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Art Requests?


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I don’t know what to draw

So uh

I’ll what you ask me to draw I guess

(Quality of art will vary)

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1 hour ago, GreenTheGreat said:


draw dawn and/or myrros

dawn is a werewolf!!


and myrros is my beloved dragonborn


werewolves are cool 👍

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23 hours ago, Modiano Urania said:

Omg 😳

Could you draw Astraion?

Astraion-Clear 6.png

Here they are! I hope you like it!

(I tried drawing the lineart differently this time btw)

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can you draw my child?

they have black and white pants with chains (right leg is black, left leg is white. most of the chains are on the left leg) and the bottoms of them are kinda baggy


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If this is still on could you draw this guy please? (if you can't see he has two sets of wings, also you don't have to draw the chains lol) 


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Ok I completely forgot about this but uh here I drew them all(in Pencil)




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