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IMPORTANT: Official Nimbatus Discord got hacked


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Dear Players
We're sorry to inform you that the Nimbatus Discord has been taken over by hackers.
Please don't react to any DMs from people claiming to be Stray Fawn developers and don't click on any links posted in DMs or on the server.
The personal Discord account of one of our developers was compromised and has taken over the Nimbatus Discord server, kicking all developers and mods.

Unfortunately @Discord has not yet reacted to our support requests.
Please stay away from the Nimbatus Discord for now and be super careful in general what you click on and download, as there currently seem to be many people that are effected by recent scams and hostile account takeovers.

Please let others know, and report any suspicious DMs to the Discord Trust and Safety team.
We will keep you informed about further developments.

Kind regards,
Stray Fawn Studio

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