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Thats right! The theming poll is over and the summer holidays have began for me, and now the next 2 weeks will be filled with celebration!

This is the main thread for my announcements about events and fun chatting!

The events will be starting soon! 


But let's begin the first things already, going all the way through the celebrations...

Firstly, the ultimate character design contest! Beginning later today and lasting the whole first week of Forumfest, you can join a contest to design the best forest-themed character you can! The winner will be judged by a poll and get a drawing of an oc of their choice as an award, as well as a virtual trophy!

Secondly, the forum yearbook! I'll explain later and make a new topic for it soon.


For now, celebrate, for it is...


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Me: Wow character design contest! 

My wip art projects that have been waiting for me to finish them for ages: No....please....

(still gonna do it tho lol :D)

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During forumfest we'll be deciding the game of the year and book/book series of the year

Once we have 5 of each, there will be a poll

Game of the year submissions:


Book/book series of the year submissions:


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Just now, Andromeda_ said:

I have to design a character before the start of july cause that's when I go to summer camp-

now that I think of it I don't have to design a new one cause I already have a forest themed oc lol

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Here's mine-

ik she doesn't look very forest-y, but she has like, a connection or whatever you wanna call it with the plants and stuffs

there's three different versions of her (idk why i did that but ye





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Everyone: answer these random questions and see if you have the same opinion next year.

Tea or Coffee?

Bath or Shower?

Sweet or Salty (snacks)?

Digital or Traditional (art)?

Computer or mobile (gaming)?


My answers:

Tea is better. Haven’t had coffee but tea is really good (also I don’t feel like trying coffee. It doesn’t smell that good and the idea of caffeine doesn’t really sit with me)

i usually go bath, but showers are great when you need to be quick.

Sweet snacks are better but salty snacks are better for movie watching.

I’ve been doing way more digital art recently but I’ve been doing traditional for longer. It’s a hard question for me, but imma have to go digital. Traditional is limiting sometimes, because you can’t have layers as easily, you can’t use the exact colours you want (and the precision depends on how many colour pencils or whatever else your using you have), and I keep losing my art supplies.

Computer gaming definitely. But honourable mention to these mobile games:

-Amgry Birds 2

-Subway surfers

-Cats are Liquid

-My Singing Monsters (I have the Steam version, but most players use the mobile version it seems)


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45 minutes ago, BirbMonstwo said:

Tea or Coffee? definitely tea

Bath or Shower? shower

Sweet or Salty (snacks)? yes

Digital or Traditional (art)? digital

Computer or mobile (gaming)? computer


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23 minutes ago, BirbMonstwo said:

Tea or Coffee?   TEAAAAAAA

Bath or Shower?  Shower

Sweet or Salty (snacks)?  Salty is my life (no, im not a call of duty player)

Digital or Traditional (art)?  Def digital i suck at traditional sometimes. I rub so much stuff out.

Computer or mobile (gaming)?  Computer. The only mobile games that are good is plants vs zombies, i said what i said


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