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New Update: 0.2.6 on Testing Branch


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‼️  Please Note: ‼️

🚫 🚫 🚫  Please don’t release any videos/gifs of this version on Youtube, Twitch or other socials
We’re trying to keep a low profile for now, so we can make a big splash for the release of the update this summer

The Ocean Biome

- Explore the brand-new Ocean Biome! Discover remote islands, explore shipwrecks and more. The sea has plenty to offer - but beware, for the waters can be treacherous. Onbu will not be able to rest on open sea, so make sure to prepare for your journey!
- Build a fishery to catch fish and gather kelp, or collect and desalinate seawater to keep your crops alive at sea. A total of 4 new buildings have been added.
- Extract salt from seawater to cultivate Rock Trumpets, a new type of mushroom that petrifies when fully grown and can be harvested for stone.
- Harvest kelp to produce better food and medicine for Onbu.
- Many new scavenging locations to explore.
- The sea holds many dangers - giant tapeworms, whirlpools and more!

New Features
- New events in other biomes, such as mosquitos that can infect Onbu with the Jungle Flu.
- New events that move across the map dynamically, such as rain clouds.

- Building upgrades are now much easier to discern in the research tree and have clearer descriptions.
- The Hostility system now first needs to be unlocked by reaching a certain waypoint (or will get unlocked automatically if you have any savefile that already has hostility modifiers active, or that is at day 100 or beyond).
- Unlocking higher hostility limits is now a lot easier - you just need to survive for 500km to unlock the next limit.
- Knowledge rework - existing knowledge points have been tripled, research costs roughly three times the points, and installing building upgrades costs a low amount of knowledge points.
- UI overhaul for decorations - it's now much easier to see which decorations will affect which homes by how much.
- The way Onbu grows tired of frequent commands has been reworked to make some strategies less exploitable (like repeatedly letting Onbu sit to avoid moving on).
- Updated Glossary with all the new things!
- Villagers don't complain about missing decorations on the lowest settlement level anymore.

- Removed Berry Onbu food recipe.
- A certain type of late-game building will now give a considerable decoration boost in a large area!
- Increased Air Well base production speed.
- Made Onbu medicine (Antitoxin, Health Potion) considerably cheaper.

- Fixed a bug where the Worker Management Screen could not be scrolled using the mousewheel
- Fixed bug where alot of unintended click sounds where audible during gameplay
- Fixed a bug where Input resource slots where not displayed on production buildings correctly
- Fixed false category selection when moving to animal interactions from animal buildings
- Various controller input fixes and improvements

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6 hours ago, Naemi said:

- A certain type of late-game building will now give a considerable decoration boost in a large area!

Ooo! I was hoping a certain type of late-game building would do that! :onbu_wink:

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