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Appearance: Pale blues and whites with green, blue, brown, or hazel eyes. Ice spikes down their backs and their tails at the ends have a group of 3-6 ice spikes. Longer and thin whiplike tails and they have white horns that are long and narrow and straight. Steam but frost comes off of these dragons(like dry ice).

Abilities: Exhale a deadly frost breath, ice spikes down back/tail, whip like tail, withstand extremely freezing temperatures and have frost scales(scales that freeze whoever is prodding these dragons and it can be very painful). 

Eat: Any arctic creatures-polar bears, seals, walruses, penguins, whales, fish, etc

Names: Arctic creatures(Penguin, Whale, Beluga, etc), arctic formations(Ice, Shard, Glacier, Tundra, etc), and Arctic storms(Blizzard, Icestorm, Snowstorm, etc)

Live: North, in an icy Kingdom with the FrostWing Kingdom Palace nestled in a very well protected snowy mountain range, ice spikes, freezing temperatures, and ice cliffs are some of the things that protect the FrostWing Kingdom

Tribe: The StormWings killed Queen Glacier 350 years ago while the Queen was meeting with the StormWings. They are said to be the most deadly and dangerous and live in probably the most life threatening place where other dragons would almost freeze. The StormWings also kidnapped Princess Icicle about 300 years ago, 50 years after the death of Glacier. Many dragons of other tribes that have entered the FrostWing Kingdom claim that they are dangerous, cruel, and merciless(due to the defense mechanism of these dragons)

Queen: Queen Tundra 

Heirs to the throne: Princess Iceberg, 

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