglected creatures. Eventually, Sirin and her group branded themselves as pirates, using what she learned from her adoptive parents to steal and provide a living for her crew. One day, Sirin was faced with adversaries. A huge sea monster wrecked her ship. She was thrown overboard and fell into the portal she and her crew were going to travel through.

She found herself in a lush world, filled with various types of creatures who all welcomed her with open arms. She asked them about Star, and was met with not too friendly reactions. She began to keep the fact that Star was her sister a secret, but knew that she had been to this world. She found out that Star's life force had been bond to a book, and that she could be defeated if her book was destroyed. Sirin didn't want to kill Star, and began traveling the world to try and find her sister. Sirin began scouring the world to find Star, not knowing the trouble her sister was getting herself into. When Sirin returned, she learned that Star and her book were missing. Until, eventually, Sirin encountered her sister. After befriending a young shark boy named Citurs, Star learned that her sister had come to find her. Sirin tried to explain why she was there, but Star wouldn't listen. She was convinced that Sirin was there to kill her. The two fought, and Sirin was overpowered by Star. She retreated back to her home where she and Cirtus lived, trying to find the possessor of Star's book so she can bring their rivalry to an end.

(the fact that half of this was made up on the spot bc i forgot all her lore-)


vibrating I love star sfsmp lore

if it's still sfsmp LMAO

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10 hours ago, polly said:


vibrating I love star sfsmp lore

if it's still sfsmp LMAO

it is

i love the entire star and family lore too

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On 6/17/2023 at 9:45 PM, Heather Chandler said:










(theres more but ive never talked abt them so it wont make sense)

should i do another one

i kinda liked writing down their stories

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25 minutes ago, Artificer -Green- said:


Just a warning to anyone that reads this, Scarlett's whole story is kinda dark and revolves around death and murder. i don't talk about details of death or anything like that, but just a note so you aren't like "oh wow this is not what I was expecting'

Scarlett Reeves was a jerk. She knew it, too. As the producer of one of the biggest TV shows in New York City, she made no attempt to hide her bitter, cruel ways from her employees. She was rich, so she saw no need to be appealing to those below her. Scarlett's cruel ways and brutal regimens for her employees finally caught up to her when she died of poisoning. After she died, Scarlett was shocked to have woken up in a graveyard. She thought she had just had a nightmare, but she was gravely mistaken. A creature with red skin and a black hood appeared in front of her. It introduced itself as Carmine, the embodiment of death and disease. It told Scarlett that she had died, and that her cruel treatment of others resulted in her being sent to the deepest level of the Underworld, Tartarus, where she was supposed to burn for eternity. However, Carmine informed Scarlett that she had a proposal. Carmine explained her inability to leave the Underworld, but that she was in need of someone to send new souls for her to feed on. She specified that she needed Scarlett to send her a sacrifice every day without fail. She also said that if Scarlett didn't accept the job or failed at any point, she would be sent to burn. Fearing her own skin, Scarlett accepted the job. She expected to be sent back to Earth and would just have to kill innocent New Yorkers. But she was mistaken. When she awoke, she was in a completely new world, surrounded by creatures she didn't know. Now, Carmine had failed to mention an important detail of the bargain; Carmine now also had access to everything Scarlett had thought and knew. She could read her mind and take control of it whenever she pleased. Carmine, just happy to be alive again, began picking on the poor souls of the world she had been dumped in. She first started by sending Carmine small animals, such as sheep and cows. However, after about a year, Carmine grew impatient and demanded bigger sacrifices. Knowing she was doomed anyways, Scarlett thought it was best to take out her anger on others. As she was gathering materials, she stumbled across a young girl named Lea. Scarlett originally befriended Lea, but after a while Scarlett's manipulative nature appeared and Lea fled. Scarlett, just trying to provide for herself, ended up building a home in the sky, safe from anyone who wished to kill her again. However, Carmine's lack of details about Scarlett's new job soon showed. Failing to produce human sacrifices angered the spirit, and caused her to need to take matters into her own hands. She began to possess Scarlett, who became trapped in her own body for multiple hours as she watched Carmine use her body to kill and hurt others. She watched in horror as she couldn't control her own movements. It made her sick, watching Carmine kill innocents. Scarlett knew she was rude and she never cared, but she also never wanted to kill anyone. Aside from possession, Carmine also failed to mention the extreme strain its possession put on Scarlett. As Carmine began possessing Scarlett more and more, her mental and physical health also declined. Scarlett began disregarding other's lives, just like Carmine. She became more and more like Carmine each time she was possessed, until the point where there was no difference. Remembering how her first friend had left her, she decided to take revenge on Lea by taking the only thing she loved and cared about: her adoptive son Icarus. Scarlett, completely insane, manipulated Icarus into believing Lea was the real bad person, all to gain his trust to hurt Lea. She eventually trapped Icarus in a prison cell. When Lea went to rescue him, she too became trapped, and Scarlett just watched (there was more but idk how to describe it without sounding insane). After that, Lea and Scarlett despised each other. I have now remembered that I forgot to mention everything with Green and everything but I honestly forget half of it (im so good at this lore stuff), but that's the basic gist of this insane character I wrote and that I am genuinely concerned about and how I came up with her. Stuff happened and Scarlett disappeared. No one knows if it was her own choice, or if she upset Carmine and was sent back to the Underworld.

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  • Star Starless changed the title to Star's Homethread V2, where I rant because i got back into Genshin

if anyone actually reads this, spoliers for genshin stuff

why did the purify the thundering sakura quest make me so sad

like i didn't want hanachirusato to "die"

she was so nice

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also zhongli's story quests made me sob

and my mom just walked in and was like "what's wrong?"

and i just said "everyone he ever loved is GONE" and she just turned around and left

i think my mother is very worried for me sometimes

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