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Wings of fire ( Wof ) Adopts ( Bases By Jada/AGoldfishWithAnxiety )


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On 5/12/2023 at 3:57 PM, the pacifist said:

* Creates More Adopts * ( Also Albino LeafWing and Nightwing Sandwing Hybrid )

Adopt 10660SemTtulo_20230512164811.thumb.png.bc834cd81e303e652e9a7d28356d3d64.pngadopt 11660SemTtulo_20230512164131.thumb.png.8ccc3d788b9b607cb114c651bec1ed84.pngadopt 12660SemTtulo_20230512163419.thumb.png.a6e8212e4bb321563a7db620f3fea4e2.pngadopt 13 ( Taken )

No Longer Availabre 

adopt 14660SemTtulo_20230512161807.thumb.png.de356258837e0825bc3b3f101af44f3e.pngadopt 15 ( Taken )

No longer Availabre


adopt 16 ( Taken )

No longer Availabre 


adopt 17 ( TAKEN )

No longer available 

adopt 18660SemTtulo_20230512144648.thumb.png.69afc018fa3ddac089990a6efdd5c549.pngadopt 19 ( Taken ) 


( No longer available )


omg may i please steal 18 🥺

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2 hours ago, puddle. said:

omg i would die for 25 and 27

You can Have Them! 

1 hour ago, Gordon Freeman. said:

omg may i please steal 18 🥺


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